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Just wanted to post a little update for the Crossfire users out there. After some more researching and tweaking I got the flickering down to a minimum and the game is VERY playable now. I will post what all I did below. 1.) Do a "clean" installation of the newest 15.5 Beta drivers using this guide: (It has worked for me every single time, no need for invasive tools like DDU or anything really.) 2.)...
I disabled Anti-Aliasing in game just as they said and have the .exe profile manually set to 8x tessellation. I waited to start the game until this driver released and the flickering in Crossfire is ATROCIOUS right from the very first time you take control of Geralt. This makes me so sad... Other than that, with AA off and everything on (including hairworks) and everything set to ULTRA, the game seems to run really nice at 3440 x 1440 on Crossfire R9 290's. Just wish the...
Economics speak and stuff below: [[SPOILER]] That is just my though!
An error occurred? Video does not exist? What a shame... Come on AMD give us what we want so you can take our money! Edit: If that is the stock cooler is looks pretty sexy if I do say so myself. Hopefully the temps are more manageable this time around and the blower doesn't sound like a 747 going full throttle at 5 feet away.
An 8-core haswell on X99? The 5960X? Phew... $1,000 is a bit to rich for my blood on CPUs. Plus I'd have to grab a new mobo and upgrade to DDR4 as well. I'll probably just stick around the $400-600 range and stick with my X79.
Good to know, I guess I'm leaning towards the 4930K then. Bummer, I was looking forward to maybe getting those "Moar Cores".
Ah I see. The Xeon's only get about a 1.29 single-core performance but easily excel in the multi-core tests. It's a shame to see that they have the lowest single-core performance over-all! But let me ask you this, now that we are on the horizon of DX12 would owning a Xeon CPU make sense then? Or is it really just the better option overall to go with the 4930K?
Any particular reason that you would recommend the 4930K over the 2660 V2? Just curious.
Hello OCN,I am really looking to upgrade from my old I7 3820. It has been really trusty but I am just looking for something with a little more power. Right now I have two options for roughly the same price. I can either get an I7 4930K or an Xeon E5 2660 V2.I game a lot and do a lot of tasks/work across multiple monitors (plus multi-monitor gaming). I want a really strong processor that can handle multiple GPU set-ups and still provide the strongest single-core performance...
Every time I see Fallout Concept Art i'm like "why doesn't the actual game look like that?" Maybe now that we are five years into the future we wont just get barren deserts and the occasional building that you can actually enter. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fallout series. They are my favorite games of all time. But I just hope that this time around they really bring more "oomph" to the table.
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