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Like the title says, I have a brand new in box OCZ ZX1000 PSU and it is still sealed. Asking price is $110 shipped I also have x2 Steelseries Merc Stealth Gaming keyboards. Asking price is $90 shipped. If you feel my prices are too high feel free to shoot me a PM. I know these items are pretty old but they are brand new and I did put up an appraisal thread that no one replied to. So I had to go with online prices as a rough estimate. Amazon has the same keyboard listed...
PM's responded.
Up for sale are my 2 MSI GTX 970's. I am the original owner and these are in excellent condition. They come from a non smoking home. I hardly overclocked them (100mhz core and 150mhz on mem) and didn't even OC during the summer since it was so hot in my room. Looking to get $275 shipped (US48) for each GPU. If both are bought at the same time I will consider a price break, and possibly go even lower with local pick up.
Anyone care to chime in?
So I have some items that I would like to get rid of and was wondering what sort of price they would fetch. First up I have a BNIB OCZ ZX1000W power supply. Still unopened. Next is a BNIB Steelseries Merc Stealth gaming keyboard. Still sealed. I have done some searches for the prices these are going for on Ebay so I have some general idea of how much they are going for but wanted to list these on the forums. Thanks in advance.
Any improvements in TW3 for SLI GTX 970's? I remember I used to get around 90-100 FPS and for the last few driver updates I am down in the 50-60's...
Torchlight 2 is a great dungeon crawler to start out with. Others mentioned downloading an SNES emulator. that could be fun too. I still play some of the classic games from time to time. Some of the few I play are Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Breath of Fire 2 & Final Fantasy 3.
Sounds like CL is using indirect jabs with those statements...
Yes they are very different GPU's in terms of temps but my point was that my GTX 580's ran hot and to remedy that I took off the side panel during the summer. To be fair though, the 290X probably runs hotter than the GTX580 so I would be in the same boat as you and do anything I could to get the temps down.
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