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So far McAfee could be the problem. Uninstalled and restart few times, and cold boot. No problem occurs. Not I've reinstalled it, and see what happens. Tq.
Yeah, based on charts McAfee is not on the top list. But, I've been using it for a long time. I'm comfortable with the online key management that they've provided. And with it, I haven't format any PC for a long time.
I know lol. Your cold turkey idea kinda scares me off. I'm kinda OK with reinstalling antivirus.And for the safemode tracert, I'm just agreeing blindly. LOL.
Just like thompsonn suspected. I might try reinstall McAfee. And try to replicate the issue.
Haha! I'll try all your suggestion. But not in the a short time. It'll be long troubleshoot process. I'll shoot you a PM when I have a progress.
I've even disabled the virtual driver. Not a solution.
VMWare Workstation - 9.0.0 build-812388
Shoots, my bad.
Umm, ports. Do port 1055 means anything to you?
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