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So we have transgendered pokemon now?
I had problems downloading it from the google store (I was on beta), so I used a apk mirror to download mine. It's SHA256 matches the good one though. Just playing on my tablet right now, getting a smartphone thursday.
If it is a WWI game, then I'm down. Sounds fun. Something different for once. WWI and the Vietnam War never get any FPS love.
Hope you can all read Japanese because it has not been confirmed that they are making any Dragon Quests for the American market.
Digital cost more because the shareholders need more profit. That is all he is saying.
EA just doesn't learn.
Considering PC comes in all different builds & configuration it does not surprise me that there are people having problems. This is the nature of PC gaming. I do NOT see a big deal of people complaining, I see the normal amount of people having problems. As for the name bug, yes, they probably should of caught it, but they decided to be cool to give people who have a refund if they want. Most companies do not do that. You can hate on Rockstar all you want, but all...
Maybe the game studios shouldn't of followed the Hollywood model if they don't like the risks. Or maybe they should stop screwing over the consumer with inflated budgets for crappy games that aren't fun.
I hope they don't mess up the Space Battles like the previous. I never had the greatest luck getting a gampad set up just for the flying. Hoping won't be the case since they are designing this for the consoles also. Of course, that means mouse/keyboard support will probably suck on the PC version... Can't wait for this game, but I am NOT pre-ordering it because the gaming industry doesn't deserve to have pre-orders anymore.
Where is my GTA V for the PC? dang.... =)
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