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Just signed up for Platoon 1, it was a bit lonely on Platoon 2! Still (3 weeks now) struggling along with my old GTX 580 Twin Frozr II OC @ 1440P whilst my GTX 780Ti is under RMA
Anyone still suffering from thecrash, this sorted it for me . Shiver me timbers it actually worked, back to singing sexually motivated sea shanties! Splice the mainbrace Shipmates!
The benchmark section in this review hopefully might be of some help deciding on a Mobo Obviously a top flow cooler like your NH-C12P SE14 will utilise the Thermal Armour ducting on a Sabertooth Mobo better than a standard cross flow cooler.
What is the point of recommending a game where there are no active multiplayer servers (BF2) to someone looking for a multiplayer game? (actually agree that Project Reality was great though) And "young console gamer crowd", bit of a generalisation dont you think? Boredgunner, do you actually own any of the games you are slating so heavily? Only asking as I had read in other comments of yours in the forum (BF4 thread I think it was) that you would never buy BF4, did you...
Titanfall has very little variety with very small maps and has become quite boring (to me at least) within just a few days of release! Slightly contrary to Deluxe's response, I would comment that recent BF4 patches have vastly improved the gaming experience in game but the netcode is certainly not great! The two games are very different and at the risk of angering Titanfall fans, BF4 is a substantially superior game in my opinion so i'd recommend Battlefield3 and 4 to a...
I'd say (having read a few reviews) that this is a pretty good 1980 X 1080P monitor which has lighter matt finish than a Dell 2312HM but has similar Input lag and response times for gaming. At USD159 too almost a steal. The only caveat I would also consider is that; will your new rig be capable of driving a higher resolution monitor or is 1080P optimal?
Assuming you are looking for an ADSL2 router / modem. From that list and under USD100 (with the USD30 rebate) I would choose this Modem / Router which is an excellent product Whether it will work well in a three storey house though I cannot tell. The best WIFI range I have experienced was in a Billion 8400 unit which was able to provide wireless service when I was on the third hole of the...
Good luck with the MX Green's, I have never used them not surprising really given that I found a 60g activation push weight on the MX Black's too tiring for extended use while gaming and pigging awful for typing!
I have used MX Black, Red and Brown switches and my choice would be MX Brown's all day long, they are tactile, virtually silent and nice medium push weight IMO the best typing / gaming option albeit a slight compromise. As others have said though this is a real personal choice issue.
It is not a scam it is a 30hz refresh rate 2160P monitor that can do 60hz only if you use the Display Port 1.2 ie. 30hz only on HDMI 1.4.
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