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Reviews say otherwise.
Take a look at this:
Try to go to msconfig, then the boot tab, now got to advanced options, then set the amount of ram to 8192mb.
You should have four 8(6+2) pin pci-e connectors if I'm right. Both of your GTX 660 ti's require two 6 pin pci-e connectors. So shouldn't you have enough modular pci-e connectors to power your cards?
Computer Hardware GTX 780Ti - My 560's are getting old. WD Black 1TB HDD - My 1TB is almost 5 years old and failing. SoundBlaster Zx - Would love to experience audiophile audio. Gaming Sim City 5 - Been meaning to get this for a while. Original NES - Had one as a child, want to relive old memories.
Yeah, give AMD come time to update its drivers. Good luck though, I hope the R9 series works out for you.
Sometimes it's best to reinstall minecraft when big updates come out, have you tried that?
In, I wish the best for his family. This community is awesome for its support and respect of its fellow members.
Running great on 2-way GTX 560ti 448 SLI, Crysis 3 running good too.
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