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To steal the thread a bit. I have an HD 7950 MSI Twin Frozn and one fan doesn't spin . It starts spinning when PC starts and stops. After that,It spins only after 85+% fan speed. Other fan is fine. I tried oiling the fan since I don't have warranty and didn't work. Will this replacement do the trick? Click Could it be the fan controller broken?
I tried to lubricate it after doing a whole . Unfortunately for me,it didn't work . Still no spinning unless 85+% fan speed ,though there is now an annoying sound from it. As it turns out ,a new one is the only way to go.Click This is the exact same model etc everything. I live in Europe so postage from the USA is too much. This seems the best deal coming at 21$. I can spare that ,do you think it's a safe buy/fit?
Bump! I have an MSI 7950 Twin Frozn BE and one of it's fans decided to stop spin unless at 85+% speed . Lubricating it is obviously the only choice . Hot 2mm needle would go trough the plastic,wouldn't it? Or has the 7950 fan design changed so that you have access to the o-ring ?
Changed mine a bit since last post. Now 35cm/360 with a new mouse - the DA 2013. Playing CS and BF4 with that sens,though it feels WAAAAY too fast for CS at long range. The heads are too small if I'm CT and he's head glitching on B/mid boxes... Thinking of going down to 45cm.
The 15ms delay seems a bit extreme for competitive gaming. It works for a lot of people ,but a bit less would've been so much better.
My thoughts exactly. I would love to see how my DA 2013 stacks up. 0ms would be awesome
What is the delay on other competitors, DA 2013 ,G400s etc? They obviously have omron switches. What is the the difference between both? 15ms for the Zowie and whatever for the other mice.
I'm from Bulgaria actually. Logitech and Razer are overpriced like hell here. Zowie isn't very well known and it's less expensive.Not worth buying it new though,35-40$ second hand is a stellar deal given retail FK1 is 70$ here .Read a bit on the forums here and people seem to think like this : Big FK1 / Small FK2If that's the case,oh man I'll be bloody happy once the FK2 releases I'm not in a rush anyways,DA is giving me good enough tracking and 7/10 rating of comform .
It seems that now is not the best time for mouse upgrade.With a new sensor on the market,Zowie could potentially bring a 2015 model with the newest flawless sensor + same switches but less stiff case or simply omron switches and a simular size,just don't make it bigger ,please I've read about the smoothing on the G400s when I was deciding between it and the DA. DA won because of better shape. Some of the curves are annoying but are better for my hand than those on the...
I've been skyping with this guy and he's usually playing like this. Battlelog linkI often go to 3.5m/s with my sens since it's around 50cm/360 in BF4 ADS,34cm in hip fire.I have to agree,the DA has the perfect combo of click pressure. My old Perixx had too soft clicks,finger weight was pushing it instantly.With the DA,I can tactically burst ,yet play League of Legends as well. The G100s could be a good options,although I've been having that itch for the FK1 ,otherwise I'm...
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