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Hmmm maybe the AI weapons would turn on their government masters and treat the rest of us humans better than our governments do!
Conflict Desert Storm on PC, looks as clunky as hell on a 1440P monitor but every now and again when my internet is down I cant resist playing for the switching between party members in the middle of a fire fight! Still challenging now!
What monitor are you using, what is its refresh rate and what cabling are you using? Is the monitor o/c'd? Are you using Vsync? Are you using a GPU O/S utility (Afterburner etc) and are you using some form of frame limiter? If so what do you have your FPS capped at? Do you still get stuttering if you limit your FPS to 60FPS or below and turn Vsync off? Sorry for all the questions trying to get to the bottom of your problem:o
Johnsonvo123, what our learned members are saying in a very round about way (Duckie Ho and XanderThe Goober excepted) is that the motherboard used in your PC uses a 14 pin power connector from the PSU and that most commercially available PSU's you purchase will have a 24 pin power connector so will not be compatible. You are therefore left with the options Duckie Ho suggests ie. 1. Do nothing 2. Get a new PC (+ 3. or even build yourself a new PC). As you are considering...
Does the EVGA 90 day step up program not apply to the Classifieds?
Hi WinterQuinn, welcome to OCN What you cant learn from this forum is probably of little use to you!
LOL couldn't agree more!
As an I7-2600K owner I agree entirely! I was tempted to go X99 (and may still do so) but in reality the next true improvement in performance will be integration of processing between CPU and GPU memory!
Regardless I would recommend a Z97 board as they have the upgraded MOSFET's etc. to handle the O/C (not to mention easy overclock button's in some cases for the less experienced).
For me the noise from my cooler fans dictate so about 45 - 49db. Fans can sound very different at the same CFM usually the type of bearing and blade design used is the biggest difference. Also remember that optimum cooling may mean that all fans are set at optimum levels for your case / radiator etc. not necessarily at max levels of the fans in question (ie. PWM a must).
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