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Thanks for clearing that up. I thought the extra FPS from running the 980ti on a 30Hz TV seeped over to my neighbors 970 running an 60hz screen.
Well, next time someone asks me for proof, I'd remember that reddit is sufficient to prove any fantasy I have in my world. At least you could have tried WCCFTech. Also, Steam surveys are just that, surveys. If they're any better, IDC & Gartner would be all over them to spell doom.Again, I'm not saying what you're saying is entirely false, but half truths and filler fantasies don't make facts. Like you, many other posters also highlighted why Nvidia gained market share even...
Citation ?So, you mean to say if you have more money, you can invest more on your products that will make you more money for your future ? Mind=!BlownWell, every company aims to diversify. If you didn't, you'd still find Samsung selling fish oil by the lake
AMD does not want to cater to your high end market. They are worth less to them than the market that gets their brand more exposure. You want an AMD GPU that competes with 1080, might want to get in line. If you don't, Nvidia always got you covered.
I agree with what has been suggested over the last few posts. You're getting 4 free threads. I'd take them if you plan to use your system for a while (think 2 years). If you're planning to build a new rig, you could ebay the i7.
I may be off with the dates, but editing the registry file to make the IS appear has a server license with get you updates to 2018. Currently on mobile, but Google is your friend (not really)
Q1: What do you think was the best shape for gaming mouse released in 2016? The one on the Logitech G502 Spectrum. I liked it when it was on display at a local expo a while back. Q2: How many mouse buttons do you use while playing your favorite game (please list your favorite game and mouse buttons you use along with their functions)? On my DeathAdder Chroma, I mostly use 5 of them, but some of the RPG's can be done with the regular scroll and side clicks on the mouse....
What ? You mean these new pants I bought after that demo is for nothing
It ends with a question mark, surely the author himself does not have faith
Did you try to run any stress test ? Is your system overclocked ? Reset it to default and then try. Try resetting the BIOS ? Does it happen often or is it during certain times ?
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