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Shape looks promising and very nice that they are offering three different widths.   I like there rubber coating a lot, I have used there ec2 for a long time.   But the button latency and sensor behavior is for me to much a con.   Curious if they used a 24 notch wheel probably they have but I really like there first FK with the 12 indentations.
Nice Mod looks superb with the glossy coating.   not something I would prefer but looks very nice.   +rep
Imagine if you girlfriend would spill a drink in the drawer 
different sensors
what a rough ending, it does this very well, bamm clips ends....... He does not mention anything else then the higher malfunction speed wich is the only good thing about it...........
probably just the shape that makes it feel more precise.
where is the review of distinguished ocn members, they most distinguished ocn members are bashing this mouse because they know what they are talking about. Or Jude wo do you see as distinguished  I am getting curious now.
 so its intended to have inaccurate dpi values, acceleration and all sort of other issues. I really have the idea you have no clue what you are talking about and only doing some damage control here. But hey its enthusiast.... 
Seriously why even bother its the lens guys, its so simple the lens will give the mouse tracking a lot of problems.   If they just used the normal lens nothing was wrong......
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