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Were did you order the acrylic window panel for the Pro M from? I may order one as well. Thanks
The sound of that pump makes me want to cry.
I agree with you. I enjoy Jays videos and is he perfect? no, I doubt anyone is and for that matter people should take every bit of information with a grain of salt. He is funny, naturally do well behind cameras were I seen people who try it and failed really bad. I guess what I am trying to say is people should not burn him for issues that happen between him and Mayhems. It is truly that some miss communication happen which can happen to anyone in a situation with...
Someone should picked those up I run those on my studio and I play a bass guitar with them. For many years still running strong. GLWS!
Yea, the pump you listed I think is thinner than mine so might work and look better with your setup. Also like ciarlatano mention you can't go wrong with any of the D5s pumps just look for the style you want, res, and I would recommend PWM.
Damn that looks sexy!
Cheers[/quote]No mine is the one here the one you selected on your link is a good pump as well.
That is a pretty cool setup. Nice work!I like the EK D5 Revo PWM Pump is pretty quiest.
Here is my current build just finish flushing the system and adding EK EKoolant EVO Clear to the build. Sorry for the phone quality pictures but I still have to sleeve the cables and do a few touch up in some areas. Pretty happy with EK stuff, only thing is not EK is the Gentle Typhoon 2150rpm PWM Fans. But eventually I will by some EK fans to run them and do a few testing/comparison between them.
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