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Razer Mamba  Razer Salmosa And some random ballmouse I had to use at work
It was an awesome experience. Not only to see all the equipment but as well to be meeting all the people behind the brand Logitech. As well it was a pleasure to meet the cloud9 guys.
Our visit to the Logitech Daniel Borel Innovation Center - By Ino and Ctrl Introduction On the 18th of November 2014 we were given the great opportunity by Logitech to take part in a tour of their labs at the Daniel Borel Innovation Center in Lausanne together with many journalists and bloggers from all over the world. As mouse nerds this trip was among the best experiences of our lives and we’re really glad we could participate in the event. Disclosure: Logitech...
In terms of precision and compatibility with mouse surfaces they are both quite good. But in terms of latency feeling (smoothing) the g402 will excel. Build quality is always a hit and miss but Logitech has the better history for this and good warranty service. Then the biggest part where the g402 will excel is the max speeds at which the mouse will track. The mouse operates with an am10 sensor that does it job till somewhere around 2,5 meter a second (don’t know exactly...
Probably is an extra layer of software on the mcu that will even out the signal noise.
sorry no shape are all the same for some reason I thought I was reading XT . Shapewise Roccat kone pure and military are the same. compared to Savu Kone pure feels a bit betterThey are all fingertip claw grip shapes.SoRoccat kone XTD - PalmRoccat Kone Pure - Hybrid claw finger gripRoccat kone pure military- Hybrid claw fingertip gripRoccat Savu - more fingertip grip then claw (shape is for some people a real hassle to get used to, read a lot of time about people the mouse...
Yes kone pure is definitly more rounded, its more a palm shape compared to the roccat kone pure (military) savu wich is more clawfingertip sized.
Joined the massdrop eager to see how I find the shape not really interested in the sensor though but would be nice to have, I am a supporter for all his effort BST was just unlucky the 3090 went EOL.
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