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Did you check out the new Audeze EL-8? Supposedly they are the new kid on the block. I haven't had a chance to audition a pair though.
The people at Lowe's here in Iowa are generally pretty nice. Someone helped me find everything I needed right away. I was annoyed at the time and just rushed through it all, but it came out great! Unfortunately no pictures because I was going at light speed. If I can do it though, anyone can do it!
[[SPOILER]] Alright, this sounds great. I am going to attempt it tonight. I just have to run to my local Lowe's quick and grab a small hand drill and some bolts/nuts/washers etc. Wish me luck!
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for all of the helpful information! I even checked your previous post as well. My only remaining question though is, how do you know where to mark the holes to drill so that the monitors line up perfectly? I'm not sure if it is the same for you, but to get mine to line up perfect the VESA mounts do not attach at the same points on all three monitors. Or is this just me doing something wrong?
Hmm, my monitor has a very similar back to yours, I may have to just go the nuts and bolts route. What did you use to tap the holes? Just an electric drill, or what?
Hey everyone! I have a question here, but a little background first. I am using three debezelled Dell ST2310 23" monitors with 3M VHB (Very High Bond) industrial tape to adhere them to the VESA mounts on my stand. For some reason though I can never get them lined up perfectly and when I finally do get them lined up perfectly the tape on one of the monitors goes bad and I have to replace it and restart the entire process. It is quite frustrating, and I've been dealing with...
Keep it coming!
Wow James and wow Snef! This product is absolutely amazing... I have been searching for something like this for so long! Now I can finally drop my 350D and get this! Where is this company based? If it is outside of the US, will they ship to the US for a reasonable price? Also, being at sub $300 (199 GBP) will be amazing as well. Can't wait to see more of this log! My last question is, when are they accepting orders? I couldn't find it on their site. P.S. -...
Another build by James with a secret case? Looks like Ill be pulling up another seat for this one! Subbed!
Great update! Keep it coming!
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