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I need one of these. In!
Count me in
Thanks for the responses
Anyone else care to chime in? Since DSR is now available I am wondering if the 4K resolution is even worth getting...
So I just picked up some 970's and still gaming with this old Asus monitor at 1080P. It needs to go ASAP. I need something to utilize my SLI set up. I've been looking at a couple of Acer monitors. One being the XB280HK which is 4K and g-sync, and the Acer XB270H, which is 1080p at 144hz and g-sync. Also looking at the Asus ROG Swift. Im wondering which one is going to be best out of these. Or if there are any other suggestions worth mentioning, I am all ears. Thanks in...
Are you referring to mini-ITX boards? Those are smaller so people can shove them into a small case, like an HTPC for instance. I know I would not want a monstrous case in my living room. So a small form factor (SFF) is necessary in some cases.
PM sent
I'll take a look at those. Anyone else care to chime in?
So I am in need of a wireless headset and my computer does not have bluetooth, which limits my options. The mobo I have in this particular pc is an Asus P7H55-M Pro with an i3 530. Would I be able to get a bluetooth headset if I pick up a bluetooth dongle and pair them? Would that even work? Or is usb wireless my only option? Im no whiz when it comes to heaphones... but any help would be appreciated. Not worried on the cost, lets say around $250 max. Thanks in advance.
Looking for a 2x4GB kit running at 1600 or 1866mhz. A 2x2GB kit would suffice as well but 8GB preferred. Let me know what you got. Thanks in advance.
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