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I was finally able to use computer terminals once I set the refresh rate to 100hz. Not quite 144 but I can hardly tell the difference as the game is always at 99.8 FPS with everything on Ultra and god rays off. Loving this game. My only problem now is downloading the sweet FX from Nexus. I have tried to DL that file so many times and I only get maybe 15 of 21MB and the DL fails. Very annoying. Anyone else experiencing this? I can download any other file just fine.
I had frame rate locked actually. I will unlock and see if that helps. If not then I'll try lowering the max to under 110.
The issue with leaving computer terminals is killing my gaming experience... I am also having my weapon disappear at random times but I can still shoot. I also have had the cross hair for my weapon way off a couple of times. A quick reload fixes all of this but not being able to walk away from the computer terminals is very annoying. Anyone know of a fix for this?
PSU has been sold. Keyboard is still available.
Interesting. I like the swing out bracket idea. I wonder what GPU is in there To me it looks like an old AMD 4870... Edit: Doesnt look too good for cable management though.
bump, will entertain offers
My only problem with SLI was a large FPS drop. I used to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90 FPS but then it dropped to 60FPS with later updates. I think this happened around patch 1.3 or 1.4. I don't quite remember when exactly. Other than that, this game has been pretty good.
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