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Is killing the heat. Lol
Heatkiller incoming in the near future.
Well said! +1 Rep.
Nope I manually set mine for testing to 1250mV but I moved it back to 1200mV. I can double check once I am home from work to see what driver version I am running but I believe I am on 17.12.2 but let me verified that once home.
The Enermax TR4 AIO cooler supposed to be way better than the Corsair H115i because it has a much bigger surface on the block and is a 360mm rad design just for TR4.
I agree, there are many post about mining and such already which just have to do a few searches on the thread. But this should stay clear for bios related stuff on these cards.
It is finally on water and flashed to LC bios plus OCed. The bios posted to me for LC seems to work great compare to the Vega 64 bios flash which I felt was harder to find a stable position. These one seems to be doing great with power, temps and performance from benchmarks.
Have you tried running it by right clicking on the ATIWinFlash277.exe and choosing to run as Administrator?
Thanks I figure it out and more than I needed. lol
Hey are the bigger chips the VRM or the smaller one?My though is the bigger one are the VRM and the smaller ones are the MOSFET?
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