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SOURCE: guess GDDR isn't dead afterall? Hopefully this new GDDR6 will retain the low manufacturing costs of GDDR5X and not swing towards the much more expensive HBM2.- Insan1tyOne
Most likely it will only be 60 Hz. But that is completely fine with me. Pushing a resolution as high as 3840 x 1600 at 100+ fps would require quite a strong GPU setup.- Insan1tyOne
The only monitor that matters to me in the Ultra-Wide market space is the upcoming LG LM375UW1 which will be a 37.5" 3840 x 1600p which has a perfect 2:4:1 aspect ratio. This is the only monitor worth upgrading from my current 34.5" 3440 x 1440p LG monitor. It was slated for production in Q3 2016 but I haven't seen any signs of it yet... - Insan1tyOne
Yeah, I don't really enjoy the light-blue colored heatsinks plastered all over the little board, but if you pack an ITX system full enough you can't see the board anyways!- Insan1tyOne
Yes, I believe you are referring to the Asrock EPC612D4I. [[SPOILER]] - Insan1tyOne
Indeed I am! Such a sweet little motherboard.I agree, you are probably right. But nice going on the OC!I have not heard of any CL13 3200 Mhz kits, but I have seen the CL14 3466 Mhz kits that were supposed to be available by now. But yes, technically these new CL14 3333 Mhz kits would be better than either of the previously mentioned kits.- Insan1tyOne
SOURCE: really want that 32GB (2x16) CL14 DDR4-3333MHz kit for my mini-ITX X99 system! But hopefully these kits are not vaporware like some of the other kits that G.SKILL has previously announced.- Insan1tyOne
I have been a dedicated Samsung Galaxy Note user since the Note 2, but I am seriously kicking myself for picking up the Note 5 a year ago. The lack of an SD card and only 64 GB of onboard storage is absolutely killing me. That and the fact that we were promised a 128 GB phone that never arrived really kind of irked me. But, as soon as I saw the Note 7 with its larger battery, USB-C, and re-instated SD-card slot I was sold... But then I saw that the camera on my Note 5 is...
I am going to give a brief rundown of how my brain interprets the words "New Operating System In Development" every time I hear them: Is this vaporware or will it ever actually be released to the public? How does a company (even as large and as well established as Google) expect to pull away users, companies, schools, governments, etc. who literally have only had two options for an operating system for nearly the last 20 years? (A lifetime in computing.) Trying to take...
Mmm yes, if you think the K501's bring a good "out of head" experience, then wait until you have heard them playing binaural recordings! I highly recommend checking out "Chesky Records" and especially "Dr. Chesky's Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc." You will be thinking twice about what those older K501's are capable of!- Insan1tyOne
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