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sorry let me rephrase what i meant was can you change the colour from blue to red. any way of doing this
hey ive ordered the g1 970 is there any way to mod the led ?
guys im thinking of taking all the fan wire's out from the cosmos 2 fan controller maybe even the LED depending on your answer reason is there are to many wires no where to hide them. first thing is i dont know much about 3rd party fan controllers, could i power the fans and and led by thr 3rd party controller corsair fans sp 120 and 140. what 3rd party fan controller would you recommended and can you explain what to look in fan controller . current set-up cpu -...
wright guys im selling this system and the buyers wants the gpu overclocked can you help?
cito his using them in portrait , but he did mention that the bracket is stuck to the back of the screen loosely, when you attach the base it falls off so what you have to do is reinforce it with double sided tape.
guys did u you have any problems with dibezillisng the Asus VG278HE, i have not seen much picture or any info about his monitor in this thread, also would i be best getting the same model and size for 3d surrounded or should i go for two 24 ich?
thanks any way for checking it out tho
this is old rig im currently making a new one just got few mods left to do on the case and to get some RAM spec in sig need to update the sig bought this couple of days ago for 110.00 pound bargain ^^ Asus GTX 680 DirectCU II OC I will be selling this old rig once the the new rig is build im just testing and getting my self familer with overclocking the gpu, yeh and your wright its not 512-bit typo yeh i could upgrade to 660 or 760 but no point im on 775 motherboard...
hey new to overclocking not sure what to ask for but if i give you the details, you could suggest what i need. graphic card PNY GeForce GTS 250 XLR8 512MB Performance Editiion STOCK Processor GPU Clock Speed - 738 MHz Installed Memory 512 MB Memory Technology DDR3 SDRAM Memory Bus Width 512-bit Memory Bandwidth 47.2 GB/Sec Memoty Clock 1100 Mhz Shader- ...
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