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This has been confirmed by both DICE and UPRISE. This is purely a visual glitch, if you check your soldier window before and after a match, the XP will be accurately reflected there. You do not "lose" any XP!- Insan1tyOne
I think I will leave it at that for "Day 1": For those of you whom it was your first time playing BF: 1 today, how was it? - Insan1tyOne
Not that I know of. Everything relating to clans and clan servers is still up in the air due to DICE's new "rent-a-server" system which does not allow users to set up their own private servers AFAIK.- Insan1tyOne
Yes, this is what you should be doing if you are going to use the VPN method.- Insan1tyOne
You dont need to go into "offline mode" and yes, as far as I know this is safe to play on. Just revert back to your normal settings tomorrow when the game is released in your area.1.) Yes there will still be player-made clans. But there is not a "clan" feature inside of the game.2.) No, there are no singleplayer weapon unlocks for multiplayer.3.) No, not that I know of. You could always watch some gamemode / map overview videos by LevelCapGaming or something.4.) The...
YES it DOES work! Here are some easy instructions that everyone (and anyone) can follow![How To] Play BF: 1 Early Using a VPN: Insan1tyOne
Hello Everyone,If anyone still has time left in their trial, and was really wanting to just play the campaign then I have a solution for you! Just do the following:SOURCE:!- Insan1tyOne
Haha thanks! I was trying to spread them out too, but I just couldn't control myself. The game is way too much fun!Thanks! And yes I am playing on that monitor. In my opinion it is a great monitor for gaming. It has a 5ms response time and a 60hz refresh rate. I am more interested in screen-size and resolution than I am in FPS count, so if you love 120 FPS gaming this isnt the panel for you. But I have owned it for a little over a year and I enjoy gaming on it quite a lot!...
Welp, sadly my 10 hours of BF: 1 trial are up, but I did achieve my goal of getting level 20 in the multiplayer! - Insan1tyOne
Haha I wholeheartedly agree with that. My favorite comment from BF: 1 so far is "you only have 9 kills and 27 deaths! How are you #1 on the team with 15k points? Hacker!" Hmm, maybe that is because I play the objective and my class well?- Insan1tyOne
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