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that looks really nice!
Now that is very pretty. lol very tempted by it.
I use RGB if I could for sure love to have options. Right now I have two strips inside my case and I have about 24 color options I think.
LOL! oh i see, haha nice. Yes I do live in the middle of nowhere land for sure.
I am the same way to, cannot wait until they create a teleportation unit so I can order a case and have it teleport it to my room. lol Is why I order from Amazon a lot even if I pay a bit more 2 day to 3 day shipping mans a lot to me.
oh that is odd, sorry to hear that and I bet that is pretty frustrated. The cases I have gotten in the past with Acrylic or whatever that plastic window is they ave come perfectly no issues. So I can only speak for my experience so far.
I second what doyll said, I got my Phanteks Enthoo Pro case and it seems like I was the first one to open it. I have order many cases from Amazon and no issues what so ever. I been building PC for a very long time and been a Amazon customer for a long time now. Only issue have had was with two items. A huge oversize umbrella for the beach but was manufacture packaging that cause the issue and Ipad 2 glass screens when I use to replace them. They would come cracked on the...
Hey guys so I started doing some overclocking on the i5-4690k and I wanted to see if these results seems right or not. Base on my last night test I had the 4.6Ghz on the chip with a voltage of 1.379v and temps were 68C-72C on a room that was 72F. Is that a good clock to voltage ratio? What is the max save zone for voltage and were I should stay below? Thanks!
Looking good keep it up.
Currently an i5-4690k with an AsRock z97 Extreme 3 motherboard. It is not overclocked yet, orginally I got that setup for a Athlon II X4 860K and MSI A88XM Gaming to overclock the living hell of that chip but some how I ended up with a buddy of mine new CPU and mobo that he build a system for but never used it. lol That is werre the i5-4690k came in to the picture. Also am running a XFX RX 480 RS 8GB graphic card.
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