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OCN (and most of the people here) in a nutshell. I love it. Yeah, I would jump to a 4930k (as my motherboard supports it) But I really see no point, I will just wait until x99 comes out and see if the rumors of a "$600 8 core 5930k" are really true or not!
I mean, they arent really overkill with heavily modded games and things like super-sampling and AA/Filtering. But I get what you mean.Like I said I am looking to upgrade displays soon though.Yeah I can pull 4.7Ghz pretty easily. I might crank it up when the second 290 arrives just because though!
I have a 23" 1080p monitor right now but hopefully I'll be going 1440p or 1600p this summer.Glad to hear that you guys think that my 3820 can handle it! And don't worry my PSU could handle tri-fire if I had the space for it!
I'm pretty excited about it! Although I foolishly bought my first 290 back in December for $480 at the height of the mining craze (facepalm) and even though it is impressive that they dropped $200 in price in just 4 short months I still wish the mining craze never happened.Regardless, I am anxious to see what FPS I can turn out with TWO of these monsters in my system. Good to hear that you think my 3820 will be enough though!
Hey all, I just picked up a second R9 290 (lightly used) for $280 from a friend and I just wanted to know if my current CPU will be able to handle all of the GPU power associated with crossfire? I mean, I know my trusty 3820 is getting up there in years, but it has served me so well all this time! I am hoping to upgrade to x99 whenever that arrives but anyways; I run my 3820 at 4.3Ghz 24/7 so do you think it will be alright or should I crank it up some more when the...
Well, If you want to keep the surround sound/3dfx then I would have to say stick with your sound card seeing as most DACs with optical tend to be on the pricier side of things relative to your budget. ($200-$500 range) But if you ever decide that you want an amazing DAC that will do it all in the future I would STRONGLY recommend the Schiit Bitfrost. It has everything you want and more... (Plus it will match your Vali)
[/quote]For DAC's to pair with the Vali I'd say the most obvious choice would be the Schiit Modi. But if you find a better option then go for it! How are you finding the Vali? I own the Magni myself but have always been interested in Tube Amps/Hybrids. Good luck on finding that new DAC!
It's true, it is a bit "overkill" for just gaming but it is just a suggestion. You can take what you like and leave what you don't. Disclaimer: Overkill is in my blood, this is after all.
I know this pushes the budget a little bit, but this system is easily the best you can get for your money. This is very similar to the system I have and it destroys any game I throw at it. I love it! Plus it comes in a nice little mATX package so I can take it to LANs and over to my buddies house and such. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks CPU: Intel Core i7-4820K 3.7GHz Quad-Core Processor ($319.97 @ TigerDirect) CPU Cooler: Corsair...
Tell me about it! I plan almost constantly... Nothing is ever good enough. I mean, this is after all.
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