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I just used the "backup your computer" function in the control panel.
I understand what a system image is, but what is a data file back up? I just now backed up my hdd to an external and the back up is almost twice as large as it should be. I see a system image (around 500 gb) and then a smaller back up titled "data file backup". (around 400 gb)
My HDD is saying this, I am trying to transfer files from a sata to usb adapter to my laptop before I reformat the hdd. What should I do?
So I am having to transfer data from my hdd to my laptop via a sata to usb adapter. When I first plugged in the adapter it showed the hard drive but now it does not. It makes the new device recognized noise, and yet doesn't show the hdd...What might be going wrong, the drive is seagate 7200.12
Right, files like game save data, pictures, videos, etc. i'm ok with reinstalling software.
So say I get something like this I could essentially just copy the files on my hdd to my laptop and then do a clean install and send them to my new windows install?
So I have about two years worth of gaming and files on my rig which tonight after a windows update decided to begin to lag and eventually after multiple system repair attempts, completely refuseD to boot. So I guess I will have to do a clean install...yay... Anyways, I was wondering is there a software that will recover my old data onto my new clean install? I have heard of something called recuva? Will that do it?
Got in touch with thermaltake, they are sending me a new one:)
I recently purchased a core v71 which came with 3 200 mm fans. One of these fans makes a clicking noise but it does it randomly. I have really clean wiring so I know that isn't the reason, also I have taken the case panels off and the noise will still randomly occur. It can be hours without making it, then randomly, click click click. Any experience with similar issues?
Well if it fixed it, then I suppose it can huh?
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