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I didn't do much due diligence when shopping for a PSU. I probably should have lol.
I ran OCZ PSU's previously without issue. This lasted 4-5 years so I can't complain. I picked up a Corsair RM750 a few weeks ago when Newegg had it on sale. I wanted a fully modular PSU if I decide to do sleeving.
I was going a bit insane last night. Thankfully, this community has some helpful people who were willing to voice an opinion. I just confirmed both MSI motherboard and the OCZ 700w PSU are bad. Doubtful it was a power issue as I have a UPS. It could have been a short or maybe one thing died and took the other out with it. Regardless, it was weird. Hopefully this machine will last another 5 years, especially after it gets retired from gaming and hosting VM's regularly.
Well, I did one of the few things I have not tried yet. Hooked up the new Corsair RM750 PSU for my other build to the new-to-me-from-Craigslist ASUS Rampage motherboard. IT WORKS I just bought a new PSU from NewEgg. Going to throw the i7-950 in and put the i7-920's on eBay, along with the broken PSU and motherboard. Kudos to all of you for being patient. edit: REP+ for everyone
The ASUS is easily labeled as far as RAM. I've been using slot A1 as you specified, but also popping the sticks in other slots just to rule out any issues. All are 1.65v I doubt it's actually a CPU issue since I literally have 3 i7-920's and an i7-950 and tried them all. Trying the new PSU after lunch.
I hope so lol.I appreciate the ideas, guys.
Actually the only constant is the heatsink/fan and video card. I have 6 working sticks of RAM and have been swapping them out (using one at a time) into different slots to ensure it's not a memory issue. The old board is an MSI X58 Pro-E, the new is an ASUS Rampage III Gene. I have power going to the board via 8 pin and 24 pin connectors and the two 6 pins on the MSI/Nvidia 660 Ti. I have the 100% working board and CPU that I picked up last night together (ASUS and...
I usually do too but cleaned out a lot of stuff recently. Sold off a 4850 (I think that's what it was) just last year. I'm not really interested in spending more money on this. I will probably buy a 780 for the new build next, so if this is still down by then, it will be a good test. Although, unless it gets fixed soon, it will not be around long.
Nope, never overclocked. The system was stable for five years with the occasional hardware upgrade (SSD, Video card, fan), but was never pushed to the limits. One day it just shut off during a game and that was the end of it. I'm really left scratching my head since the motherboard and CPU were swapped out. I am going to rummage through my old box of junk and look for a PCI video card.
Still nothing. I am going to try the new Corsair PSU for kicks again. And if that does not work, the stock heatsink is going on and I'll give that a whirl. I don't think I ever saw a CPU not turn on due to poor heatsink contact though. But I'm just grabbing for ideas at this point.
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