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@Wolfsbora Glad you enjoyed it...Thanks for commenting..
Thanks Fellas..
@mAs81 Thanks dude... Im excited to see this completed..
I have awakened.... Loop is complete. Now have some samples from Joey at Ensourced to look through.. Next to paint.. The EVO drive. Test Driving a new Lens with these Shots.. Canon 17-40mm L. Seems to get super sharp at f5.6 and Amazing at f8. I really like this One Now For some Overall Shots to test out the lens. For Fun
Short Vid
One of My Favorites... Excellent .. [[SPOILER]]
7 months to reply...thats got to be a record..LOL!..
@dman811..Many thanks...appreciate the comment..I also really like the Darkside LED's..
@sinnedone Thank you my friend..
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