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The only way I would buy this card is if it was a dual-slot, dual GPU card with at least GTX 1080 performance PER GPU. A card like this would make sense for us ITX enthusiasts, if it were priced at
My question is this, if Intel has hit the "limit" for single-core performance, then when will we hit the point when GPUs will overpower our CPUs? I mean, the Titan XP is already pretty rough on a lot of the semi-recent i7's, and I do not see any "limits" coming any time soon for the amount of power that can be packed onto a single GPU. I'll be very disappointed if we have to start heading for 2P rigs because the CPUs can't keep up with the GPUs. - Insan1tyOne
Just so we are all clear here: [[SPOILER]] But I am confused, why would Deep Silver jump right to post-2035 game content when they havent even covered the 2035 game content? AFAIK Metro: 2033 covered the 2033 content, and "Last Light" covered the 2034 content. So in theory, Deep Silver will make a "Metro: 2035" and then their next Metro game would be what happens after the books end. After all, the story wouldn't make sense if they skipped making a 2035 game.- Insan1tyOne
Yes, they are by far some of the more difficult weapons to use. Just stick to the Selbstlader M1916 Factory / Marksman, Autoloading 8 .25 Extended, Mondragon Storm. Everything else is pretty much a "challenge" to use and is not very effective in all situations. My personal favorite is the Autoloading 8 .25 Extended. I am nearing 1000 kills with it.- Insan1tyOne
AFAIK this game does not release until March of 2017. So, is there a Beta or Alpha or something for this game that I missed out on? Because I am actually interested in this!- Insan1tyOne
Wow! I am glad that you got your H100i replaced before any long term damage occurred to your PC! But, as far as I know, you cannot move or resize the mini-map on the screen. You can increase the UI-scale though which will make all of the UI larger (and thus make the mini-map larger).As for whether the Medic class is popular or not, I am confused on that as well. I love playing Medic and its my favorite class but there never seems to be enough playing in any give game....
Hmm, possibly. I have around ~120 hours in BF4 and I am almost level 100. So, I may miss my goal by just a tad.- Insan1tyOne
Play the attacking team on Operations and play the objective always. Also, be sure to complete medals for 1000xp per task completed and 5000xp upon medal completion. I am almost to level 48 and only have 33 hours of BF: 1 multiplayer logged. My goal is to reach level 100 in under 100 hours.EDIT: Just as a reference my average score per map is usually between 14,000 - 20,000 before any bonuses or multipliers are applied.- Insan1tyOne
This has been my exact experience in the past. The version of the "Frostbite" engine that DICE has used in BF:3 to BF:1 has been able to show me an unstable OC even when all of the most "extreme" stress tests couldn't. Due to this I have changed my OC methodology to doing a few Unigine Valley passes, then playing a couple hours of BF to test for legitimate stability. If BF crashes (even once) I know the OC is bad, but if it doesn't crash past 2 or 3 hours then the OC is...
Headphones: Beyerdynamic T5p's or AKG K701'sMicrophone: MXL V69 Mogami EditionThe game sounds absolutely fantastic, and I think my voice does too. Battlefield 4: 117 hours -- Rank 96Battlefield 1: 31 hours -- Rank 45The ranking system in every Battlefield has felt "grindy" to me. Especially BFBC2, but BF:1 seems to be a bit faster in terms of ranking. I am hoping to hit 50 in BF:1 by the weekend. Ranking up quickly is all about that score-per-minute. Mine is generally...
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