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very cool - ty wisk - will make it much easier to sleeve this bad boy !
great - thank you - another question about the 8 pin pci-e this time - im posting a pic of the wiring from the p/s book - now those sense wires, what the heck are they for and im guessing that those have to be put back in the same place correct ? cuz they are also criss crossed - not from top to bottom but left to rite - makes it hard to make the sleeving look good - btw, its the bottom diagram -
hey guys - im sleeving the above said psu and have a quick question - the 8 pin eps connector has 4 yellow wires on top and 4 black wires on bottom - the yellow wires are all listed as com wires and black are all listed as +12v - the wires arent 1 to 1 - meaning the wire in the number 1 slot crosses over to the number 3 slot and so on - now since they are all the same i will be safe doing it 1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3 and so on correct ? i hope i worded this ok - lol - thanks...
yea, i took the blue case off and while it did reduce the size a little, it didnt think it wise to try and use it that way - plus it still needed all the wiring - oh well, they were just a couple lights i had lying around - i wont buy those kind again thats for sure ! Thanks guys !
stock red lighting - thats a white cathode light - just an ugly blue transformer box -
Dang - i was hoping that maybe the fan controller from my SPH 850 had a built in transformer or something - its a pain in the @ss trying to work all that extra crap into my rig -
ok - so i have this lighting kit - you can actually plug in 2 light strips to the nlue transformer and it plugs into a 4 pin molex power connector - so here is my question : i have the SPH 850 power supply that comes with the fan controller - i noticed that when i plug my lighted fans into said controller that the light dims and intensifies with the rheostat - is there a way i can splice my 2 cathodes into the controller and omit that huge, ugly blue transformer -...
yes, sorry - that is the molex part number -
that one is the part number for the gold one- its only the tip that is gold plated -
cool - thank you - and yea, the cable will end up being about 27 inches total - appreciate the help !
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