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Thanks for the replies guys. Yes I read that 8 sticks will stress the IMC. I have no intention of throwing in 8 sticks and am only looking at 4.
So I am putting together a new build with the 5820K and an Asus ROG Strix X99 mobo. I will be mostly gaming on my set up and have been leaning towards the G Skill Trident Z series. Is 32GB really necessary/beneficial? If not, then I would prefer to save money and go with 16GB.
My PC is about 20 feet away from my router (Netgear Nighthawk) and I have been wireless on it for about a year. Never had one issue with it and I can not tell the difference between it being directly connected via CAT5 cable. I like having blue tooth for my headphones. I have some Bose AE2W that I like to use for listening to music and sometimes gaming (even though it doesn't have a mic.) These are just some wires that I do not need to see. It is a personal preference of...
I am in the same boat but looking at the Asus ROG Strix and MSI Carbon Pro. I am leaning towards the ROG Strix mainly because it comes with WiFi and has blue tooth. But it looks the Asus X99-A II doesn't have those options either... Both have very similar specs based on what I have read about them. I have always been an Asus guy though going back to the ROG X38 and my current Rampage IV Extreme.
It should be on the back side of the GPU itself and again on the box that it came in.
Found a 5820K, now looking for a motherboard.
How high are you able to OC that chip with that board?
I have been having some problems with my current setup and am looking to upgrade very soon. I am hoping to find an i7-6700K or 5820K. As for motherboard, just want something that is a great overclocker with a black (and red) color scheme. I usually go for Asus ROG boards but am open to others. Let me know what you have and thanks in advance. Budget is $400-500
Those fans look too flashy (and a little cheap.) I have heard of this company but don't know much about them...Personally, I like the Corsair 400/600C. It has most of your requirements other than USB ports on top and SSD location. But no one show cases the SSD anyway because they are so small. it's not something that stands out, like a GPU for example.
I saw a 1070 on hard forum for $390 earlier today. The deals are out there, just have to look for them. 980Ti is much easier to find though at your price point. Edit
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