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Thank you
Anybody have any colour profiles that they can link?
There are no absolute truths besides how awesome I am
A dog eats food, but a human also eats food.So humans are dogs
I think it's best to simplify the complex variables, in which case the world is flat
Nobody said that Newton was the first person to say that. Do you want me to give all the people you mentioned a cookie?
Flip phones are usually much less brighter than a modern smartphone displayYou should always keep your mind open just because it seems crazy doesn't mean it can't be true. People laughed at Newton fro thinking the world was round...
This is why I use a flip phone instead of a smartphone. Less radiation too
Well crap, it was working but I seem to be having the same problem again. I guess this is most likely an issue on my end I'll try to sort it out or give driver booster a try
Wow, this actually worked. Thanks so much! The odd thing is when I google search "Asus Rampage IV Black Edition Drivers" into google I'm brought to an identical looking website where the global download link does not work. I was actually desperate enough to search around this thread looking for a download link for some windows 10 drivers lol. Thanks again
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