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Personally, I've had my I7-3820 with a RIVG since release day and just within the last few months overclocked it to 4.5Ghz (24/7) underneath an H100i Push/Pull. This CPU is still going strong and I think that Broadwell-E will be the perfect time to move on from the old SB-E.
Any insight on this at all anyone?
Puft has almost 10,000 posts on this site and has accrued three OCN flames. I seriously doubt he would ever do something like this (nor would his wife allow him to ). I know this seems fishy and all but sometimes serious things happen in life or maybe he is just away on a "spring of the moment" vacation. Wait a little longer before doing anything too rash.
Hey OCN! I'm a long time owner of 3x Dell ST2310 23" Monitors. They are aging, but they have served me well so far and I see no reason to buy three new monitors. I mean these monitors are 1080P, 5ms, 75 Hz and are great for work/gaming. So I come to you with a few questions! First: Does anyone know if you can debezzell these monitors? If so, are there any guides out there? The bezzells of these monitors are absolutely huge and really obtrusive! So, in typical OCN style, I...
SR-2 Build V2.0 confirmed! Coming soon to the OCN build logs section near you?
Now we can all just kick back and wait until cards that have up to quad-sli/crossfire capabilities go single slot. I mean I could put three of these on my Rampage IV Gene right now. But they don't have the support.
Oh I guess you're right! I completely missed that. My bad! I think a new Parvum case would be something ideal to test this on, or maybe the new Phanteks Evolv?
So just curious, but what is stopping us all from just getting an enthusiast ITX board with a single x16 slot and then splitting that slot into two x8 slots and doing two GPU's that way? I could definitely see some crazy case mods using pre-existing enthusiast mITX cases revolving around this idea.
All of these quotes 100% sum up what I would want. Especially the one about drawing inspiration from Phanteks. But please let it be an mATX case with 5 PCI slots like the 350D. I love me some mATX cases with full size ATX features.
I second this! Don't get me wrong, I love my Rampage IV Gene and 350D but I just want to move down to something smaller and still retain all of the enthusiast qualities that my RIVG has! The point is, is that you could have a pretty small case (lets say the new Phanteks Enthoo Evolv) that supports a TON of watercooling and other options but only supports m-ITX boards. That is why m-DTX would be great.
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