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That's completely bogus. If he had done the same thing 239 years you'd be calling him a patriot.The only thing he hurt was our government's prestige; by a revolutionary(in the best sense of the word) act of telling the truth.Ironically, the American government grants all sorts of legal protection to whistler blowers, but only so long as they are exposing someone's wrong doing and not its own.
I'm a Radiologic Technologist registered in Computed Tomography (I perform CAT scans).Like any other technology, CT scanners become faster and require less dose every year. This scanner is just a continuation of that trend. Hospitals periodically replace obsolete scanners and eventually this technology will be the norm, until it too is replaced by the next generation of scanners.However, the 3D imaging shown in the article has been available on scanners for many years...
If thats the case, a lot of people did care when AMD launched the FX-9590 with 220W TDP.
Are you comparing a 88W i7-4790k to a 300W 290x?
I agree that Attila will be a stand alone expansion, similar to Napoleon. But why would that be disappointing? Napoleon was an excellent game.There is one key difference here, CA wasn't able to fix Empires, the improvements to Napoleon didn't get back ported to Empires. While Rome II received Emperors Edition, and I assume many of the fixes CA has developed for Attila.
Didn't know that. Then why is AMD teasing A:I? Even more support for AMD announcing VR(since A:I has VR support)
Alien Isolation supports the Oculus Rift, its been demoed publicly. Its believable that AMD will announce their VR features and a bundle with Alien Isolation.Some worth while progress, but the Rift is too fringe to base an entire announcement on. The internet will likely see it as a repeat of true audio.(pre ordered my Rift dk2 in July, still waiting for it =] )
NVIDIA priced the cards exactly where they want them. If it was just an issue of anticipating competition from AMD, they would have launched them high then lowered after AMD announced.NVIDIA gained massive market share with the 600 series and made lots of money with the titan. With the 900s it looks like Nvidia is planning on having both. They'll steal even more market share from AMD with well priced traditions products(gtx 970/980), but still command high prices and...
Obviously a reference to the Matrix. AMD's announcement will most likely be new drivers with VR support for Oculus Rift, not a new product. Nvidia announced their VR features with the GTX 980, so AMD is probably eager to announce theirs too.
Tempting! It would go well with my wife's FT03 mini.
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