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And how are they going to differentiate between a miner and a gamer who wants to mine ?
Just ask AMD
Are these benches after the Meltdown & Spectre patches ? Does excel get affected by those patches ? Any one with older intel platform, who can confirm the performance impact of the patch and can give a before and after ?
How are you defining scores going down ? Any particular games that can't utilize SLI ?
Upon putting more thought into it, even AMD has a potential to put out turds so having $$ for R&D does not mean that they'd be put to best use.
Because they'd want to go with Intel again without the vulnerabilities like these which takes years to sort out. Why would I want to switch to a glued together architecture which is affected by lesser spectrum of the attacks, when I can have a complete glued on mesh with blazing fast Ghz that can run my Crysis @ 480x320.
Actually, it's quite the opposite of what you're trying to claim. They want all that data to sell to thise who want and will buy their crap.
If it does that on the first try, maybe it hasn't been fed the credentials. Try creating a routine that automatically feeds your credentials on the background through the IE and then add this sub to the links. If you need help on how to do it, you can look up how you can pull exchange rates from the web and shoehorn the login credentials code into the sub. Just my 2c
If you have a good GSync monitor, I'd choose the GTX1060 or if you're going FreeSync, I'd go Rx480. Get whichever option is cheaper after taking the total cost of the screen and the cards into account.
What are your other system components down to the color of your power cables . Both of them trade blows, so we'd need details of what other parts you have to be able to find you a right mix!! Welcome to OCN BTW
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