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So, I grabbed the R7000 the other day. After using it for a couple days (with updated firmware), I now understand why everyone recommends it. I may go the third party firmware route like my last router since it was easier to manage, but for now it works great. I'd say it easily doubled my WiFi range as well.
I've been doing quite a bit of research lately on this topic. Looking to buy ASAP. My budget is up to $200. I currently have a Linksys E2000 running DD-WRT. It's a turd, but does ok. My ISP gives me a massive pipe of 8Mb down and 2Mb up. Probably moving to their 50/5 package after the holidays. I have a business class connection now so if I revert back to a residential pipe I can get more for the money. Anyway, the router has been great for the 6-7 years I've had...
Just wanted to follow up and say thanks for the suggestion. Just got it in the mail today. Fits my hand well, extremely smooth. It's a bit light but better than the crap Razer I was using. I would suggest this for anyone looking for a competent mouse with large hands.
Someone help me spend my money! Top 1-2 attributes: Must be laser, and wireless Must be fairly large as I have big, man hands 1. What's your grip style? Palm and claw 2. What's your sensitivity? Depends on what I'm doing. Windows is generally cranked up all the way, and games are usually a tick or two faster. 3. What's your maximum budget? $150 4. Do you want additional buttons? Sure but nothing crazy. I don't need 50 buttons. I primarily use left, middle, right,...
I didn't do much due diligence when shopping for a PSU. I probably should have lol.
I ran OCZ PSU's previously without issue. This lasted 4-5 years so I can't complain. I picked up a Corsair RM750 a few weeks ago when Newegg had it on sale. I wanted a fully modular PSU if I decide to do sleeving.
I was going a bit insane last night. Thankfully, this community has some helpful people who were willing to voice an opinion. I just confirmed both MSI motherboard and the OCZ 700w PSU are bad. Doubtful it was a power issue as I have a UPS. It could have been a short or maybe one thing died and took the other out with it. Regardless, it was weird. Hopefully this machine will last another 5 years, especially after it gets retired from gaming and hosting VM's regularly.
Well, I did one of the few things I have not tried yet. Hooked up the new Corsair RM750 PSU for my other build to the new-to-me-from-Craigslist ASUS Rampage motherboard. IT WORKS I just bought a new PSU from NewEgg. Going to throw the i7-950 in and put the i7-920's on eBay, along with the broken PSU and motherboard. Kudos to all of you for being patient. edit: REP+ for everyone
The ASUS is easily labeled as far as RAM. I've been using slot A1 as you specified, but also popping the sticks in other slots just to rule out any issues. All are 1.65v I doubt it's actually a CPU issue since I literally have 3 i7-920's and an i7-950 and tried them all. Trying the new PSU after lunch.
I hope so lol.I appreciate the ideas, guys.
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