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And when will Betelguese go supernova?
I wear glasses too and always struggle to find a headset that is comfortable. Obviously this means large headsets are a no go but I found these to be both comfortable and to have pretty good audio characteristics
Hi welcome to OCN! Which of the MSI X99 mobo's run SLI X 16/ X 16 PCI-E 3.0 (and do they all have to be used with the 5960X to achieve this)?
You could pre-order a Acer XB280HK 144hz (3840 X 2160P 4K) with G-Sync for GBP499 here and run it at 2K instead of 4K for higher FPS that is the only other G-sync available above 1080P (but it is just a TN panel).
Realise this is an AMD thread but I had the memory leak in BF4 even with my GTX 780 Ti. Just closed the Origin Overlay and downloaded latest version of afterburner and my memory usage now does not go above 2500Mb even playing at 2560 X 1440P for 10 hours straight. fixed it at last
I am pretty sure a GTX 780 Ti will be able to drive a refresh rate well above 70hz @ 1440P judging by some of the reviews I have read which is why I recommended 1440P rather than OP looking for high performance from current GPU's at 4K.I only specifically mentioned the GTG time because QuantomMechanic had asked for a sub 4ms monitor. Would prefer to see an IPS panel with the best attributes of a PG278Q personally, TN doesn't float my boat!
This is just about the best 1440P for gaming (1ms GTG) but ouch muchas costly that is as cheap as I could find it in the UK! It is not in stock but hardly surprising given it is around 50 quid cheaper (probably the wrong word make that less expensive) than anywhere else.It is in stock here...
I think your choice of an EVGA 780Ti Classy is a great one personally (most gamers consider EVGA's support the best). It would be overkill if you were only gaming at 1080P though I didn't see which resolution and refresh rate you planned to play at (only that you might go 4K in the future). Fingers crossed on the price drop but don't hold your breath on that model!
Stupid question withdrawn!
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