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ohhhhh looks sexy. wish i had a ducky shine in browns!! glws!!!
Well if you need any games for cheap let me know!!
Why so much... I could of gotten you the game for $30.
not to be rude but this is in the wrong thread... But I hope you find your fix!!!
No wall hacks. The reason why he was shuffling back and forth was because he was trying to have someone shoot at him and see if there is anyone there. Also when he spammed the left door he thought someone is there. But he changed the doors because his teammate told him there was no one on the left door. So he spams the left one. So I think there is no wall hacks.
congrats on having your build being shared on caselabs facebook!!!!
Im in!!!
ohhhhhhh i would so buy this but i have 0 monies
You go to spsu? Cause I do too lol!!!!!
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