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Wow! Cool, thanks! I will give that a shot once I get home from work.
Thanks guys for the info. I just want to play with it and see if is stronger than running a small router. I don't need enterprise features just home base features firewall and QoS etc... I had a secondary router that was Netgear r6300 that was a bridge but it took a dump for the worse. Corrupted firmware on its own I guess. I want to replace it with a PC to see if I like running that for now or not. I also have several Cisco switches 2950 but they are currently not...
Hey guys I am wondering what is the best RouterOS / Firewall software to install on an older PC for home use as a router / firewall. Looking into install it on a Dell Optiplex 745 or 755 give or take. I read online that there are a few softwares like pfSense and RouterOS etc... anyone here has experience with that? My setup will be something like this; Cable Modem (Custom Router x86 PC) Wifi Router and from here I will allocate other devices. Thanks!
Would love to do something like this here.
Hey guys, this may seem silly but I was donated a Xbox 360 to play with and water cool it. That way I can practice with it but at the same time see what i can do with the console. Is there a not so expensive kit that I can go after? I am looking to practice some modding of the case as well. Thanks!
I guess I am late to this but no PM yet I guess I can go after it too. Would be a lovely upgrade to my wife PC running HD6950.
I am curious to see what is your 3dmark FS and Cinebench 11.5.
My vote is in.
Hey MunneY, is there non-conductive water cooling liquid for water cooling setups? If there is I may try to build a water cooling
Thanks! I saw a video that uses so many hardware using that cooler and it looks like it has a massive pump to push a lot more than the standard that comes with it. I may consider that we will see. Thanks again!
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