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Holy poopenhiemer I never thought that air cooling could look that sexy
I just got the htc m8 yesterday and while I'd still choose it over the s5 man do I miss the AMOLED screen of my note 2
When this comes outNvidia: Introducing the gtx 880 the fastest graphics card on the planet! For the small price of $699One week laterNvidia: Introducing the titan x the fastest graphics card on the planet! For only $1000Another week laterNvidia: Introducing the gtx 880 black edition the fastest graphics card on the planet. Now only for $799!!!!
Hurrahhh! All is right with the world!!
The razer blade is also a lot thinner and this is a portable we're talking about
If they implement this technology into something like a smartwatch say for example the moto 360 that would would be pretty cool. As it stands though I don't see its use in something like a phone because we usually place those in our pockets, which if people haven't realized is pretty dark
Sorry guys I've been really busy with school and kind of forgot about this thread but to answer some questionsNo I don't want another pair of open headphones at the moment. Remember I want these headphones so that I can wear them in a loud environment like commuting or at school itselfI really don't like iems do to lack of comfort. I want to buy a pair of headphones that I can use all around whether it is commuting or gaming on my loud pc. As such I'd definitely sacrifice...
Really? I was under the impression that they did not isolate very well from watching a review. Apparently they were designed to basically emulate open headphones or something and as such let in a lot of noise. At that price though they're looking really really tempting. How are they portability wise?
um k once again they were the ones that put it on sale they either did ita) out of desperationb) sold enough and are trying to get even more people invested into the IPJudging from how popular the game has been and from the positive reviews it has received I'm going to assume that the game did well
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