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Thanks!, well that was my thought exactly. I was also wondering if I did the install fresh with Windows 10 key if it will take it or not but is an experiment I need to try hopefully this weekend.
Nice setup there brazilianloser, I will post my setup soon. Still working on my room for my studio but nothing very amazing is a small room to do some jamming.
Hey guys, anyone here know why during Windows 10 boot up will disable my USB ports? I did the Windows upgrade on my ASUS Sabertooth 990FX r1.0 with the FX8150 chip and for some odd reason. Works the first time when login into WIndows 10 and after a reboot. It will no longer provide power to the keyboard and mouse. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Also when I go into diagnostic the machine it will power back on. Update: I am just rolling back to 7.
I got the phantek enthoo pro so not sure if it does have the 200mm on front or not. I though that is what i read I could be wrong.
I see, my issue right now is getting the right watts for my system that can maybe be Overclocked to 4.6Ghz. For example what is the mas a FX-8350 will eat up? and R9 290X Lightning? and 4x stick of DDR3 ram? 4x HDD 7200rpm and 1x SDD? plus the fans 1x 200mm, 1x 140mm, 2x 120mm and not counting PSU, and Peripherals. When I try to do the math it looks like the 850w will put me at 85%-90% load which would give me a 60% efficiency return which would be bad for the entire...
True I think i saw a video that state that. I was going to say, check this one out....
That is a very nice write up and that Rosewill Quark series looks pretty nice Platinum rate too.
Nice write up man, Thanks!
Oh that is cool. Both units looks pretty neat, and prices are a little bit higher than the SuperNova 850w G2 but notice the efficiency being a lot better on those two units you listed.
You know what they say, they don't make them like they use to. All jokes aside, what you think of this power supply here.XFX PRO 850W Black Edition Single Rail Power Supply with Full Modular Cables ATX 850 Energy Star Certified Power Supply, P1850BBEFX
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