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From what I recall, those controllers look pretty similar to the original 6 button controllers Sega released way back when. Now they are just wireless. They are missing some games from that list though. One of my favorites was Earthworm Jim. No Street Fighter or Phantasy Star IV.
I am a little behind with the newer tech. How so?
Doom. The pace is much faster than BF1 and Overwatch. Those 2 are very slow for me.
+1 .That pretty much sums it up. Just disable them and turn off EIST and you should be golden.
I had 4 of those Merc Stealthseries KB's last year, all brand new (minus the one I opened.) Just sold one maybe a month ago for cheap. I may have one left. I'll check when I get home if you are in the market for one. I tried one of them out and it just wasn't for me. I don't think I gave it enough time to adjust though. Edit: I think mechanical keys would make a huge difference. If I recall correctly, these keys were kinda squishy.
Just for reference, I bought a brand new 5820K over at [H] about 4 months ago for $300. This one is used. I would think $275 is a fair price for the CPU.
I second this. I had SLI 970's early last year and ditched them for a 980 Ti and am much happier now. SLI support has just gone to crap with the games that I played back then. I haven'f followed it much now but my 980 Ti is still rock solid.
Ok, so which RAM are you using right now? The Super Talent is the 8GB stick and the 2x4GB kit is the Kingston right? Remove the Super Talent and just use the Kingston set. Make sure they are in the correct DIMM slots too. Yes you can downclock the RAM to run slower with tighter timings and lower voltage. Looks like you tried that because the Kingston set is rate for 1866mhz. I would manually set DRAM voltage to 1.65v just for now to get your CPU overclock stable. Do one at...
Can you post a pic of it greyed out? I am seeing it being set to Auto and it is at 1.5v. Doesn't look like it is greyed out in the pic you sent. I am referring to the pic with DRAM voltage, DRAM vRef, DRAM termination, ch A - date ref, ch b - data ref. You should be able to adjust DRAM voltage right there.
If the default voltage for your RAM is 1.6v or 1.65v and your board is set to auto, it might be only giving them 1.5v which is not enough and could be the reason why it is not working.Every motherboard is different. From what I recall it is every other slot, but I am not sure which 2 slots you would fill in your case.
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