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I've been monitoring since the beginning and posting since the middle. Does that count? Regardless when these release I am STILL picking up two for the front of my 350d. Literally cannot WAIT to quiet my two R9 290's.
So much this. I haven't even seen any test sample reviews yet! I really want to pick up two of these for my R9 290's but I need to know what they are all about and where to get one first!
Why though? Google shouldn't let it go... Google has a lot more to gain from owning Twitch than Amazon does. Google can actually use/build off Twitch because they know a lot about videos from owning YouTube, but what can amazon do with it? Push more partnering sales for streamers or make you buy Amazon prime to get into "Prime Chats" or "Prime Streams" or to remove webpage ads or something like that?
Thanks again George!
This is a very valid point. Maybe a version with longer tubing? For extra large cases and a version with less tubing for more compact cases like my 350D?
The wait for release is literally killing me... I believe the current estimated release date (according to George) is end of August or early September. We are still a few weeks out from a public release... We should be able to hopefully see some official reviews of test units in the next week or two though! Just sit on your buying hands and wait people, it will come eventually. P.S. - On a side note, if any of our official Corsair guys are still monitoring this thread,...
Yes....And double yes! I would definitely pay an extra $10 if this came with a backplate. Please consider it Corsair!
...And this is why I will be buying TWO of these for both of my Reference R9 290's. Shame on the haters, I for one am very excited about this one. Good on you Corsair!
I definitely will if it happens again, but I bet you're right about the fan lube. It could've dripped down from the 290 directly above it!
I guess some types of RMA's wouldn't require a receipt but as for HIS's they definitely do. The receipt has to be attached to the RMA form to even be considered for an RMA service number. It is a really annoying form too. But regardless the card is fixed and you are just as amazed as I am!My theory is that the residue from the slight corrosion was conductive, which was in turn blocking/scrambling signals that were being sent through that part of the card (power management)...
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