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Regardless, I think this will be a great replacement for my H100i in the top of my 350D. Sign me up for a red one please!
Bought the Castle Crashers 4 Pack + DLC's for me and my buddies earlier today. Playing through it right now and having a blast!
Playing too much PayDay 2... Not enough time to venture for other purchases... We will see what tomorrow brings though!
I did as well before the flash sale was up!
Just picked up State of Decay + All DLC's. But now I'm heavily considering picking up Payday 2 + DLC's. Gaben why must you do this to me!
I'm really hoping for Assetto Corsa to come up in the next Flash sale. It looks like a pretty good racing game.
I'm eyeing the Bioshock: Infinite DLC's/Season Pass so hard right now...
Haha that video was priceless. Good post! Edit: Also, someone has to tell me. Is PayDay 2 (+DLC's) worth playing? Or is it a game that you can only have fun with friends? I've been going back an forth about it for awhile and I just cannot decide.
I'm really hoping the SpinTires or The Forest will go on a flash sale or something. Be wanting to check those out!
Hey everyone! As you may know the Steam Summer Sale 2014 has just started today about half an hour ago! So let's get this thread moving and post what you have bought/are planning to buy as the sale goes on! Cheers everyone and keeps those wallets open! So far I have bought: - Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition - Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition
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