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I need some help guys. After 16 wonderful months, my Crossover 27Q LED-P has died. It will only power up for a few seconds before turning black (blue LED still on) or it will only turn on without the backlight at all. I read about issues from a year ago with the blue PCB boards, which I happen to have! I contacted accessorieswhole and asked if they thought that replacing the board would solve the issue. They said they would contact Crossover and if it was, I would have to...
Just thought I'd mention that I'm still using my Crossover Portrait monitor and haven't had a single issue in the last 6 months. Bought from AW and have been using the originally supplied power brick w/ their free Korean power adapter.
Your card wasn't locked because you purchased something on Amazon. Doesn't matter who ships the item, Amazon handles the payment and they didn't steal your information. Stop badmouthing AW for no reason. Their Amazon storefront has gone down before, it's nothing new/not a conspiracy.
I forgot to mention that I bought the monitor NON-pixel perfect from Accessorieswhole on Amazon. They gave me 2 microfiber cloths in the box as well, which I haven't seen anyone mention receiving before.Also, The monitor is within millimeters of being the same height as my current Gateway FHD2400 (24" 1200p) and the pixels on that monitor look as big as bricks to me already!
Initial opinions of the monitor are highly positive. I haven't had the opportunity to play around with it much, but it looks fantastic. Backlight bleed is present, but minor and mostly above the backlight control buttons on the bottom right of the screen. There is one dead pixel immediately above the clock in windows 7, so it's not a problem for me at all and is hardly noticable. Haven't had a chance to calibrate yet. Box arrived with a single layer of bubble wrap around...
The FedEx tracker for my monitor put delivery at next Wednesday. Imagine my face seeing that it's out for delivery at 8 AM today!
Woke up this morning to see that my monitor was shipped Intl Economy instead of Intl Priority, what the hell AW!
After a month of research, I just pulled the trigger on a Crossover 27q led-p from accessorieswhole's Amazon store front (having $250 in gift cards was nice). I'm very excited now and hoping for a great monitor
Raise gamma in game maybe.
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