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Sound good, thanks for your advice.
Diva, what do you think of that EVGA new case (EVGA DG-87) they have that is huge? I mean before I got the Core X9 I was waiting for that case but now that is out. I am debating if is even worth getting that over keeping my Core X9.
I am not sure if you found the measurements but I do have my CPU cooler sitting on my desk which I don't mind measuring it for you plus I have the box and stuff. I am running water cooling on my cheapset is just sitting here.
Wow that looks pretty hot! I may need to steal your idea. hahaha But it looks like a huge project so I think I will hold off for now.
I see, good temps, I am not familiar with the micro chips but all I know people say is good to have samsung so I guess I got lucky. After playing one round of Overwatch temps reach at 47C on the GPU , toward 60second of the game round finishing the game crashed. Core was at 2126Mhz. So not sure what I need to tweak next to make it stable.
I am using the new drivers on my card and I have yet to crash with them on any of the games I have been playing. My card also has Samsung memory so not sure if that makes a huge difference. My room also stays within 68F-73F. I am going to play a game now with the new overclocking settings to see how well it dose.
Okay Running EVGA Precision X and OC Scanner, Looks like after tweaking it a bit I got it to 2138Mhz on the core with memory at 9,216.
I am using Zotac GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme. I could be wrong maybe was 59C but I could swear it was 49C but I can't find my notes since is been a while I overclocked the card. I may need to start from scratch again. I did save a base setting.I was using to test EVGA PrecisionX OC, MSI Afterburner, and FireStorm the settings. I didn't like the idea I was using a beta Afterburner so I was focusing on EVGA PrecisionX OC.
I have ran my GPU at 2038Mhz and did boot at 2100Mhz. I did realized these GTX 10 series cards want to stay cool or else it will throttle down your speeds. I found the sweet spot for mine anything below 49C It will run at full speed. It will start to throttle once I past 49C which sucks but yes is what I found on my GTX 1070. I would say this my old EVGA GTX 980 Ti under water used to heat up my room to 80-85F if I had the door close. This card will heat up my room up to...
Is that glass for the base and the front cover IT Diva?
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