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I had to stop playing Dayz. Too many "hackers" and it took way too much of my life. Too many nights of "I'll log off as soon as I finish looting NWAF" -7 hours later- "I log off as soon as I get to Balota"
I lived in Dallas for a while too, it's awful to live with daily..
for $200 I would definitely consider a 660. I put one in the rig I built for my lady and it blew me away with its 1080p performance.
US outlets are ~110V@60Hz unless it's for your utilities. Your Kill-a-watt is borked. Pulling 1700 Watts from a standard plug would almost certainly trip your circuit breaker, especially GFCI
been running a single 780 SC with 1440p 96Hz, no problems at all.
Made a new account, Add me if you'd like! "ItchySleeves" hopefully I'll find some time between work/GF/GW2/sleep to play some. This game brings me back, it was the first game I played on my old celeron 900 mhz
Oh man.. I used to play this on dial-up in the early 2000's... I think I'll see if I can remember my old credentials, maybe make a new account
Ducky with browns. Love mine, MUCH nicer quality that the blackwidow I had.
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