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what he said,What cooler are you going with? Since you mention going as far as possible, I'm assuming you're using Dry ice or Liquid nitro?I'll lol when you come back and say stock cooler.
3570K, hyper 212 evo, two fans. 1.31 vcore, 4.7 OC for right now. Max temp is 81C 1.5 volts for ram...
4/3 to 4.8? That's a HUGE target spread.why not just push the chip as far as it comfortably can go, without maxing temps?Voltages are going to be dependent upon the chip, not what someone on a forum tells you. Start upping the multiplier, and when it needs more voltage, take your time adding more.
What scientific data do you have that backs up your claim of, "not many chips can clock past 4.5ish"Posts on a forum? Can you post some screen shots of you binning 50 chips, and your spread sheet of them running against 50 2500K's?
I see you spout off pretty often with things, and I know you're not stupid..but really? Why use such a derogatory generalization? Must be an American thing, or you're just young.For the sake of it, every chip is different. I've seen 2500K's that could barely stay stable at 4.1, and run hot as hell. There are reports of 3570K's running cool, and being pushed very far.The question is, what do you want to do with it? Gaming? Then don't worry, the diminishing returns start...
It's hard to speculate temps without knowing your ambient temp (Room temp..)I keep my house, and specifically my gaming room at a warmer than usual, 78-80 degrees F, in Arizona I'd go broke trying to keep it at 68 like some people do. My 3570K with 212 evo cooler at 4.5 idles at 25-30C, and full load won't break 73C. TJ max for the ivybridge is 105, and a lot of people run them right up to it; Though most don't like to go beyond 85c for fear of chip degradation.What paste...
turned it off, and watched my frame-rate sky rocket...My usage stayed the same.
At 1080P, I am sitting at 80% usage, ultra everything, adaptive Vsync included.
trying to figure out how to make a signature to list all of my specs!Yea, gigabyte's power target is capped at 111%. I don't think having more would do much, this thing FLYS like it is!
Thank you! I bought it used off, paid 360 shipped...I came from Xfired 6870's...this thing is MUCH faster, and my xfire setup would run at 95C undervolted...this card doesn't break 62c in BF3.
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