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What ^^ he missed out is after sales & warranty support. I've had experience from Asus and I've yet to hear a "Hi" from all the messages I sent them with my Z68 board auto overclocking the proc. What's more is that the one rep here also shares the same traits and would help you if you have the latest & greatest from them. Oh did I mention that I still had the warranty on the board!!
It's not about the destination that's problematic. It's the ads journey that is.
Hold onto your $$ until both launch as they're bound to offer similar performance at unknown price. That way, you have the least buyers remorse.
I wouldn't use those adject's to describe what you do
Can I have R in a nutshell. Like me some data analysis books.
If you're OK with buying used, the R9 390/x wins hands down. If new, get a Fury Nitro. Also, with downsampling, you'd want a stronger GPU to render frames at the resolution and then downscale it. Scaling, as far as I know does not take as much resources than actually rendering the scene. Your 8GB should be fine either ways.
The only repair advice I ever got out of you was to reboot my dead parrot.
Rather ask them to pay for their stupidity. That would bankrupt them faster and you wouldn't feel sorry too!!
So you're on the latest drivers then!! What is your system configuration ? Have you tries the latencymon to verify it's the latency that is causing dips and not any background tasks ?
Did you upgrade your drivers with the hotfix ?
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