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That's an average of $122 per cartridge, including shipping.
Sure. If Fiji is faster than the 980 Ti and Titan X than it will win the Single GPU crown and Nvidia won't have an answer.That's my point. Nvidia has made their answer to Fiji BEFORE Fiji is even released. Its a change in strategy and explains why the 980 Ti falls so close to the Titan X. Nvidia didn't leave performance on the table because they intend to offer better than Fiji performance before Fiji launches.
The 980 Ti, obviously.Offering Titan X performance for $650 is Nvidia's Fiji killer. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out, of course.(Though I don't expect Fiji to beat the 980 Ti).Edit: Maybe my statement was unclear. When I said " at least not when it has better silicon ready and waiting" I was talking about GM200.
It shouldn't. The days of the two companies leap frogging each other are over.Nvidia has held the Single GPU Crown since the 780 Ti in Nov. '14: 18 Months. Nvidia would have had the Crown since the Titan in Feb. '14, except that the 290X had the crown for 2 weeks before the release of the 780 Ti.780 Ti was Nvidia's Hawaii killer, and the 980 Ti is their Fiji Killer. The difference is that this time Nvidia was sure to launch before AMD. That is the new era that we are in....
This is a repost. Intel is not abandoning K. C is being added to the mix. R stands for Iris Pro, C stands for Iris Pro + unlocked.
Just to be clear, these are replacements for the i7-4770R and i5-4670R with Iris Pro graphics. They also have the added bonuses of fitting in LGA 1150 boards and being unlocked. The true successors to Devil's Canyon will come in August(ish) and will be skylake.
That's completely bogus. If he had done the same thing 239 years you'd be calling him a patriot.The only thing he hurt was our government's prestige; by a revolutionary(in the best sense of the word) act of telling the truth.Ironically, the American government grants all sorts of legal protection to whistler blowers, but only so long as they are exposing someone's wrong doing and not its own.
I'm a Radiologic Technologist registered in Computed Tomography (I perform CAT scans).Like any other technology, CT scanners become faster and require less dose every year. This scanner is just a continuation of that trend. Hospitals periodically replace obsolete scanners and eventually this technology will be the norm, until it too is replaced by the next generation of scanners.However, the 3D imaging shown in the article has been available on scanners for many years...
If thats the case, a lot of people did care when AMD launched the FX-9590 with 220W TDP.
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