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I might end up keeping my case and maybe buying a couple of fans. I did a much better cable management job so I guess I will stay like this for now.
Well now i am leaning toward the Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case Looks like it has all I need.
What you guys think of the Cooler Master HAF XB, will my graphic card fit on that thing? Seems like a crazy unit but seems to have a lot of the features I am thinking of.
Yea I do like the featuers but like you said it is pretty boring on the front. The Corsair 960T was a nice looking case and once again like you said it lack a few things that most cases now have. I think the Luxe is a pretty bad a$$ case but I still like the looks of the 760T. XD just not sure is worth the money just for the looks.
That is a pretty cool case as far as the options and stuff go. Might had it to my list to see if I am going to consider it. Thanks!
yea true, is hard to device which case to go after. lol I like different features from each of the cases I have seen.
Well here is the issue. My current case an Enermax Fulmo Advance is a mid side case. I feel everything in there is too tight to do proper cable management or maybe I am missing something. Also I want to add a bit more drives to the case 3.5 drives and currently have 2 on one side but not sure if I can run 2 on the other side panel of that case. Other than that it has a panel on the side with lots of wholes no filter so my stuff gets dirty fast. I would love to mod the...
Hey pshootr, I can't make up my mind. Started checking out the NZXT Phantom and got busy at work and ran out of time to order it and have it here tomorrow. I could have mine on Saturday so I figure I keep checking online for other cases and see if I can overnight mine for Saturday. I even started thinking if i should just mod this case. lol
Yea I agree, I am stuck between Luxe and Corsair 760T & 780T lol. Only have less than 5 hours to decide which one to overnight. I kind of narrow it down to Luxe and 760T. So have to decided between the two. I know is not quite but love the looks of those cases. If I go for the 760T which color would go best with my hardware White or Black? I have the ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition, with Nactua D14, and MSI R9 290X Lightning Edition GPU plus Corsair SuperNova 1000w G2. =)
WOW! Thanks~!I really found the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Full Tower very appealing.
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