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When I found the sweet spot on mine I ran both test AIDA64 stress test and Intel Burn test. What i did notice that Intel Burn test is a bit harder on the CPU which allow me to notice if the CPU was under voltage during 4.5Ghz clock. My goal was to do my test and stay under 70C while keeping voltages under 1.3v. I eventually settle with good performance, cool, and stable at 1.286v Now I can go higher as I been around 4.6Ghz but notice that things changed a little and...
Thank you will do.
Nope it just saids LGA2011-3 EVGA X99 Micro The cooler is extending over the first PCI-E x16 slot, so please use the other available PCI-E slot(s). I guess AIO for me then.
I c, what motherboard are you using? I have the EVGA X99 Macro.
I have the Phantek enthoo Pro tower. What you guys think of the R1 Ultimate? will that block the PCIE slot? The D15S looks promissing I am wondering having one fan will hit on performance for overclocking. At this point i maybe be looking at a large AIO but trying to keep cost down which is why I was looking at the H100i GTX. Will check the prices of the other AIO as well.
Hey I never seen that article so I will give it a good read. Thanks! +1
Hey guys, I was wondering if the Corsair H100i GTX handle my CPU? I have Noctua NH-D15 but is blocking my PCIe slot for my graphic card plus I am unable to use my USB3.0 Header due to the card being over it. Finally, I can't do CF due to the fact the cards are not were they should be. My motherboard is a EVGA X99 Macro. I know I can get the Corsair 110i GTX but curious if the H100i GTX can do a decent job. My chip is OCed to 4.5Ghz at the moment with 1.286v. Note I have...
The first PCIe slot is it in fact covered by the heatsink and this is on a EVGA X99 Macro so I have to use the next slot for the graphic card. I did a quick test to show you some voltage values and temps and OC speed.Hope these pictures help out with your question.
My Noctua NH-D15 is cooling now my OCed 5820k that is right now 4.5Ghz @ 1.286v and is doing great. iddle temps 34C, and Max temps during AIDA64 Stress test is 68C. Doing an amazing cooling job for sure and that is with my MSI R9 290X Lightning Edition overclocked too. Ambiet temps 70C. Love this cooler!
Oh nice going to use that to test. What max voltage should I stay away on this chip on air? What is max temps to stay away from?Update:I figure out what max vcore i should be working with due to what I generally do daily with audio recording and gaming. So my max will be 1.3v, now to find that curve were the heat temps jumps up and that stability zone for this chip. Thanks!
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