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Maybe the game studios shouldn't of followed the Hollywood model if they don't like the risks. Or maybe they should stop screwing over the consumer with inflated budgets for crappy games that aren't fun.
I hope they don't mess up the Space Battles like the previous. I never had the greatest luck getting a gampad set up just for the flying. Hoping won't be the case since they are designing this for the consoles also. Of course, that means mouse/keyboard support will probably suck on the PC version... Can't wait for this game, but I am NOT pre-ordering it because the gaming industry doesn't deserve to have pre-orders anymore.
Where is my GTA V for the PC? dang.... =)
I've been enjoying this. Can't wait for the release.
The only game I currently use 12 gigs of ram with is Everquest 2 and that is because I run 6 toons at once. 16 GB for one game? Sounds crazy. Going to have to check it out now. lol.
Bring us back a better light gun then the stupid wiimote on top of some plastic crap.
I am playing the game on a 285 (my 460 died). Ultra settings. I get 120 fps during animations and 50-60 fps during play.Yes, a Nvidia GTX 285 from like what, 5 years ago?The game doesn't require a powerful graphics card at all.
I play video games so I don't go around killing the people who thinks video games causes violence.
Okay, first off this isn't a bricked console as previously stated. And second, you already agreed to their EULA that they can change the EULA at any time. Did you bother reading the first EULA you agreed to? Of course not. You already agreed that Nintendo was allowed to change the EULA at will, and then people are surprised that if you don't agree to the new EULA you can't play your console? Wake up people, this is the sort of crap companies like to put over...
This is interesting. With a Homebrew loader around the corner, and if it was to work with this new version, that would be great.
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