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@MunneY Hey thanks.. I dont always have time to catch all that stuff.. I appreciate it ..
Tardiness Excused vaporizer..
For sure man...Some thought my Orange project was too much.....and that landed on a Magazine Cover..So i am following my gut on this one too,,,Pushing the limits of color and Daring to be different is what its all about...
I have a picture in my head of the final product.. We're not even close to "Too Much" yet.. ,
8 hours and 17 coats later. here are some results to first of the case panels and Mod to PSU cover. I left the back side black and floated some silver metallic into the clear coat. here is direct sun light shot More on the way...
Paying Respect to you my Friend,, You are one of the Greats..
Thanks.. ..Painting is FUN!Roger..Good to see you Derick.. You must be Bored..To answer your Question on the Studio... It is very basic setup but works well for what i do.Here is a shot of itLike i said, very basic set up.Seamless Paper from Savage for the back drop. 9ft x 60ft rolls i think..Light stands are cheapo from PBL24" Soft boxes from PBLLights from PBL 4 Bulb Lamps with 5500k Bulbs totals 2000wGood to see you James!
Close..OK...OK....See it...
Any Guess's
Nice compliment ..thanksYou can get nice results with aerosol cans.The initial expenditure for what I do can be quite large.PM if your serious.
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