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It is normal for them to fluctuate like that. Is LLC (load-line calibration) enabled? This may help with the difference. It helps w/ vdrop ( or vdroop, cant remember which one.)
I am having CTD issues too. When the game initially loads up it shows Bethesda andthe ID logos, then crashes immediately. It does that two times in a row but then the 3rd time it will start up just fine. Hopefully this is fixed soon. Other than that I am loving the game thus far.
Deal is still live and goes through 6/5/16. I actually picked one up and I must say it is a pretty nice case. Even better now that it is the same price as the 400C/Q.
I just based my opinion off of my personal experience. The case does have potential and I am sure others will have a more pleasant time with it. For the price I expected more though.A little OT, I did happen to pick up a Corsair 600C that I am loving at the moment. It is also on sale at Micro Center for $119 and has a $20 MIR on top of that, which would put it at the same price as the 400C/Q.You are correct on that. It did not look all that bad, just not as red as I had...
Your max temp is the TJ Max in core temp. Looks like 98C. Always shoot to keep it below that number. Other then that, your temps look fine to me.
So I decided to go out on a limb and purchase one of these bad boys, but I picked up the PC-J60WRX which is the black and red case with the black interior. I saw only one review by ocaholic (received a gold award) and thought I could add my two cents on this. Pros: When I unboxed it the case was aesthetically very pleasing, to me anyway. I thought this case looked pretty slick and the super light weight of it was something I had not come across before. It was half the...
Micro Center has the new Corsair 600C now on sale for $119. They also have a 20 MIR rebate which brings the price down to $99. Pretty good price to me...
80C sounds about right if you are set to 37% fan speed. I usually keep my fan set anywhere from 60-90% on my GTX 980Ti. But then again I use headphones so I do not care about the noise it emits, as I can not hear it at all while wearing them. I would suggest increasing it to somewhere above 50%, especially with your warm weather. It's getting hotter out here in SoCal too, and my card regularly tops 75-80C even at 80% while playing the TW3.
Yes, that was for OP.IIRC, IBT would get my CPU up in the mid to upper 70's. While gaming, I get around 52-55C. No way any game will get my chip up that high though. Try setting your vcore to 1.36 as OP did and see how high your temps get while running IBT. Ambient temp needs to be taken in to account as well.I think OP also has a pretty high ambient too, being in the Philippines and all. So that too may contribute to the high temps.
Don't use IBT. It gets the CPU hotter than any other application will and not really needed for stress testing. Prime 95 is more realistic with maxing temps. It could also be bad contact with the CPU... Maybe try re-seating it and making sure the it is flush on there. If needed you can do a washer mod, but I have had to do one of those since I used a TRUE120 way back (5 yrs ago.)
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