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Wow James and wow Snef! This product is absolutely amazing... I have been searching for something like this for so long! Now I can finally drop my 350D and get this! Where is this company based? If it is outside of the US, will they ship to the US for a reasonable price? Also, being at sub $300 (199 GBP) will be amazing as well. Can't wait to see more of this log! My last question is, when are they accepting orders? I couldn't find it on their site. P.S. -...
Another build by James with a secret case? Looks like Ill be pulling up another seat for this one! Subbed!
Great update! Keep it coming!
I really wanted to use this driver but it caused a system hang and then crash when trying to load up eyefinity. It's a real shame. I wanted to see 3200 x 1800 on my three monitors instead of just 1920 x 1080... Oh well, I hope it is fixed by next release. Back to 14.11.2 for me...
Quality work here! Keep it coming!
Love to see completely unique cases being modded, and this is it! Subbed!
The dream!
Anything TJ11 or TJ07 and I'm in! Subbed!
Absolutely amazing work. Turning an almost flawless piece of craftsman ship into something absolutely unique. Love it!
Thanks Decade! It looks like they do a lot better in terms of over-clocking with the HG10 vs Stock. As expected I guess... You should consider doing a complete write-up on the HG10 if you ever get some more time though.
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