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Being intoxicated allows you to feel the smallest annoyance. Hence why picking up a mouse is easy - you don't lie to yourself, you just throw it if not comfortable. It's the dumbest advice i've given, but it worked for me, why not spread the word
I think I found the best way to found a shape that suits you the most. I have a few mice and I used to be always uncomfortable with one after thinking it's the best for a week prior. Well, just so it happened, if you were to smoke one for Bob Marley, instantly you'll find the best mouse for you. Once I settled with one that way, never have I thought of change and selled my other mice.
My thoughts: Map is awful. Gunplay is questionable, I'm on point yet no hits sometimes. Run n' Gun is dead. I believe it's a pass for me. Only positive thing I was able to run it @ Ultra without AA and effects on High with above 60fps. Pretty impressive for a 4yo machine.
Your fingers are at a different place with each mouse.
Ehrm.. I have the G303 and experience pain in my wrist with it, had specified that in my main comment.
That was my initial idea, but isn't the G402 bigger?
Well ,derp me. Still seems huge.My current setup, in order to remedy my issues with the EC2-A.
Eh ,laser sensor. Had that once, never again.
Thx for suggestions, but I've used mainly EC2-A and G303 so i'm used to a good sensor and no 20ms button lag. If a suggestions are given, I would prefer a 3310/3988/3989/3366 sensor.
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