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Yes, that was for OP.IIRC, IBT would get my CPU up in the mid to upper 70's. While gaming, I get around 52-55C. No way any game will get my chip up that high though. Try setting your vcore to 1.36 as OP did and see how high your temps get while running IBT. Ambient temp needs to be taken in to account as well.I think OP also has a pretty high ambient too, being in the Philippines and all. So that too may contribute to the high temps.
Don't use IBT. It gets the CPU hotter than any other application will and not really needed for stress testing. Prime 95 is more realistic with maxing temps. It could also be bad contact with the CPU... Maybe try re-seating it and making sure the it is flush on there. If needed you can do a washer mod, but I have had to do one of those since I used a TRUE120 way back (5 yrs ago.)
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Nice! Will be keeping an eye on these.
Nice work on the rig Any OC results?
Has anyone snagged one of these yet? They were just released on newegg last week but I have not been able to find a review. Your thoughts on this case? Newegg Link
Does this happen with all Nvidia driver versions? Might be a software issue...
Did you try each kit individually to rule out a bad stick in the new RAM kit? Could also be a power issue, as when you add the extra 2 sticks it wont power on.
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