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What problems build quality wise have you had with any Max Keyboard you have owned? Only asking because given the number of Editor's awards from respected reviewers your comment seems to be inconsistent with the build quality reported by reviewers and my own experience!
Not sure about the CM warranty in Canada but the Quickfire is a good reasonably priced mechanical keyboard. Wrist rests (are easily obtainable for under £20 ($33) by a web search). Have you considered a Max Keyboard (Nighthawk X8 (pictured in my sig), X9 etc. which come with wrist rests) they are in California and offer a custom keyboard service (not cheap but nice to have an exclusive keyboard)? Your local dealer may not stock Ducky keyboards but could he order you one?...
Have you tried this:
I have the Naos 3200, 5000 and 7000.Don't get suckered into saving a few quid by getting the Naos 5000 because of the nice coloured lights on the left hand side of the mouse telling you which "on the fly DPI setting you are on" (as I did) because the sensor is inferior to the Naos 7000. Shame Mionix did not carry that feature over to the Naos 7000 actually.
I always imagined shilka to be covered in PSU stick on badges and wearing PSU coils for earrings anyway!
Looks like you need more squad work to improve your K/D ratio (also looks like some CTF and Rush wouldn't go amiss if you are aiming to get some assignments completed). Join the OCN platoon that will help on the squad side of things.
As others have said the G400S is a great replacement if you want a similar mouse in weight and style to your old MX 518. If you want something different that is very comfortable ergonomically and has a great sensor I recommend the Mionix Naos 7000 (which has on the fly sensitivity buttons).
Do you not find rotation of tank turrets in BF4 etc. is a bit too slow using only one sensitivity?
So virtually any mouse thread I find contains a "Deathadder is the mouse of choice" comment, how do you all overcome the lack of an on the fly sensitivity adjustment button? Seems to me a mouse with the rep that the Deathadder has should have a dedicated button for it, do you agree?
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