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Hello Everyone, I just recently purchased a Zotac GTX 1080 AMP card for $580 and after doing a bit of research it would seem to me that there is absolutely zero difference between the PCB used for the "Amp!" cards and the PCB used for the "Amp! Extreme" cards. Thus, I have decided that when I receive my new card, that I will be attempting to flash it over to the Extreme BIOS (using NVflash) so that I can grab the higher power target and increased stock / boost...
[[SPOILER]] Beautiful, the same can be said about my NOS Telefunken E88CC tubes that are in my Mjolnir 2 right now. What are you planning on putting those in?- Insan1tyOne
Oh man, I want this monitor (38UC99) so bad, it is beautiful and it is now confirmed to have FreeSync! LG Product Page: BHphotovideo Product Page: It looks like the confirmed retail price is $1,499 and the release date is October 06 2016. Now to just find someone who wants to buy my 34UM95... - Insan1tyOne
I'm glad you like them! I have this sort of obsession with getting my headphones customized. I have a slowly growing collection of unique pairs that I like to switch between every so often.- Insan1tyOne
[[SPOILER]] I think they look great! I always enjoyed the "easily swappable" parts of the C1P's. Here is a shot of my custom Beyer's (T5p) if you are looking for some more inspiration for any future mods.- Insan1tyOne
Please refer to this list for motherboard support: [[SPOILER]] As for RAM support I would recommend just buying the lowest CAS-Latency (CL) 2133 Mhz kit you can buy and sticking to that. These ES CPUs don't support any speeds above 2133 Mhz anyways.- Insan1tyOne
Interesting! A nice piece of kit there, but why make the switch from Dante? As far as I knew, Dante is currently one of the best platforms for transporting digital audio. Did you just need the extra channels that the AES16e offers or what?- Insan1tyOne
Hello Everyone, I just figured I would share two new pieces of gear I got that I am really enjoying so far. 1. The "MXL V69M EDT" Tube Condenser Microphone and 2. The "CEntrance MicPort Pro" 24-bit/96kHz USB Mic Preamp Both devices together retail for around $500, but I got the set for $150. I just could not resist this gear at this price! This was quite the step up from my Blue Snowball "ICE" that only cost me $30 but the build quality, sound quality, and level of...
I am actually quite interested in the supply chain area of business, so here are some interesting facts that you may not know about Hanjin that will shed a better light on why product prices may increase (and then swiftly normalize) in the coming months in America: Hanjin supplied 8% of American import products. Most American business are in the process of stocking up for the Holiday Season right now. Hanjin's bankruptcy will really throw a wrench into that process....
Yes! And that is why I think it is a terrible feature!- Insan1tyOne
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