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The monitor would be great for movies since most movies have a 21:9 ratio, therefore there would be no letterbox . And you would have a wider viewing area in games, great for racing games or flight simulators.
Dell has the 29" Dell U2913WM UltraSharp IPS 2560x1080 LED Monitor for $385.49 with these coupon codes: FNR?FNNWG4T1FD W7HWC5Q9S4V6VH $PX1BGTSZ3G635 Specs: Resolution 2560x1080 Aspect Ratio: 21:9 Panel Type: AH-IPS Viewing Angles: 178 H / 178 V Response Time 8ms G2G Refresh: 60Hz
Highest OC I've tried was 4.8GHz on a i5 2500K with a Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme
yeah i thought i had more GBs but i guess its mostly on downloads i have like 80+gb downloads. I think i will have to re install everything Thanks BTW
My Programs Files(x86) is 30GB, and my programs files is 1.6 GB. So the left side is my SSD and the right side is my HDD? Thanks
Sorry for so many questions, but i'm a noob at this. How do i create the link to an app on my HDD. 1 I download Steam Mover 2 What goes on steam apps common folder? My E:/programs files(x86) or C:/Programs Files(x86) BTW C:/ is my SSD and E:/ is my HDD 3 What goes in alternative Folder? 4 Can i simply select my HDD's Programs Files folders and create a junction point on my SSD or do i have to go folder by folder? Thanks
Thanks, but i think the junction points work differently. Aren't the junction points used when you have the app installed on your SSD and want to move it to your HDD creating a Junction point. I currently have all my apps installed on my HDD, i did a clean install of windows on my SSD and want to create a link to all my apps on my HDD. I dont know how junction points work exactly so i might be wrong with what i just said, but based an what i read on the Steam Mover...
Do you know any other way i can make my HDD's programs work on my SSD, without mirroring. Thanks
Thanks, but can i see your BIOS settings, maybe take a print screen or right down your settings, please. Because i don't exactly understand the Offset voltage. Right know i have it on + and offset at around .70 or .80 don't remember but the color changed from white to purple/pink, if i go to.100 it turns to red. What does that mean?Thanks
I did overclock through the BIOS, I'm just showing the ASUS Suite to show my BIOS's settings. Also since its not a high end board LLC has only three settings Enabled, Disabled and Auto . I dont have the regular, medium, high, ultra high or extreme settings the PRO version has .
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