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I was going to say "Your Great Grandfather Was A Race Horse".
Yeah that's a good one. I personally have the NZXT Switch and love it and it's a good company very solid cases. Just keep in mind all your parts and rad sizes to make sure you got plenty of room.
Here's a few: They're all free.
No just put the termal pad on the RAM that's all you need to do with that. The thermal paste is just for the chip(s).
Pretty much.I jumped the gun with throwing blame to the dye. I would have changed title pages back but I can't.Like I said in my last post I learned somethings.I also don't think I explained why I originally thought it was the dye.Seems when I took apart the res (mind you post was made before that happened) blue dye came out onto my lap which made me think it was all the dyes fault. There is a small gap where the dye built up (liquid form).Now I know what the real problem...
Well I got some good info. And it's a success the res is back to normal again. Thanks everyone.
When I made the choices of tubing at the time Tygon was the best choice for tubing. But could you explain why only the tubing connecting to the res have the colored problem? I know it's dye and possibly the tubing added to the problem (mind you if you scrape the crap off and add water it's basically dried dye). Could the light source, tubing, and dye cause some weird buildup located around the res? (Silver coil is in place) The tubing went bad from CPU block > Res > Pump...
Thank, there isn't any plating on the res or copper, all acrylic.I'm worried how to clean the inside of the tube, it's caked the worst and I'm afraid to use anything abrasive.Question, would the abrasive side of a sponge scratch the clear tube?
It's funny I put it all in a big bowl with warm water, it turned the water dark blue. I haven't picked up the vinegar yet but is there a good amount to toss in or just dump a bit in?
I am using Tygon tubing. But the weird thing with it the tubing went bad all around the res. The tubing that was on the other side of the PC didn't cloud. There is two long tubes I didn't have to replace because they are still clear. When I drained the system for cleaning the water came out with no dye (clear). It's almost like the res trapped it all. All blocks had no discoloration to them just the res and a few tubes. BTW why I'm saying it's the dye, when I took apart...
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