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Like others have said if you plan to host it my advice is to talk to your ISP. Normally ISP will have a business account you can upgrade to for little or free. For example Charter Communication allow you to upgrade your home account to a business account. You get a static IP and the rest is up to you to make sure you secure your network to protect your hosting servers etc.. I use to host my own sites from home using Apache, Linux for firewall and server, etc... One cool...
My advice, try installing Linux SUSE since is very close to Microsoft it most likely will have all the drivers needed. If the issue still happen, then is on your system because I have had installed SUSE on system that will not take Ubuntu, Fedora or Mint. Just my .02cents. Also like Rockie1337 said, make sure you are in default on the bios prior to installing. Record your settings so you can OC back after is all installed and updated.
By any chance have you tried looking into Ghost? some people like it and others hate it but I used it in the past to recover an amage or move it from one system to another without losing settings or were files reside. Also check Acronis like rocker22dallas sdaid, it might provide that feature too since you can do just about anything with it.
Fairly new Mobo and CPU have not been oc yet. ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 and AMD FX-8350 CPU. PM me if interested. We can talk prices. Still have the receipt so everything is still under warranty. =)
Oh i see, that sound pretty good GTX. Thanks!
thanks guys for the info.
So, I have a Noctua NH-D14 on my machine cooling the FX8350. However; do to some reason project I had purchase a PSU Thermaltake SmartM 850W Bronze 80 Plus, but my PC has a OCZ Mod X Stream-Pro 700W Silver Plus.I was planing to return it back to the store and since I am a firm believer that getting a full refund for something that worked. I should grab something else instead. So, my thoughts were what if I grab a Cosair H100i Cooler, will that do a better job than my...
Hey Mod can you combined this thread to my other one? Sorry for the duplication I was not aware until someone told me about it. If not we can delete it. Thanks!
Thanks guys. I got today the Asus G750JM. Loving it so far.
I see good to know. Is the h100i closed in performance to the h220x? I know the h220x is more flexible. My case is large and I should be able to mount those in.
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