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I can not believe that GURU3D would allow for such a poorly written statement.
wonderful game, worth the wait
I'm looking to sell this monitor, how much can i get with the modded screen? I removed the film.
is the r9 295x2 stock or overclocked?
Contact Brain Cote. I just called to see if they had it in stock and they referred me to him. His email Phone number 703-909-1715
120hz is the way to go! Even if it's 1080p, the smoothness is amazing. There is a drastic difference between 60hz and 120hz. This difference makes it so hard for to transition to larger resolutions. 60HZ just doesn't cut the jelly.
As someone stated earlier, get rid of the 2 screens. playing games on two screen just do not work out, especially for FPS. Asus vg24qe 144hz is an amazing monitor, get three of those or one of them.
Thanks! It's working for me. I'm running windows 8, and I had to look for the startup folder for some time but google help me out. I'm running a vg24qe. also when I go into my monitors menu, lightboost is enabled!!!
the solution to the driver issues
Well once you have read the entire thread, then you are entitled to such opinions of propaganda. But there are people who experienced problems with their cards and it's not some conspiracy to bash on Nvidia without any reason.
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