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At this point we should have just about enough technology and scientific know-how to be able to reasonably predict when one of these "super-massive" flares is going to happen. If given enough warning, wouldn't it be enough to just un-plug all of the devices in our homes that we are worried about frying? As for critical infrastructure things like communication / power lines, I'm not really sure what to do about that. - Insan1tyOne
So just to clarify, if you own a credit card that reports to Equifax, or have used a credit monitoring service like Credit Karma which also checks in with Equifax to monitor your credit score, you could be affected by this? Or does this breach solely affect users who visited Equifax's website and input their personal information there in order to obtain a credit report? - Insan1tyOne
I am still fairly young, but I love going to concerts and listening to my audio system, so here are the general "rules of thumb" that I use after doing a lot of research over the years:Anything AT OR BELOW 80 decibels is fine and will not cause any hearing damage no matter how long you listen to sounds at that level. At 90 decibels or higher I would not expose myself for longer than 4 hours. At 100 decibels or louder I would not expose myself for longer than 2 hours. At...
Honestly that was the most subtle ending to a game of such grand scale. There is no other way to describe the feeling I have after reading this other than, empty... - Insan1tyOne
I have heard the same thing. The Z1R is a little pricey for my taste, but I haven't seen any on the second-hand market yet so I can only assume that people are enjoying them quite a lot!- Insan1tyOne
Just an FYI, as of yesterday ALL Denuvo V4 games have been cracked. So anyone that was saying "Denuvo will make a comeback as they are still holding on to some uncracked games." It is officially over for Denuvo V4 now. - Insan1tyOne
This lawsuit is so frivolous that it makes me question if all the lawyers on the side of the plaintiff have their heads on straight. As far as I know Google isn't monopolizing anything by force, they are just so good at what they do that no one even wants to attempt to appose them. I mean for gods sake, most of the companies that have been created to compete directly with Google have underlying aspirations of being acquired by Google. You can't run around calling...
Finally got my GMK Plum set in the mail yesterday, it's my first custom keycap set even though I have owned many mechanical keyboards over the years. Anyone care to see? Also, here is an Imgur album that contains all the pictures of the process, plus the installation of the Zealencio Clips: - Insan1tyOne
As far as I know, this is correct. No new versions / releases of Denuvo will be able to stop this type of bypass. I am interested to see how long publishers will keep paying for a service that no longer works.- Insan1ty_One
I highly doubt it. The crack teams have just spent literal years on reverse-engineering and deconstructing Denuvo because its their hobby. It was only a matter of time before someone figured out the trick to solving the puzzle, or bypassing it.- Insan1ty_One
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