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Yeah, annoying that in Gmail! I was crest fallen when there was no email, after sulking on the sofa moaning about how ungrateful EA were following all the responses provided on the Alpha I finally calmed down enough to take a look in my promotions folders and there it was and had been since 07.13 yesterday! The game was nice and smooth during my brief play last night, intend to give it a thorough session tonight!
The bigger issue here is the decision making software in autonomous vehicles. If an serious accident is imminent and the software has to select one of four options which does it take 1) crash into the 18 wheeler 2) crash into the pedestrian (drinking from a wine bottle) on the sidewalk 3) crash into the mother and child on the sidewalk or 4) drive you over a cliff (potentially killing the occupants of the vehicle)? Should society determine the outcome or should vehicle...
Unless you are looking for insane fps on first person shooters (in excess of 60 - 65 fps) or will be upgrading to 4K the GTX1070 looks to be the choice for 1440P gaming. The Tech Radar review stated "The GTX 1070 is, by far, Nvidia's king of 1440p gaming. The 8GB of VRAM (all intact), the Titan X level of performance, the price point. It's all there for high-end, 1440p gaming." Source:...
Ok accepted but the Friday night drunks dropping half eaten kebabs on the sensors (even if they are maintained regularly and correctly) and not using the pathways/passageways still poses the issue. See I can use my imagination in this debate!
My apologies but I do not see how your argument deals with three biological units running in front of a vehicle (unless the automated journey calculator somehow predicts that biological units run out into the traffic at that point)!
Fair point statistically! Mitigated certainly yes, avoided altogether certainly not (because of the human factor's propensity to create the situation). How comfortable will you be though riding in a car knowing that it could decide your life is worth less than someone else's?
The problem with AI "Self Drive" cars is when the software has to make a decision between hitting three different obstacles which are human beings or driving you off a cliff to avoid them! (Do they determine that it is better to kill you than the brain surgeon in front of them?) Perhaps there is a falling auto accident death rate in the US because their police forces are shooting the drivers faster than accidents naturally occur!
Hmmm maybe the AI weapons would turn on their government masters and treat the rest of us humans better than our governments do!
Conflict Desert Storm on PC, looks as clunky as hell on a 1440P monitor but every now and again when my internet is down I cant resist playing for the switching between party members in the middle of a fire fight! Still challenging now!
What monitor are you using, what is its refresh rate and what cabling are you using? Is the monitor o/c'd? Are you using Vsync? Are you using a GPU O/S utility (Afterburner etc) and are you using some form of frame limiter? If so what do you have your FPS capped at? Do you still get stuttering if you limit your FPS to 60FPS or below and turn Vsync off? Sorry for all the questions trying to get to the bottom of your problem:o
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