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Nice man, how do you constantly have the energy to mod your rig haha. You sure get your money's worth.
You just plug it right in.
It does fit on top you just have to cut off some of the extraneous mounting points on the fan. You can even do away with the mounting bracket entirely and use Stretch Magic for a pretty invisible mount. I had a Bitfenix on top but took it out in place of a radiator.
The 200mm Bitfenix will fit with a little modding. I like it a lot better than other 200mm fans I have tried so worth it for me.
I know about the Samsungs but I don't like the way they look. Plus, it is hit or miss whether the Samsungs can do what the G-Skills I linked to are rated for. Money isn't that much an issue but I wouldn't want to overpay too much for anything. The kit is rated at 1866 CAS 8 with 1.5V. Anyone know about this kit? Can it be pushed further? It is more expensive than the DDR3 2133 Ripjaws:
Since you have it in the 4 pin CPU fan header it should vary with CPU temperature.
Aerocool Sharks.
You have an ATX motherboard so make sure you get an ATX case. The GTX 560 is 9 inches in length so that shouldn't be an issue. Any of the ATX cases in your link should work. As for the power supply, a good budget one is the Corsair CX series. Honestly the lowest end 430W model should run what you have with no problem but I would try not to skimp on the power supply as much as possible.
Thanks. I'll have specs in sig soon or as soon as I have the energy to look up how to do it but its as follows:Intel i5-3570K (4.8GHz OC)Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H16GB Corsair VengeanceEVGA GTX 580 FTW (975mhz OC on core right now, still working on it)OCZ Vertex 4 120GBCorsair HX850Rando Samsung DVD BurnerLoop:XSPC D5 Bay Reservoir>Phobya 200mm Radiator>Hydro Copper GPU block>XSPC Raystorm CPU block>Black Ice GT Stealth 240mm RadiatorThe GT Stealth is about 5mm thinner than the RS...
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