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I am always hesitated with zowie first batch of a new model these mice will be no different story.   Also curious of button latency if it would change in favor or stays the same.   For the rest I wont pick it up I love my zowie ec1 evo cl. Dont see a reason why I would pick up this model. I prefer the 3090 over the 3310 anyways in zowie mice.
anyone ordered the mouse? its for sale now in the EU
Razer announcement of Overwatch peripherals   Deathadder Chroma + Razer Goliathus speed     Here is a link for more info:
Xornet II
only xornet is mentioned
CM Storm xornet II , CM Storm Spawn
The shape looks really nice, lets hope its an 3988 seeing the price it could be. Seeing the EVGA Torq5 is arround that price.
Roccat does nothing wrong here.   If you become a reseller for a product for a country/zone etc. they probably have signed a reseller agreement things like warranty and other stuff are written down and legally binding.   When a store wants to buy a product they enquire at Roccat and Roccat sends them to their designated countries/zone reseller where they can buy their product.   If then there is a problem with your product you have to go to your store and the store...
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