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I prefer the older logo, new one does not appeal to me.   Always curious how much they paid for the new logo. Sometimes some fancy marketing company makes a logo for an insane amount of money with a whole story behind it which is absolutely throwing money away.
again what do you want to archieve with this threadpost? 
 I am getting the popcorn again  
nice write up, but what do you want to achieve with this thread post?   It’s not that some people will stop posting there subjective opinions.    Hell I even think it has kind of its charm to read some persons theories based on only their own feeling and thoughts.   It’s not that I support their ideas.   I like the scientific approach but if we only had the scientific approach this would be one dull mouse forum.
Still waiting for a new cm storm spawn version 2.   Lets hope in 2015 we will see it. I dont even know if they are still working on it.   For the rest Zowie will probably update there ec series.   And maybe a new BST/Ninox mouse ^^ with another shape. But that would be 2016-2017    For the rest I have no hope with steelseries.   I hope a brand like Xtry will suprise me with the collabaration with Heaton.
Thanks for that info Skylit if you want to leak more feel free to do so ;)
what has the sensor list to do with this ? its not that you have given there the max tracking speeds?
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