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Hmm, I can't say that I have ever seen an R9 290 / 290X with an adjustable "vmem" in the first place. The only two voltage options that you should be able to adjust are the "Aux. Voltage" and the "Core Voltage" plus the "Power Limit" slider. By default Aux and Core voltage can go up to +100(mV) and Power Limit up to +50%.- Insan1tyOne
No problem! I think you are correct though, your best bet will be to go with a pair of Beyerdynamics and a dedicated DAC and Amp.- Insan1tyOne
Just a thought here, but does anyone think that we will get PROPER SLI and CROSSFIRE support from Bethesda this time around? Fallout 3 had negative scaling, New Vegas was mediocre at best and didn't really work. So since Fallout 4 is releasing in 2015 does anyone think we will actually get it? - Insan1tyOne
Hello @DanielM, I am just going to get straight to the point here. I think for a "beginner" Hi-Fi setup that will give you a great performance boost, eliminate the need for a PC sound-card, and fit in with all of the things you have said above, I think you should be considering the following options: 1.) FiiO E09K Amp + FiiO E17 DAC --
Yes, compatibility with non-reference PCBs is a complete shot in the dark. It may work or it may not. It is a shame really.Great! I am glad to hear that you are benefiting from it! Be sure to check out the latest revision as well!ATTENTION:I have just updated the BIOS files to version 1.7! Head back to the OP and give them a try. The newest revision includes:Added "STOCK" BIOS files to each category. These BIOS files contain the STOCK idle voltage and voltage tables of an...
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently working on a new revision of the BIOS files that will include files for each card with the stock voltage table and idle voltage. Hopefully this will solve some of the oddities that some of you have been experiencing. I will be leaving behind the files with the modified voltage tables and lower idle voltage as well. I should hopefully have these up by later today. - Insan1tyOne
Hello OCN, I am just finishing up building a new Mini-ITX X99 machine, so I figured it is time to move on from my current main machine. The system specs. are as follows: System Information: Case: Corsair 350D (With all new front and side panels) CPU: Intel Core i7 3820 RAM: 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws Z 2133 Mhz Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Gene w/ BIOS 4901 GPU 1: Reference HIS R9 290 w/ Corsair HG10 / Corsair H80i Push/Pull GPU 2: Reference HIS R9 290 w/ Corsair HG10 /...
I'm glad everyone is having a good time in here. If you are all interested I would be more than happy to create a BIOS file with stock "idle" voltages to see if that solves any of your problems. I can also add stock R9 290/290X voltage tables to those BIOS files as well. The current version 1.6 of my BIOS files are using an R9 390X voltage table so that could potentially be the cause of the minor instabilities. - Insan1tyOne
Yes, unfortunately the R9 390X BIOS file that my mod is based off of has a completely different fan profile than the R9 290X Lightning's fan profile. I would just swap them out if I could but I do not think that is possible yet... My apologies! - Insan1tyOne
Awesome!The stock idle voltage for an R9 290 is 993(mV). My custom R9 390X BIOS files have their idle voltage set to 900(mV). Most cards do not have a problem with this, but you can easily increase the idle voltage of my custom BIOS files with HawaiiBiosReader.I will agree that The Stilt's BIOS files are much more refined than mine, but mine are still a work in progress too. The R9 390X series of cards generally have more voltage applied in all areas than the R9 200 Series...
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