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please no more sniper buttons!
 Y my bad, I am no native speaker and also my punctuation and writing can be off even in my own language :S still nice fact to mention ;)
nothing is a dumb question not all people will now all about sensors. The PWN 3330 is better then the 3310 Here is a small comparison: PWN3310 PWN3330 framerate 6500 framerate 8000 max tracking speed 130 ips / 30g  max tracking speed 150 ips / 30g  max resolution 5000 dpi max resolution 7200 dpi Lens Magnification between 0.85 1 1.15 Lens magnification 1:1  the PWN3310 is the older sensor from pixart as for the lens used in the PWN3330 is probably more...
its a review from 2014 FreeElectron, its a while back give all the details at that time was also no possibility. seeing I could not open up the mouse for button latency or a photo of the pcb.For the rest the implementation of the 3310 was already solid some mousetesters graphs wont be much of an addon.Still if you like to bash on people who make an effort go ahead. But you just sounds like a prick when you do that.
Window Of Opportunity missed, but probably still will have some sales because of their strong marketing in esports.   Curious if we will see any of their sponsored (gamers) teams with the mouse and not only their headset.
looking forward to this mouse will buy for sure.   Probably will be the first to have them on stock as usual.   Maybe I review the mouse if I have some time just like the previous version I did   probably wont be my daily driver seeing I love the Logitech G403 to much but hey just for my collection :D
Asus introduced some new mice for there ROG-series at CES: *see spoilers for pictures.  Name Mouse: Gladius II* Strix Evolve Strix Impact Rog GX970 Max DPI: 12000 dpi 7200 dpi 5000 dpi 12000 dpi  Sensor: PMW3360 PMW3330 PMW3310 PMW3360 Weight: 110 grams 100 grams 112 grams no more information at this...
ghosting is still their, seems quite the same as the XL2420 144hertz as for the giant leap, Yes I notice/perceive the difference but I don't want to say "large" as the word could intend it would be a huge benefit ingame. As you say yourself only in games where you have high enough fps you will feel notice it more. The main game I play the most is cs:go and yes I have a stable fps of 300 frames per second (capped) in that game. As for the ghosting I saw somewhere a test...
My other monitor is the benq XL2420t so I am used to 144hz. I have them side by side here at my desk. I can perceive the difference but to say its a huge leap would be to much.
Got it using it right now, everything set to 240hertz just played a game of cs:go on it to early to say anything really but the monitor has a lot of nice settings to fiddle arround with.
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