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So far seems I can run my 3930k at 4.5Ghz with 1.375v and Temps at 40 degree with my Noctua NH-D14. Seems to do fine, Going to drop voltage again see how far I can bring it down. I know a I did a test with 1.35v and crashed on the 4th test.
Hey guys let me know if these settings looks good, so far passing most test with no crashes. OCCT, IBT, and Prime95,
True, I feel the same way, I use to run Prime95 on my old E6300 but one reason I use IBT is that I read somewhere online on a review that it uncovers stability issues faster than Prime95. That was my reason to run IBT over Prime95 and to be honest it did uncover some stability issues on some of the settings I was running last night.
Thanks for the setting info, will test it once I get back home from work.
Oh okay, I will test that once I am home today from work. Thanks!~
I did 4 times this week. Troubleshooting an issue that was all cause by the darn LINK software from Corsair H100i. I return the cooler today after i got my 2011 mount kit for my Noctua NH-D14. I can't be any happier to have my baby back. By the way is it you that's going to reinstall Windows?
Hey guys, I been playing around with the 3930k now that I got my Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 kit. I am currently running it at 4.5Ghz with vcore 1.380. Should I shot for lower voltage or is that safe for 24/7 doing stuff like gaming, music, movies etc... Thanks! Update: I had decided to run my test with IntelBurnTest v2.54 Stress Level Standard @ 4.5Ghz with vcore @ 1.350 and passed however; it did not pass on High with 2048 crashed at about the 3 or 4...
Is all good, a learning experience.
So, I did what you said, moved the mouse since is new to a USB 3.0 and put an older keyboard in the PS connector. After unistalling it and rebooting the system I no longer get that error anymore. +1 REP for you man thank you for helping me find the issue.
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