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Hey Mod can you combined this thread to my other one? Sorry for the duplication I was not aware until someone told me about it. If not we can delete it. Thanks!
Thanks guys. I got today the Asus G750JM. Loving it so far.
I see good to know. Is the h100i closed in performance to the h220x? I know the h220x is more flexible. My case is large and I should be able to mount those in.
Looks like a wonderful discussion going on in this threat. I been pretty busy to reply back here.... I always been afraid of going full water cooling however; I did tried a Thermal take version of their cooling system back then. It seems not to cool as well as what other full water cooling setup can do. I guess my question will be, what is a good start-up noob setup that I can build up and grow with later on for me to purchase. The XS-PC model or the Swiftech H220X Liquid...
So, I have the Noctua NH-D14 on my FX8350 and Sabertooth 990FX R2.0. The issue I am having is during the summer my house basement office room gets hot. I am unable to OC my CPU well enough with that air cooler. I am not sure if switching to a closed loop like the H100i will be any different. What are your guys thoughts? At 4.5Ghz doing a CPU stress for 30secs got my CPU upto 72C base on what CPUID said and ASUS heat monitor software said Warning 70C. System didn't crash,...
Oh i see, sorry was wondering just avg. But I got mine to 71C and I stopped it crank the fans up just in case. My room is to hot right now so I think i will OC in the winter instead. That way the basement office is cool and not hot. =/ I guess I won't be able to join the competition in here. I only got 4.5Ghz. mate!
What temps should I be looking to stay on avg and during game play on an FX8350 with a Noctua nh-d14?
Yea, so far I have not had issue with customer service from ASUS. So I ended going that route, should have my laptop tomorrow. . I didn't like the customer services with Lenovo, I just don't trust MSI and only own one video card by them many years ago.
I see, I got my order going already so should be shipping today. I will see how well it will do once i have it running some intense programs. Cooling is a huge importance to me since I have used in the past laptop that would burn you if they run for to long compiling a program or an intense CPU program.
So, this looks interesting. Can someone tell me how this really works and what I need to do in order to help the team with a points?
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