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It doesn't allow me to do anything with it. However I did notice WIndows 10 keep putting Crimson driver 16.1.1 when I was trying to install 15.1.1 or 15.7.1 for testing. I know the card is colled and i use an MSI Afterburner fan profile to control the fans. My clear Windows 10 or go back to Windows 8.1 since this is very annoying with the AMD drivers.
Yes the fans are running, i think is a driver issue under Windows 10 64bit.
Game was running on the other monitor.
Anyone here having issues with the MSI VGA FAN Control for the 290X Lightning? The center fan not showing anything.
Yea true he will get that power supply, for now he is wondering if he can run the card until his new power supply arrives.He has the followingi7-4790k2x 8GB DDR31x Solid State1x Storage HDD5x Case FanHis room temps stay within 60F so is pretty cool.
My friend is interested just checking to see if he can run it stock since he run everything stock. he has a i7-4790k
Anyone here know if a XFX P1-850B-BEFX 850W 80-Plus Gold can Power up a Devil 13 290X on a non-oc system?
Yea I just return back to wow with my wife and we been trying out some hordes on a different server but our alliance toons are in Velen server. Trying to get back into it now and see before the next expansion.
Hey Mega Man This is my card below which is dual 290X or can be compare to the 295x2 which this version is not water cooled.
I see, when both GPU are working it does want to push around 80-85C but occasionally I can keep it 74C-79C when the room temps are around 68F. I figure I can configure the fan profile better if I have an idea were to keep the temps under control.
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