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Oh okay sound good. Maybe by then the RX490x will be out too.
Hi everyone I am wondering what would be a wise setup path to take for my current system since prices of the GTX 980 Ti are dropping like flies. I wondering if I should hold to my current GPU or change my-setup to provide more performance with heavier future game titles. I will just list them and you guys can say which seems logical for my current setup. 1. 980 Ti SLI 2. 290X CF / 295x2 - Don't laugh lol is still a pretty strong card. 3. RX 480 CF 4. 1070 SLI 5. Hold of...
You are most welcome. I was trying to find my Corsair Air 540 picture to show you a comparison of those two but I can't seem to locate it. XD
Hi there not sure if this will help but the top picture was my old case Mid Size Phanteks Enthoo Pro M. The two monitors left is 25" inches and right is 25" inches. You can see that the width difference why I can't have it on top of the desk.
I sorry I missed your post somehow, thanks I won't mind molding it myself if I have all the into in how to go about it. my case is black edition too.
Oh i see, I will keep my eyes open for it. Thanks!
Nice who are selling those and how much?
Anyone have an example what a half-window panel looks like for the Core X9? Thanks! It sound very interesting.
Thanks good call I will check those other sites.
+ Neat Thanks!~
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