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LolThanks..and welcome
For Sure..Joey does excellent work..
Far beyond anything i could do,, Such Quality...
Many of you may have believed me to be gone....Well I'm back and putting some more work into the Green Machine.. My Latest Sponsor to The Green Manalishi Project has sent over some Beautiful Cables.. Joey at Ensourced does Top Shelf work here with Urban Camo.. Many thanks to a quality guy. I feel its important to support others in this community who have gone to great lengths to make a quality product. His dedication really shows.. These are flawless and much better...
Tryin to find time..I have some photo's to take..
@Wolfsbora Glad you enjoyed it...Thanks for commenting..
Thanks Fellas..
@mAs81 Thanks dude... Im excited to see this completed..
I have awakened.... Loop is complete. Now have some samples from Joey at Ensourced to look through.. Next to paint.. The EVO drive. Test Driving a new Lens with these Shots.. Canon 17-40mm L. Seems to get super sharp at f5.6 and Amazing at f8. I really like this One Now For some Overall Shots to test out the lens. For Fun
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