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Guys did you really think that I wait for games to come on Pre-Order so I can buy it at full price? I just look to see when games come on pre-order because sites like GMG and G2A often do 23% or 20% off Pre-Order titles. I'm all about the deals.
I am SO stoked about this game. Is it available for pre-order yet?
The lack of OC could be due to the lack of dual 8-pin power connectors. This card only has 8+6 pin but still manages to get a really good factory overclock. Have you tried using a program like MSI AB or EVGA Precision X to turn up the power-limit and voltage?
Ooh how exciting! You will have to post some more pics of the cards and your rig when you get them installed!
You know, after pouring over the entirety of the gameplay footage of this game it really looks like they implemented ENB type effects into the visuals. I mean this is just my opinion but it really does look that way. Maybe Bethesda finally figured out after 5 games and however many years that ENB looks really really good when done right?
If form factor is what is really important to you I would take a look at THIS webpage. In particular I think the MSI GS60 and the ASUS G501JW standout in the crowd. But that is just me.
So since you are looking at the Razer Blade 2015 then I am just going to assume that your budget for this laptop is somewhere between $2,400 - $2,800. Taking what you wish to use it for and your available budget into consideration I would personally recommend that you take a look at Sager custom laptops. Specifically I would look at the Sager NP9752-S, it can accommodate gear that will blow away the Razer Blade 2015. For example, here is a custom NP9752-S build that I...
Very true, although I would inevitably be buying the Corsair HG10 N980 + AIO kit if I bought a reference 980 Ti and spending around the same cash anyways. So, I might as well just buy this superior model with the really high factory overclock. Edit: Plus it is really worth it to me to have an AIO cooled card because they are silent.
Bummer that the input lag on this is so terrible and it only does 4:2:2. As @MunneY said though "you get what you get" for $300.
I'm mostly looking for a daily driver 4K monitor to use my main rig with and play PC games on. I mean I might watch TV on even though I rarely ever watch TV. It's primary use would be a monitor for 4K60. If this panel couldn't do that with reasonable response times then it isn't even worth the $300. Edit: Phew even at 4K30 that scroll lag is seriously intense. It'd probably be best to avoid this one as a "monitor". Oh well, a nice 4K60 monitor for $300... We can dream cant...
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