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Tempting! It would go well with my wife's FT03 mini.
Its unfortunate that guru3d made a terrible copy-paste article without even linking to the source. Its also unfortunate that it was reposted here.You don't have to read any farther then the first question to realize how incredibly false that headline is.
No, exactly.In 3d monitors with glasses, each eye receives the full resolution but only every other frame. With OR each eye gets half the resolution (960x1080 in the case of DK2), but at the full frame rate.Anyways...I found this very cool OR simulator, that compares different resolutions as well as low persistence.
The OR doesn't have that issue. Its not alternating frames to each eyes, since each eye has its own (half of the) screen.
So true.Then FUDZILLA will copy the WCCF article but without citing a source. Other sites will then assume FUDZILLA has a different, actual, source and report on it too.
Yeah, being over the life span of the product is the only way it makes sense.Though I think Microsoft is planning to get a decade out of the Xbox one.3 billion / 10 years = 300 million a year. At a 35% profit margin(more than actual) = 105 million a year profit. Still not enough to put AMD in the black. But, then again, not all of this 3 billion is pure gain because AMD is already receiving money for the 360 GPU. So we would have to know how much AMD received from...
You can appreciate that graph much better when its in context of performance.
Actually, You're mistaken. Kabini is not in the same category as Clovertrail. With TDP of 9-25W its the same range as ULV SNB/IVB/HSW.Even the higher power Temash with a TDP of 8W is way above Clovetrail's sub 4W TDP.Not only is Kabini for laptops, so is Temash.'s weakness is going to be battery life. Its gotten down to a pretty low TDP level, which will let it compete against ULV SNB/IVB in a way...
Which means its completely fake.
Welcome to 15 years ago. It was called x86.
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