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Unfortunately, I do have to charge it every night as the battery drops are really bad. Hence, the higher capacity one. If MS can come out with a decent offering, I'll gladly upgrade from this as it's becoming a little long in the tooth, but that's just an itch.
Well, I read a few interviews from Nadella and his outlook for WP and it seems 2018 is going to be a year that we get any solid roadmap for WP. My 920 still does all that I want it to do so I'm patiently waiting for the next major iteration of WinPho. In the meantime, I'll see how this battery does as it is higher mah than the original 2000mah and I'm cautious, but the online reviews seem to be positive.
Well, I placed an order for a new battery that comes in 2580mah for my 920. Should be here in another 2 weeks. Sad to see this thread go silent.
I can't understand the context of this quote!! Does it mean that if I were to run a Ryzen 8 core with apps that used all its cores to the fullest, I would get erratic performance that'll break my system ? Or is it that a Kaby i7 with is 4cores is a true multi core champion as it can run any application that can take advantage of it's all cores and always come out at the top ?Or is it about the clocks that these chips run at ? Is it that the Ryzen chips face performance...
Only this time, more competitive cores
Nvidia does not make CPU's
VEGA by EVGA ? On a related note, do EVGA see a possibility of having motherboads with AMD chipset considering the performance parity of Ryzen is quite close to that of Intels latest and come May, even AMD would have chips that compete with Intels at every price point and come ~Dec, we might even have an HEDT platform based on Zen from AMD to compete with X99 / X109?
If you could haggle on the board a little more, I'd definitely consider the X79 setup. You might not have to upgrade for a decent while longer than what you'd have done, had you gone with the Z97. Many of the games coming out now require higher number of cores and 6 cores will trump 4 in apps that can utilize them even if you had a higher clocking models. Besides, the SBE / IBE used to clock decent ~4.5Ghz at which point, they're a few FPS away from even the 7700K in...
Not to be smug but, out of those 4, only 1 is a valid reason to not go AMD and even that is based on outdated information. Well, it's your money I guess. :thumbs:
Hmm....well, in that case, the newest AMD procs don't have any compatibility issues that you maybe had earlier neither do they require any CPU drivers. They're as equal to Intel in feature set and you'd be missing out on procs that could be far better suited to your budget (streaming while gaming, in which the R7 1700 is far better than any consumer socket from Intel. It's your money really, but not taking into account the complete picture because of past issues doesn't...
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