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Thanks b0z0 ! case closed 
do you have any source to verify?  I think I will mail Duarte to check.
you really think selfmade, could be but not likely.Seeing he used in the past always a intellimouse 3.0 before with no coating.
cant be that one is black on top .... and white on the sites I have the same one myself at home
not that I am a fanboy of vp just counterstrike in general but when watching ESL Cologne today I saw virtus pro using this mouse and could not recognize it.   it looks like a intellimouse 3.0 but with a red scroll wheel? never seen that anyone any idea? its silver on top but the shape is not a sensei.   Anyone any idea I cant stand it that I dont know wich mouse it is.   you can also check the footage at youtube at 16:57...
thanks! nice to see for once.
played with 2 mice on it roccat kone pure optical and the g303 both same problem looked at the lenses if they were clean they were.Its the lines of the design the transition between the line and the squares in the design make your mice space out........... I am done with the pad, I'll keep it to all black pads for now.
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