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Thanx for looking, and your comments, gents, appreciative I will try my best to not disappoint, and yes, hopefully Bitfenix can do a small adjustment to the exisitng width, and very easily make a pretty decent MATX case out of the Prodigy! Good progress to be done on the weekend, will post up pics then! Cheers, Beano
Cheers for feedback all, appreciated Anyway, my Wife has told me new motherboard standoffs I have been waiting for have arrived, yeay!! So big action this weekend, finally. Anyway, been testing motherboard/gfx and PSU, did a quick test-rig setup last night, checked out the BOIS, etc, all good. So tonight will load W8 64 bit Pro, and do a more thorough testing regime. ps: Got a new DH 14 specifically for the testing, but will get water action going as soon as the...
Heya Adam, No worries, all good, I am anyway just an older fart mucking around with a few files and power tools I can appreciate the artistic skills going into yours though, something which I completely lack. Look forward seeing the front part! Will keep you posted on mine too, but purposely built as an iracing rig to drive 3x 30" LCD's at 2560x1600, hence the SLI requirement. Have a good one, chat later! Beano
Thanx for the feedback, Guys, and for the well-wishes, Ivanlabrie. Will give this one a good go once back in Australia! Should be a decent end result and I may even do something with the side panels, who knows
Looking good, but to be honest, the right panel is to bulky - if you could make it 'flatter' it will look a lot better. As it sits now, it messes with the harmony you created earlier Nice color scheme though, luv it!
Overkill is good? @ Gomi: Happy you will be doing something special with the waterjet - they gove pretty decent results, with the minimal amount of finishing needed after. I still need to tidy mine up, but will do after the motherboard standoffs have been drilled and tapped. Off to China in a few hours, but will continue work on this when I am back, and really hoping to get it assembled very speedily, as I have all the hardware, and the most difficult part is probably...
Cheers Guys (and Girl!) Appreciate your comments on this one, keeping me busy, but having fun. @ Chicklet: Luv your Kitty mod, will have to prevent my wife from seeing it, as she will want the same for her Prodigy gaming box
Thanx Mate, this time though, I took the easy way out by designing them in AutoCAD and then having them cut on a CNC waterjet. I usually do this by hand, and the first prototypes were the same for this mod, but time constraints are forcing me to go the automated route. as it stands, I am off to China from 14-25 Feb, so things will be slow till then Thanx for looking, and your comments! Beano
Hoping not to disappoint you
From the back, it looks like this - please note screws will be shortened , this is just test fitting a shot from above, showing around 1mm clearance between the motherboard tray and PSU - I have not modified the side of the case to fit the PSU, it has 1mm clearance on the fan-side too... and and a fina few for tonight - to get the motherboard tray and IO-port plate really stable and wobble-free, I also decided to fab a bracket for this area... and this is...
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