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To me, 3366 feels more alive ,more "lethal" , yet less consistent. I have to be in the zone in order to take advantage of the sensor. 3310 is more forgiving ,easier to move around, more consistent, less raw. If I had to use an expression, 3310 is easier to pick up and get you going, 3366 can allow you to reach greatness.
You simply sound stupid. I lift weights, but simply have problems with my wrist and back.
It is ,in general, useful not only for gamers too. My wrist is very weak and often hurts ,will try out these exercices.
Unfortunately, even though I aim better with it, the G303 started causing me very slight pain in wrist and forearm. Will miss the sensor and buttons, had even fixed the rattle. EC2-A main driver now. Will give it a try or two after a while ,hope It doesn't build up pain in any areas. It's still the most comfortable mouse shape i've used, but my body doesn't agree.
For numerous reasons I resort to other people in those moments
Just tried the loose claw grip using me EC2-A. After about 500-600 kills on DM, absolutely no pain, hand feels unstressed. It seems it's easier to adjust to a looser grip with an ergo mouse. Will use that until I get comfortable and then go back to the G303, possibly. On another note, I deathgrip nearly everything with my hands. When I'm writing with a pen, I hold it so tighly that after around 100 words I have to take a break ,because my hand is simply not responding...
I do it mainly because I achieve better aim with a tight grip rather than a relaxed one.@kingfoxii Palm grip is worse for precision and it feels super unnatural. I have an ergo mouse, EC2-A, and I can claw it, trying to relax my grip now. + I like the shape of the G303, a lot.The sensor in the G303 feels so "alive" compared to the 3310's in my Zowie. Zowie's more forgiving and possibly easier and more consistent, but the G303 is more deadly if one's feeling it.
I have a G303 and an EC2-A . From both, G303 definitely requires a firmer deathgrip. I naturally deathgrip all mice, but it's less noticeable with the EC2-A.Should I force myself against doing it? I lack precision if I don't deathgrip, but from what i've read, deathgripping itself is the enemy of precision as well. After about 400 kills in DM with the G303, my thumb hurts. In normal scenarios (long gaming sessions) it doesn't occur, but my hand usually rests in-between...
Basically. If you ever find a shape with a good sensor that you love, never ever change.
Well, they're both available BenQ post-recall in my country.
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