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What PSU did you run with that rig ? How is the grounding in your apartment? Also, ASUS was never know for Customer Service.
Remember that beef burger from McDonald's they advertised last night on News@9!!. Yes, that too was marketing and is not sold at any of the outlets in the form advertised. Yet, it doesn't mean McDonald's doesn't carry beef burgers. Something like it
Ever seen the first video of Titan OG cooler when released in 2013. Yea, it was fabricated too!!
I'd look into upgrading your screen or going with a less strong GPU as the GPU power would be wasted by staying @1080p. You'll always be CPU bottlenecked and in that scenario, both the procs would provide similar performance (remember to go with faster RAM if going Ryzen). If you can up the resolution (DSR), for gaming 7700K should be better, but will suffer if you stream as well. For multitasking, I wouldn't even consider the 7700K even if it was cheaper.
Can I get two worlds II ?
TIL constructive criticism about skid marks on Blue pants makes you a whiner but trolling about Red pants for the same is alright.
You should be lucky they didn't pull the "Stay on our latest offering for complete support" card.
Well, guess AU isn't as bad as I first thought or have corps by their balls incase things go south for consumers.
Well I don't know if this is going to help, but you can approach Corsair-George about this issue on here. In defense of Corsair, they're actually better ones to deal with. I'd be more worried about your Asus MB acting up and having to deal with Asus RMA. You might actually end up liking kick to your gonads more.
Oops, I thought this was a PM. But yes, a 3770/2700/2600 would be a better choice. Also, I'm not sure which games he's finding difficult with a 4.7ghz 2500. At that clocks, even BFMP should be bearable.
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