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How would the ZA13 fair for me , I have a 17,5cm hand ? Currently with EC2-A , size is good ,but i changed to Hybrid claw (fingers clawef, but use back of palm for support) and the ZA series look exactly made for that. A picture of both side by side would be insanely helpful. A G303 throw in the pictures would be awesome 😛
Yea, I'd love Green for 800dpi. Using an unusual color for a very common dpi step is stupid no matter how you look at it, but it's not like you look at your mouse while playing. Well, I do,since I adjust grip every 10 seconds ,but that's just me. Transitioning from Palm to Claw is a true struggle.
From the info I've gathered, it has something to do with Intel graphics driver being outdated when they first released it and as a result, they had to make the laptop limited to 48hz ,but nowadays Intel updates their driver to support 60hz. The screen itself supports 4K 60Hz too. Does any of you know how to unlock it ,being it even at 1080p?
Why is the LED a problem I can't warp my head around. I even have to use the pink one and I couldn't care less about it. To each their own .
Will do . Thanks!
I have bought myself a Wisky 7.85 inch ,that packs the following specs: Intel® Bay Trail-T Quad Core Z3735 1.33 GHz Processor 2GB RAM Windows 8.1 Chrome is too laggy on it causing the experience to be unpleasant. Which browser should I use that looks closest to Chrome but is as lightweight as possible. As a side question, should I update to Windows 10 ?
Came from a DA, buttons felt better in all honesty. My scroll wheel is quite literally perfect. You got yourself a faulty unit most likely,given the bad tracking you're experiencing. How's the replacement going?
Palming is perfect. I can use claw grip easily with it, 17,5 cm hand.
RIP Huanos 2008 - 2015. My EC2-A clicks are just so good, I can never misclick and always click when needed.
I feel like you. Just got the EC2-A,now they do a refresh... Huanos are better though.
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