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Nice count me in.
A EVGA GTX 1080 would be nice, for the fact I like their customer service and warranty system. Other than that I guess Gigabyte or maybe MSI but i don't have any experience with MSI. Or you can wait for the GTX 1080 Ti later this year or next year.
I run my GTX 980ti Classy in EPIC mode and it looks beautiful. XD but I am sure you can get away with a 960 and above. For higher resolution I would go 970 OC and over but that is just me.
Yea I am tired of online cheaters I want some real competition so if they need to ban a lot then be it. I pay to buy this game and enjoy it so I am sure others feel the same way.
Interesting thing I tell ya, I heard abut people putting cards in the oven and fixing them also CPUs. I won't have though of that but is cool it works. =) I may try it someday, maybe add a little bit of cooking oil to it with some seasoning. Hahahah
That would be hot, I would to totally buy it.
That is good to know, I have never own a Fury so I was wondering about that, how flexible it is. If I ever got one I need to put it on my EK loop on my system.
From what I have seen so far from both cards is their technology is fairly new. I think the drivers for the Fury are not yet optimized for it but the same can be said about GTX 1080. They both have their pro and cons but so far it seems the 1080 base on performance is winning this race but AMD has been very quiet about their new GPU line. Normally they advertise and so on but this time they are very quiet. I wonder what they are doing right now.... In the other hand I...
Oh i see, the R9 395x2 looks to be a pretty cool card. =) Thanks for the info.
Hey Thanks for the info much appreciated. Yea I like it, it has run everything just curious on the FURY X since I was impressed with the 290X back then.
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