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Yes,it's very light indeed. When I tried it out in my local store,it was so much lighter than my current mouse. It leads me to believe the DA 2013 is around 90-95g ,not 105g as specified. Brighter LED is always a bonus given my current mouse has so many lightning options - how to light it,how bright,over 30 colors...
I've tried few times for about 10 minutes,but I'm so much better on the sensitivity I'm used. My pad is 43cm so no way to have anything above 40cm/360. I'll try something around 25cm as Axaion suggested, but I just can't wrap my head around actually moving my hand instead of just wrist Should it necessary make me a better player ? Maybe there is a way to learn how to aim with my high sens but unfortunately for me ,I haven't seen a single "beast" on CS with such sensitivity.
Thanks,let's hope it does !I've been reading on the Zowie FK1 ,is it really that good because of it's Avago-3310 sensor? Any flaws at all about it? I like the shape but I struggle to find a place to buy it.
What's a good sensitivity for CS:GO? My 8.5cm isn't working exactly well on long range. I can't make such small movements to get on their head.
U don't say. It's my current mouse and you see there is a gap between my hand and the mouse. The DA fills the gap with it's early hump. I couldn't take a picture of me holding it in-store
I've been wondering,should the DA 2013 work with my mouse pad? Perixx DX-1000XL It seems to work amazingly well with my current mouse and it's extremely smooth . Provides great grip. Pretty simular to the QcK+ I think...
I feel weird here. 8.75cm/360 Perixx DX-1000XL 1000dpi Playing BF3/BF4/CS:GO and every other game with these settings.
Just went to a random store in my city which just happened to have the DA 2013 . He opened the box and gave it to me to test it on his desk. It's perfect size for my hand,It fits amazingly for my grip. It feels a bit slippery on the top though, dunno why. [[SPOILER]] The gap between the mouse and my hand is filled by the early hump on the DA. For some reason,It feels much lighter than my mouse which is 110g-ish as well. My ring & pinkie finger fit very nicely on the right...
I know,but the one that's standard has the least smoothing of them all. Btw guys,what do you think of the Steelseries Kinzu V2 Pro ? It's only 30$ and dimension/weight wise - It's perfect : 77g ,small I'll still get the DA 2013,just wondering if the Kinzu V2 Pro is worth for a second PC mouse.
Not really my cup of tea,something around 1000-1200?
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