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When I OC my 2500k I always turn off the energy saving features until I find a stable overclock. I know one is EIST but I cant remember the other one. Your CPU core voltage looks very low at 1.06v too. Try bumping that up to 1.2v or 1.25v for now. If you are trying to OC, I agree that 1.3v should be good for 4.2-4.4ghz OC's.
TTT. PM's responded
I purchased this from mothman over at [H] forum in mid August with the intent of starting a new build. However, things have come up and I am forced to put this on hold. So I am looking to sell this for the same amount I paid, which is $300 shipped. It is brand new and unopened. The box is just folded so that it would fit in a smaller box, and it came like that. The only trade I am looking is for a Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire keyboard (plus cash of course.) PayPal or Chase...
I was considering the same 2 mice. I just picked up the G303 and it is way too small for my hand and will be returning it. I have been told by others that the G Pro is the same general shape as the G303, so if that is comfortable for you then it may be the better option. The G403 looks a little bigger and is what I am leaning towards. You might want to try one out in a store first, that is if you have a PC shop nearby.
Yes I have b following closely in the thread for it. Seems it is not limited to just EU but in the US as well.I am hoping they can get this sorted out sooner than later, as I am not planning on keeping the G303. I am going to have to return it sooner than later.Not sure what they were thinking when they let these out in to the wild...
Good to know. I have been following the threads for both and the G Pro looked small, so I will definitely be staying away from that one.
So I currently have been using a Cyborg RAT 7 for the past 4 years or so and have been looking for something new. I picked up a Corsair M65 RGB Pro. Now I love the sensor on it and was able to adapt to the shape of it. However, I was not a big fan of the sniper button and kept hitting that button on accident. I also felt it was a little tough press when I did want to use it. It just didn't feel like it was the one for me. Now I am using a Logitech G303 and right away felt...
GTX 1060 would be the better choice for you then, hands down. It outperforms the 480 in most of the games you already play and those that you plan to play.
I think he meant 1060... I would go with what your budget allows. The 1060 is a little bit better in items of raw power but the 480 will definitely be cheaper. I have heard the 480 runs hot so I would lean towards the 1060. Just my preference though.
Just my opinion, but I would say 75-80C as max temp you would want to see. I would shoot for below 70C though. My normal CPU temps for me while gaming are mid 50's but it is really hot in my house which keeps that higher because of poor insulation and no breeze coming through due to a large motel behind my house.
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