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I would for sure keep a 4K monitor / 144hz on a HDMI or DP port over DVI for sure.
Have you tried running a full drive clean up on the system and installing the latest drivers to see if that fixes your issue?AMD Clean Uninstall UtilityIf you did that, have you tried swapping the cables around to see if the issue follows? I run a 480 dual monitor and never seen that issue.
Oh i see, thanks for the info.
Whats so wrong about AVX?
I think Ryzen is a very good chip and capable of being a strong contender once optimized and more motherboards are out for the customers to have options. AMD take risk and chances is why I love about them. I went the Intel i7-6700K route for a good reason; " Optimization" for my Audio Daw software's. Ryzen is not there yet in the Audio Department but I know it will be just have to give it time to mature. I am playing it safe with what I do so I have not gone the AMD route...
Payment sent for 6700k and classified.
honestly you don't need the 1800X since the 1700 is the same chip and OC just as good into the 1800X level. Save some money and is a better comparison $330 vs $350. Honestly these 8C/16T CPU are better compared to the X99 platform, but the Ryzen 5 should be better compared to the 6700k/77000k chipsets.
Good deal, good to know. I guess i am currently debating if option 1. AMD 860K plus A88XM Gaming will handle any of the two card options to CF or option 2. i5-4690K with the Z97 board. If not then I have to upgrade the CPU and motherboard before going deep into the CF thing. Like I said at the moment I own the XFX RX 480 RS 8GB GDDR5 graphic card.
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