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I've been getting a strange issue every time I attempt to overclock my 5960X, it won't overclock above 3.75Ghz no matter what. Does anybody have any ideas as to what could be limiting it?
I have tried many things, but the subwoofer output on my Zx just isn't working. I have had the card for over a year now so the warranty is expired (should be more than a year IMO). My subwoofers are fine and produce bass when plugged into other devices / ports. So I'm stuck with this half-working sound card. I thought I should address this issue with the forums here, anybody here have any ideas?
I have been using the CM Storm Inferno for a few years now, great mouse. It has superb tracking compared to other mice I've used. The software is also pretty good for dpi tweaking and profiles. The form factor is similar to that of your previous mouse, and it does have plenty of buttons (including the side buttons) you can use for mmo's and web surfing. I'd recommend it, but it can be hard to find nowadays. This is the best price for a new one I could find.
Have you tried running EVGA OC Scanner? I've used many different scanners, and this one seems to work the best. Do you have anything overclocked? What are your system specs? If you are not overclocked, this is indicative of graphics card failure.
High 60's to mid 70's is way too high for these FX chips, you should be running, at max, 62C. What I would do in your situation is to set everything to default and work from there. Slowly bump the multi and maybe even tweak the FSB a bit, try to hit the sweet spot instead of going straight up to 5GHz.
It would run hot/loud, but the gpu would not die. The hot air is pushed out the back of the computer in most cases. The GPU gets colds air from the sides and the bottom of the card (depending on the card of course). So long as your card(s) don't go above 105C, you shouldn't have to worry.
Great build man, looks epic! In regards to the decals, I think you should leave out the "Star Wars" one. The "Death Star" decals should be good enough.
Incompatibility does not mean the processor will not work, it means that the processor is not supported. It may work, but will most likely be unstable.
What is your budget, and what will the graphics card be used for?
If martyrs was referring to his own currency, the Turkish lira, he would use it's corresponding symbol.
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