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Torchlight 2 is a great dungeon crawler to start out with. Others mentioned downloading an SNES emulator. that could be fun too. I still play some of the classic games from time to time. Some of the few I play are Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Breath of Fire 2 & Final Fantasy 3.
Sounds like CL is using indirect jabs with those statements...
Yes they are very different GPU's in terms of temps but my point was that my GTX 580's ran hot and to remedy that I took off the side panel during the summer. To be fair though, the 290X probably runs hotter than the GTX580 so I would be in the same boat as you and do anything I could to get the temps down.
Maybe put the case up on your desk and remove the side panel. Looks like you might have enough space on the right side. I used to run min GTX 580's with the case of in the summer time but my 970's haven't hit above 80C yet. I have them on 65% too.
Nice work on this classic case . Loved my P180 when I had one.
$1000 for an entire rig. This includes OS, mouse/keyboard and monitor as well.Going to be getting an I5-4690K and mobo (undecided) from Micro Center. PSU will be an OCZ ZX850w (that I got for free,) so no issue with power.Ya I have read in a few places that the GTX 960 is not really worth it.
I am putting together a rig for a friend. Looking for the best card around the $250 price range for gaming at 1080P. I was considering the GTX 960 but now that the R9 380 is out, I am not sold on either one. A used card is not an option for him, otherwise I would look for a used GTX 970 or R9 290X. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I installed these drivers yesterday and set PhysX to CPU, just like with the previous version. Played TW3 for a couple of hours with no issues. The previous drivers also crashed very often, until I set PhysX to CPU. Never had any issues with browsing though, not these drivers or the previous ones.
Inner Space...
Do you have pics of the G Skil Ripjaws?
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