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I am doing an experiment and so far looks like it could work pretty well. I have in the front 3x 120mm GT Fans plus the 2x 140mm on top. Covering the holes will be fairly easy to do if I end up learning the setup the way it is.With this setup I felt a stronger suction from the crack of the front panel which tells me is pulling more air in.
Oh i see what you mean so far no fans on top but has anyone done this so I can take a look at pictures of their system?
Oh okay, cool. Thanks! I can do another 80mm up there too. I might have 3x 120mm Nidec Servo GentleTyphoon 120mm Case Fan 2150 PWM hopefully to test the front today and noise levels. It would be interesting to test like this and also with the 3x 120mm fans installed. Nidec Servo GentleTyphoon 120mm Case Fan 2150 PWM Specifications Fan Speed: 900 - 2150 RPM Fan Noise: 15 - 34 dB max Air Flow: 20 - 68 CFM A: 0.13 - 0.23 Voltage: 12V Bearing Type: Double Ball MTBF: 100,000...
Like this here? I have not blocked the side yet.
Oh nice checking on amazon for that fan to get one order soon.
Oh hey man thanks for coming to this thread. Well, I see what you mean, i did move them last night to the top the two 140mm on the front. But I never knew you can add a 80mm on the bottom. I do use HDD on the chamber so would be helpful. What 80mm fan that is not noisy I can put there? All I know anything smaller than 120mm will be noisy. I do have a home music studio so trying to keep noise level down. Thanks!
Thanks it is a great cooler so far enjoy it and keep my CPU at 40C even when overclocked during gaming.
Oh nice that works I do have them connected all the fans. I though if I put two more fans on top like 140mm or 3 fans on the front like 120mm that will help incase air flow and move air easier. I can move the two 140mm front fans to the top and then put 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm on the front. But I may just keep it like this since I started experiencing some issues with my PNY SSD so I may need to go today and grab a Samsung 850 Evo.
Hey thanks for letting me know that, I didn't know they had a hard time with Overclocking and yes I will be overclocking my cpu. I just change the ram and look forward to testing to see how high I can get it to run.
Hey Thanks for the reply back, I am currently using a Noctua NH-D15 Cooler.
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