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I found that lately AMD focus has been on the APU side of things. Curious if we would see a six core APU or even an 8 core APU chip. XD Prototype at least.
just what the title said. thx!
I see, that is interesting. Yes I notice that too nakano2k1 about only seeing the Carrizon and L for notebooks. I also notice that Hattifnatten about 2016. That is why I was so curious if anything was in the works or in the line to be release this year. Thanks!
Hey guys, wondering if AMD is releasing a new CPU anytime soon to replace the FX or b part of the AM3+ socket that we have now? Thanks!
Thanks p4inkill3r, I presented that to them to see what they think of that option as well.
Thanks guys looking at the following build so far; AMD: or INTEL: I been talking with my friends who want the systme build and so far they are leaning toward the intel with an i5. Still have about a month or two to go before we get each parts in unless some go on sale now and we end up picking them up slowly.
Thanks Bud!
I see Thanks for the input. I don't need it to be that small for example a case like the Cooler Master Elite 130 - Mini-ITX Computer Case will do just fine. Trying to put together a system for about 350-550 max. I know 350 is way to low even for an AMD system is why I have a range to build something decent to compete with the level 1 Alienware alpha system which run about $500-550.
That looks pretty good, it gives me something to work with. Is it better to stick with AMD on this or Intel? I notice Intel had more ITX options than AMD base on my search and also NVIDIA has that Shield which some people thing is a good feature to have on a box like that. What are your guys thoughts on this? Thanks by the way!
I see what you mean. I ran into issues looking for a graphic card with at least 270X that will fit in a small form factor without breaking bank and not many options. I been trying to build two one with Micro ATX and the second as an ITX. Looking at Intel i5- 4570S and AMD FX 6300 but not sure if I am over killing it with those CPU. The system will run SteamOS which is still on Beta or Linux with Steam.
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