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Simply will a single 140mm based custom loop out perform an AIO like the corsair H110? IF the custom loop will...does anyone know of a case where I can put a single 140mm rad up top and still fit another exhaust fan as well. The only restriction is the case has to be available from a Canadian retailer. Edit: The only thing I will be cooling with the custom loop is an AMD 8350 CPU, it would be my first attempt at a custom loop so dont want to do something to excessive.
my main issue is temps right now (specially with the 7970) as my current rigg turns my apt onto a sauna after is been running for a while
I can always grab a second one when the price drops when the 8000 series comes out...besides 2-4 AA is plenty for me.
My budget is around $480 canadian before MIR preferably something w/ black pub, but that is more or less a vanity thing.
Ya I wish I had the funds for a 780 but just no way I can afford to spend aprox. $700 on a video card right now.
Ya I am going with the 7970 I do know that much...just need to figure out cooling as I would rather not have my rig act like a space place gets hot enough during the summer.
Well I had hoped to use AA stated which 7970 runs coolest when compared to the 7970
It's standalone I should really give that game another go now that there are some mods out for it, unlike when I first tried to play it.
The only problem with an A 7970 is they tend to run hotter then the 770. Which manufacturer has the best cooling solutions on a 7970? does anyone know.
This...I need to get one in few days my birthday is on the 16th and shortly after that going to be ordering the parts for the new build
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