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Web development? Learn Javascript and associate frameworks. A quality JS developer (Angular, Bootstrap, React, JQuery, Node.JS, etc) with a few years of experience can easily make $100K+ around me. What machine you use doesn't matter... just get a good monitor and keyboard. MBA neither has a large monitor nor a great keyboard. It's web development... what OS your machine runs doesn't matter that much.
Just to note.... Google also joined the .NET Foundation.
Guess what? You most likely ARE doing something illegal. Virtually EVERYONE is!How many people are aware of every single federal, state, and municipal law.... AND possible interpretation? Zero. No one does.Here's the thing now.... if someone wanted to harass you and had full access to your information, they can easy do so. It's really how scary and fragile our world is.
Since biometrics unlocks are not protected, I wish phone companies at least provided the option of a two factor "convenience" unlock.Something like:Initial power on: full passwordWithin 1m of Sleep: fingerprint only (5 attempts before requiring full password)Else: fingerprint + two digits (3 attempts before requiring full password)There are no master keys...Exploits do not exist because the manufactures wants or needs them.And these devices are designed by global companies...
Germany is already committed to transistion completely to renewables though.
...this is for home/SMB users. Enterprise already has 10GbE and 40GbE.
Time traveler eh?
1Gbps is only 100-115MB/s.... SSDs, HDDs, and arrays do more than that today.What do will 5 years from now look like?
Of course it will be new routers, switches, and adapters.... It would be like asking Intel to upgrade Haswell to Skylake via firmware update.To support the high throughtput and be reasonable cost, you will need new ASICs. They have to implement higher clocks, add additional protocol standards, and tighten up tolerances. You can't do that through a firmware update.
Yup... if you are disabling the DHCP, do not use the WAN port... just the LAN ports. EVERYONE forgets about this at least once.Just for same clarity, more home "routers" are actually the combination of a router, firewall, switch, and wireless access point. You can usually disable some of these features.
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