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Good info.
Once my GPU is here on Monday I will be installing back the Dark Pro 3 on my system and going full air. After being on water for a good while I think would be nice to go back into air and see how the system does with such a huge case I have now.
Thanks for the link. I placed my order on that ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme. Will be here Monday. YAY! no more down main PC. I have my gaming laptop but there are just some games I need to play on my main PC. I wanted the 1080 but I felt overall the 1070 is a much better buy and value.
What about the game THE DIVISION?
yea I like it a lot also I forgot to mention I play THE DIVISION. So the 1070 should handle that fine correct?
I know that is a great card just my cup of tea. I am right now looking at the Zotac GTX 1070 Amp Extreme. I love their cooler and I have a huge case so I need a huge GPU so it doesn't look all stupid.
Okay that sound good figure i could sell my water cooling stuff and put more money to save up for a year on a high end gpu card.
that is true base on my reading is a very good chance of HMB2 to be out with it. I guess it comes down to the 480 CF or a 1070 now. Pretty close in pricing together. I know the PowerColor will sell for $269.99. So 2x of those cards will be $540 and the MSI with EK block is $540.00 as well.
yea i am stuck whether or not I want to stay on water or go to air. XD MSI has the EK block that go with my setup. But if I go air the GPU will be cheaper. Since both the 480 and 1070 run cooler is it even worth having them under water?
that is a good point. Both card however are 256bit so, it all depends. Plus if the release go the way NVIDIA and AMD has this year were you can't find a single card for months later. I will go nuts. At least the PowerColor Devil RX 480 is coming out on Friday so I can purchase that at the worse case but I feel I need to in order to be happy for a while. Or go the single card route which means it will not be a RX 480.
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