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Sounds like the same printhead issue I had! Tried all of the methods of cleaning it on Youtube and ended up getting a new printer. Hope you fair better than I did! (And yes I realise how can it be the printhead if black is printing in diagnostic mode but test pages were showing no black - apart from the instructions at the bottom of the page for me)
Curious this thread is full of predicted comparisons between two as yet unreleased cards or discussing VRAM rather than the new tech HBM vs old tech memory argument (admittedly we don't know performance as yet), AMD and INtel's preparation for new CPU's using HBM and Nvidia preparing to release old tech to compete before releasing GPU's with HBM!
Made this move long ago GSync or Freesynch 120Hz or 144Hz next upgrade (along with a second 780Ti or a.n. other single GPU solution if capable) probably when prices reduce a little.
Hi welcome to OCN er Dan!
Yes I certainly have this problem! Looking at your photo I notice your collection are of similar size and design so you haven't got the affliction too badly yet! Merry (or should that be Micey) Christmas all!
I take it you are not getting a BSOD such that you can identify the error code? I do not use offset mode and am not familiar with Asus bios so someone else may be of more help to you. I would say that 1.184v for the CPU voltage does look low to me even with LLC on ultra high. (I think my 2600K was 1.26v @ stock and have read somewhere that stock voltage is between 1.24 - 1.26v) That said you may just have a particularly good chip that has a very low stock voltage.
Think you are generalising somewhat as the 780 Ti OC is 1085 @ stock so to say it has trouble doing 1Ghz is not correct.
Totally worth it!
Are the latest drivers you are using the beta drivers in the link? If so, try manually selecting the drivers you want from the website and you will see it is recommending the 14.4 driver not the Beta If you have not already tried and it is possible you have been updating to Beta's each time missing WQHL drivers it may help to use a Windows supported driver WQHL or you have downloaded the driver with...
Sith Apprentice obviously!
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