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ghosting is still their, seems quite the same as the XL2420 144hertz as for the giant leap, Yes I notice/perceive the difference but I don't want to say "large" as the word could intend it would be a huge benefit ingame. As you say yourself only in games where you have high enough fps you will feel notice it more. The main game I play the most is cs:go and yes I have a stable fps of 300 frames per second (capped) in that game. As for the ghosting I saw somewhere a test...
My other monitor is the benq XL2420t so I am used to 144hz. I have them side by side here at my desk. I can perceive the difference but to say its a huge leap would be to much.
Got it using it right now, everything set to 240hertz just played a game of cs:go on it to early to say anything really but the monitor has a lot of nice settings to fiddle arround with.
I have ordered the monitor should arrive next week can't wait ^^
Hyper Beast Rival 300 and Hyper Beast QcK+
thanks for adding the list @Arizonian I'll try to keep tabs on this thread and add any new people.   BTW my battlenet id is Ctrlaltelite#2788
sure, remove the mousefeet then at the bottom under them are the screws untighten them and you can split the bottom and upper shellThen you have acces to the weight inside.
I think this thread so be stickied @Paradigm84
Zenyatta has 2 orbs ORB OF DISCORD and ORB OF HARMONY one gives  a 50% increased damage buff on the target and the other heals teammates. the orbs comes back when the player dies or the orb gets switches or if the hero with the orb goes too far out of reach.
This is also a nice to know, here you can see the DPS numbers of each hero
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