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I hope your issue was resolved. I had a simiar situation few weeks ago. My two Shimian Monitors work great, but when I was moving them to mount, disconnected the power cable. When I hooked it up, the power brick's LED went out. Thought I had shorted the circuit board and unplugged the cable, took a light and looked at the cable and monitor power input socket and found I had pushed the cable in wrong. When I corrected it, the monitor started working again. Looks like...
I use "3 Way Adjustable Tilting Desk Mount Bracket for LCD LED (Max 33Lbs, 13~30inch) - Black" from Monoprice (Product ID: 5402 / Price $21.45) and it works great and looks very good.
Nope. Both my monitors are fine. No bleeding issues at all.
I received 110-240v powerbrick from red-cap. Only needed to change the powercord to USA style.
I ordered two Shimian LITE monitors from red-cap in the last couple of weeks and got them within 5 days. Communication is not the strong suit for red-cap, but both the monitors turned out to be great. I received 110-240V adapters, just needed to switch the powercord to USA style. I'm very happy with the montiors.
I got two from red-cap. Each one arrived in less than 4 working days and they both are perfect. But, I don't think there is any guarantee of perfect monitors from them every time.
I don't think red-cap does a check on the Achieva monitors. I received my second one yesterday from red-cap. The packaging was unopened. Turned out to be another great monitor.
Ordered another monitor from red-cap. Hopefully will get it by Friday.
Red-cap shipped mine on June 8, 2012 and sent a notification only on June 10, 2012. Received the monitor on June 11!
Got my monitor yesterday and installed it. It's perfect. No dead pixels and it's gorgeous! Very, very impressed. Thinking about ordering another one from red-cap. I need a bigger corner computer desk!
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