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The top two are intake, front is intake as well.
Does my fan placement seem correct? I'm not very knowledgeable about what makes for proper airflow.
Different power supply now, I found out a couple of weeks back why you DON'T cheap out on a psu
At what point is temperature a problem then? I've always heard the sandys never really had issues with high temps. Is that true? Also do you guys think an h100i would be better? I hate how much room the 212 evo takes up.
First off, I live in Texas, ac costs are much higher down here because companies know we have to have it. That being said I am getting temps of 80 c in prime 95 with a hyper 212 evo on a i5 2500k I have two fans on the hyper 212 evo. Ambient temperatures are like 77-78 f. I have reseated the cooler many many times and have two new fans running on it at 100 percent. It should also be noted that my cpu is very stubborn, needs 1.38 v core to be stable at 4.5 ghz, so I...
Went ahead and bought a sickle flow 120 mm
Yeah, it is just plugged to a molex connector. So I can't vary the fan speed on that one. I have looked and looked for a molex to 3 pin female adapter and all there is are the molex to 3 pin male, which obviously won't plug into the mobo...also the ones I do find that are molex to 3 pin female are missing the yellow cable required to control fan speed from bios, there was also one on amazon that looks perfect, but reviews say that it is actually a male connector when...
I'm thinking it would, as of right now only one fan is actually plugged into the motherboard. So even though I have cpu fans set to high it is only the one that is actually doing the work. If I get an adapter then the fan will be recognized by the mobo as a cpu fan and then I will be able to control both fans. That should do it:)
Quick question, would something like this remedy that problem and allow me to control both fans?
lol yeah I can just see 1.824 ARE YOU INSANE EXTINGUISH YOUR PC NOW! Yeah there are two fans on it but only one of them is connected with a 4 pin molex adapter so cpu fan changes in bios only affect the one:/
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