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thanks escalibur i guess Cyclops created this bios or have you. does it matter whether it not my bios file has long its the same gpu? reason why i ask is that i was watching youtube video and the person said to use your own BIOS to copy from the modded bios, it may brick your GPU if you use the modded bios is this correct?.have you tried the the new 130% TDP out what overcloks are you getting now before and after.Q.1 do i need to manually enter the value from screenshot...
Thank you, so i dont need to send you the Asus gtx 980ti strix BIOS file?. First time in doing this do I need to do anything on my behalf sorry if this has been answered before haven't gone through thread yet.
heycould you do me the same if I post bios file
Thanks thought so, on 3d mark fire strise extreme ppl are with high memory clock and low core are getting higher scores to higher over clock's. My i73370k is clocked at 4.7
[/quote]Do you start with core first or memory
Ooh i see, any where you can recommend just want see what oc everyone's getting.
No Asus gtx 980ti strix users in this thread? Or am in the wrong thread
Let us know yor stock oc boost and oc
Any one got the Asus gtx 980ti strix and what over clocks are you getting. Cous4 share yor settings as while thanks.
What's every one else ovetclocks
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