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To any who encounter this issue in the future here is how I solved it. 1. Format your usb on the xbox 360 (it is preferable to have it be the same usb you originally had your saves on but can be a different one, however I found that the sizes must be similar, it worked on a 4 and 8 gb but not a 32 gb usb) 2. Insert your usb in your PC and open it, (if the files are not showing go to command prompt and type this attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:\*.* let X be your drive...
Let me start by saying ragdoll physics is a must for me in games, for some reason I find it satisfying to watch a physics engine take control of the person/thing I just killed in a game. I remember being a kid when Oblivion came out and I killed a wolf on a mountain and I watched it roll and pop up when it hit a rock and then proceeded rolling again, after that I was hooked on the game. Later on in Gears of War I was near giddy when I blew someone apart with the gnasher...
I am a little confused as to what I am supposed to do, in the software there are the options under the "drive" tab but one says "no fatx drives detected" and the other opens up my file browser and drive browser. I selected the usb but idk what to do after that.
Ok, doing that now, will let you know the results. Thanks!
Yes, in hindsight it was stupid, but I did it, I have no other backup of the saves. Any way to get them back onto my 360? If I put them on a usb then the xbox makes me reformat it which deletes all the data, if a format the usb first before loading the saves onto it, a security measure maxes out the usb space if it is plugged into a desktop (pretty clever security feature) which doesn;t allow me to put my saves onto it. Again, is there any way I can get my saves from my...
Welcome to the site! This site has been my "fixer" so to speak whenever a puter problem has stumped me over the years, hopefully it serves you just as well! Cheers
Alright guys, thank you for the advice, I don't want to spend *cannot afford* a newer card when it comes out but waiting for a deal on the older ones is a good idea. Cheers
Shadow of mordor on ultra I was getting on average 40 fps with my gpu oc'd and my cpu at 4.7 ghz, on dragon age inquisition I cannot have any AA enabled or i get about 30-35 on average. MassEffect 3 with about 60 texture mods I get like 40 fps:p
So let me preface this by apologizing to the enthusiasts, I know "help me" threads are a beating. That being said I have a couple hundred bucks and a 7950 I can get prolly a hundred off of on craigslist. Would getting a gtx 970 be worth it? I play at 1080 and have started noticing a few games that I can't run at ultra. Gunna hold off on mobo and processor upgrades until skylake comes out so would it be best to gold off on gpu as well?
I just used the "backup your computer" function in the control panel.
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