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Exactly, my primary system is my Intel 3930k and since this system gets OCed often, is why I run the 1000W G2. However my wife system dosen't get OCed even though it has the FX-8150. My plan is to swap that over sometime for the FX-8320 or the 8350 when time and money permits. For now I wanted to be able to give her system a little more GPU power and to test the xfire as I never own a system with SLI or xfire before. I plan not to OC anything on her system for now until I...
Oh yea the 1000w is powering my main current system with my MSI R9 290X Lightning. XD I was planning to get another Lightning but I am going to hold off until the 390X are out.
Yea no I only use the G2 model which is the 1000w one I have. Thanks!
yea I believe I can, I can also use my 700watt psu that I have on the side to test with the CF, but I may order a EVGA SuperNova 750 or 850 PSU.
Hey guys, can I run dual XFX DD 270X 2GB Graphic Cards with an FX-8150 and Sabertooth 990FX r1.0 on a EVGA 600watt PSU 80 Plus Bronze? No OC needed on this system at all. Thanks!
Nice, I can't wait to see your project.
That is a nice keyboard, maybe I will go for that since my mouse is a logitech G600. XD Plus I also notice that the blue were much if not the loudest on a video i saw today. Plus the brown has a nicer sound to me. Thanks!~
Yes is best if it is, I use all those keys. What you had in mind?
hmmm so far leaning toward the Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue.
Hi, I am looking to upgrade my keyboard an old Logitech Y-UV90 for a Gaming / Multimedia keyboard. I came across this keyboard in Amazon and wanted to get people feed back on it. HAVITĀ® Lammergeier HV-KB346L LED Definable RGB 7 Backlit Programmable Wired Mute Gaming keyboard without Conflict (Bound to Specific Games) My budget will be below $100 if possible, trying to stay within the $50 range so I can pick up two one for my second system.
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