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Yes that would be correct, at the worse case put the graphic card on the center PCIEx16 if you are running a single card. I have done it before and should work just fine too.
Looks like you can seen you have a 1x PCIE slot before the regular gpu slot. That provides some distance between the CPU Cooler and the gpu back plate.
Yes you can but it all depends on your motherboard and where you place the graphic card.
Yo, I will let you know what my card has once I get home today from work.
Nice, thanks you. Well I was thinking of just using DI water and replacing it every 2 months until I figure out what I want to do. If automotive mix with DI water or something that makes it easy accessible locally than waiting for something to ship to me.
I got my card to 2100.5 on the core and 9408Mhz memory and fans speed 60% with GPU temp of 53C and ambiet temp 73C. But during the test I got 1 to 2 artifacts so may need to drop the memory down. Looks like stock with just cranking up the core and memory I got 2062.5Mhz / 9216Mhz on the memory temps at 65C with auto fans running at 31%, Bot bad n Core voltage needed, or Power Limit or Temp.Limit was all stock.
Oh that is to bad being that the Zotac cards are selling pretty well have the less issues like EVGA and other brands and perform really well. Anyways thanks
if this is all because of me here is my part list for you guys.13x EK-ACF Fitting 10/16mm (Nickel)2x EK-AF Extender Rotary M-M G1/4 (Nickel)1x EK-AF Extender 20mm M-F G1/4 (Nickel)1x EK-CSQ Plug G1/4 (for EK badge) (Nickel)4x EK-AF Angled 2x45 degree Rotary (Nickel)1x EK-AF T-Splitter 3F G1/4 (Nickel)2x Magicool 240mm Slim G2 Radiator (Copper fins, brass chambers)1x EK-Res X3 1501x EK Supremacy EVO (Nickel Acetal)1x EK XTOP Revo D5 PWM (include Pump) Black Acetal Pump...
Are there any water cooling block for Radeon RX480 "Polaris" Edition?
that is pretty impressive, I though they would run much hotter. How well they do with games if you game that is?
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