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Thought I was the only one with this issue. Well, my solution was to keep smashing my ec2a into my keyboard. I sometimes regret the audio buttons and profiles and what not on the right side.
Used my EC2-A extensively in Overwatch with no issues. My right button is definitely stiffer thanmy left, it just requires some time to get used to it. I came from a Deathadder as well, now I despise the buttons on it, they lack any form of feedback. EC series definitely has better tactile feedback . Only Omron buttons I like are those of the G303.Anyways, all of that doesn't matter if you have used the DA for 8+ years. It's obviously your mouse of choice, might as well...
Same experience, white logo EC1-A since the day I bought it.
VRM's are kept under 70C as well, very often below 65C even. MSI has very good cooling on them. PSU is I believe two years old , and it's a Seasonic G-650, very reputable model.Yes, 1219 is the next step. After that ,it's 1225. It can do between 6-7mV usually. After Vdroop ,my highest reported voltage is 1.178V in GPU-Z. In the past, i've had a week long runs on 1.25-6V for 1200/1575 and my GPU handles it fine. It loves voltage and OC, I've never needed 1200MHz on the core...
I've been using a 7950 @ 1100/1575 for nearly 3 years. Only fans have been changed. In order to maintain my usual clock, lately I had to bump the voltage from 1213 to 1219 . It even gave me an error at that voltage, but a reduce in clock speeds to 1090 resolved any issues. Is this degradation to be expected/normal or is it simply a sign of a dying card? Always has been kept under 70C.
Around 5ms I believe.
Goddamn it so hyped.
Better resale value in the long run ,once they release 3360?
It'd require to order it and wait a month first. Would prefer to be sure .Anyways, I read somewhere that there is a WMO 1.0 variant that apparently is very jittery. I'm hoping this one isn't .Have a G303,EC2-A, DA... Want to try it.
Click USB Microsoft PID56180 X802382-018 X802382-002 Wheel Mouse Optical. What i'm asking is if it's the 9000fps 1.1a version or not, based on the S/N.
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