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Finally figured it out. I needed to update my BIOS about 30 versions and I missed a PCI bridge driver when I was re-installing windows. A huge thank you to everyone that gave their thoughts and opinions they eventually led to me figuring it out.
Alright, So I went back to the 314.22 driver and the issue still occurs. I HAD an overclock on my card, but since I reformatted all my drives, I do not think it is on there still. Would I need to put MSI Afterburner back on to help with stability?
I downgraded this morning to the 320.18 WHQL driver and was experience the same issue still. Does anyone know what the original driver was for when the GTX 680 was released? I pitched my gigabyte drivers cd many months ago.
Hey all, So a couple of weeks ago I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) and since this install, I have had nothing but issues with my Gigabyte card. I have Driver version 320.49 installed and what happens is that I will be doing casual web browsing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube ect.) and the screen will freeze for a couple of seconds and go black and restart as normal again, with a message popping up saying "Display driver stopped responding and has...
I really like the look of the new gtx 690 with the vapor chambers!
So most likely both of the drives crashed then, that sucks really hard because I left for college a few days ago and left the information on my crappy laptop and didn't bring that, only brought the drives because all the information is stored on there. I will try the freezer trick buy I already took apart the drives earlier in their life and have an odd connection that isn't usb it is the actually micro usb connector on the outside. I am gonna be pissed if everything is...
Hello, I have two Western Digital Passport drives (500 gig & 320 gig) which both stopped working at the same time, I used the drives about two weeks ago for movie storage. And today I went and plugged them in to my computer's front panel USB 2.0 connectors and they just started making a clicking noise like the drive needles were skipping(both of the drives are doing this same event and haven't experienced any hard drops, or falls). My computer recognizes the drives in...
Maybe the light behind the G has died? and if you are in gaming mode, you shouldn't be able to use the windows key. Test and see if you can use the windows key when you are in gaming mode and that will help determine if the actual key is broken or the light behind the G has died. -Erontica
Great looking build, subbed.
I have the M4 and love it I have heard of few issues with this SSD if any best bet easily.
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