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Mine seems to start to throttle down around 49C to 52C so as long I keep it at 45C to 49C it will run 2100Mhz and even 2114Mhz. One of the test I did yesterday I saw the boost kick in when starting my test and jump to 2126, then down to 2114, then to 2100 and was holding there but once the temp past 49C I started to see it go down to 2088, and 2075 then started to hold there. I found that in order to keep it running stable I needed to provide +25 power.
I think I am getting somewhere now. Working on some fan curve and need to tune a bit the overclocking. and this one
Thanks for the tips and instructions that people can try in the community. I may even give it a goal myself to try on my Zotac card even though I am not having issues with memory as I play around with mine around 500-550. Still good instructions though so. Thanks 1+ Rep Note I been trying to always remember were to find that graph lol so this helps. Often I have to look online and do a search to find the shortcut keys.
Count me in, would be a nice starting machine for my daughter to use.
Oh okay thanks!
I have many games I test with mine on stock settings. Star Citizen, BF4, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, tomb Raider, and more. Normally memory settings are 550 with core at 90 and stock voltage no curve or nothing else modified. Yes I do play these games for hours when I can.
How does he get 9000+Mhz? You multiply results by 2?
Mine stay down clock to 2088Mhz =/ I still get a little bit of artifacts
So I got my CPU overclock to 4.5Ghz @ 1.277v and I was wondering on the GPU what should I find out the max on the GPU Core or Memory Core first before pushing the next part? This is what I got so far. and
Count me in. =)
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