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Haven't been following the scene,but a card equivalent to my 7950 @ 1100/1575 should suffice for all your needs. I play every game nearly on ultra, including the Witcher 3 with very few settings on lower settings for a good fps.
Have played only one game with it, social stuff took over in my life past couple of months.Been using it daily for word/excel things,video editing and general browsing and i'm just digging the shape a lot. The sensor feels very simular to the 3988 so no need to adjust. The clicks are just superb. Going back to the DA, I can't handle the soft clicks. The harder clicks are PERFECT , mainly their clickiness, it's so bouncy and has a a good tactitle feedback.
Same. EC2-A is much gripper with dry and sweaty hands.
Yea, exactly. Their 800dpi ends up being 730ish. That's why I had to increase in-game sens.
WIth it's successor , most likely.
Umm... I can aim the same with both,except I find the EC2-A more comfortable. What I did was change my sensitivity because DPI steps are different. I used 1000dpi,0.8 in game with the DA. Using 800dpi on the EC2,though not 1.00 in-game ,but 1.035 because of the different DPI steps. Do that and once the muscle memory is back,you'll rekt ppl again.
Is that true what you said about the sensor?I've always felt the 3988 as the smoothest sensor to have ever used. The 3366 was jerkier, the 3310 is closer but still not as smooth,more direct perhaps.
Shouldn't the EC1-A be better tracking wise than the G400? 3310 is a pretty good sensor. I used a DA before the EC2, sensor feels identical (3988 vs 3310) . Only the 3366 I was using with the G303 felt snappier.
Perfectly placed for my grip.
It'll work flawlessly with claw grip.When it comes to fingertip grip, I'm not sure how you hold you and how forward/backward your fingers are. I think it should work,vertical movement is somewhat limited,around 1cm of pull down ,at least for me with my fingers placed on the middle of the MB. If I go and hold it towards the back of the button,there is more.
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