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That's really cool i never new that. Why would they limit it because of TDP and power? Are the mobo's incapable of supporting that much power? If so they how does AMD do it with there 8350 and A10 chips? Why hasn't Intel done this?
I was just talking about consumer CPU's but yes you are right the Xeon would probably be faster., according to this they are releasing a 4960x in September. maybe that is what he is referring to.
Then what is?
Even the 4770k which hasn't been released has two less cores and 1mb less cache. Why do they let a 3 year old processor be better than the top of the line new processor?
The Noctua NF-A14 is the only 140mm fan i would recommend.
Did you mean 3770K?
I am thinking about building a extreme water cooled rig (64GB RAM, 4 way SLI GPU, CPU, mobo, 2x 480mm rad) and was wondering if there if anyone still makes memory designed to be watercooled. If not does anyone have any recommendations as to RAM that i can watercool, a heatsink for the ram, where to find that heatsink and how to keep the appearance of the system clean? I like Corsair and G skill RAM above 1600MHZ.
Those are Geforce Titans not 690's.
Is it possible to run 6 4k projectors in an Eyefinity setup? What kind of graphics card setup would you need for this? 4 way crossfire x with sapphire toxic 6GB? Could it run in 3D?
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