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You should be able to get a Lenovo Y410p used for about $650 which would fit your needs perfectly. Also, a HP Touchsmart 14t with a 740m would also work well.
Is it a big deal to replace the internal keyboard and mouse on this?
You do realize that a GPU is actually a processor and can be in theory used in the way you are talking about, right? And I'm pretty sure this is actually the purpose nVidia Teslas and Xeon Phis are made for.
I want the reference cooler 770. It looks awesome. But I'm not sure how the green logo on top would look in my black/red build with a Crosshair V Formula. And I would go ACX but Best Buy has reference 770s (straight from nVidia). REFERENCE! But I was wondering if anybody could send me a link to a black & red build with a reference cooler GTX 770, 780, or Titan. Thanks in advance.
In, thanks!
I am wondering how long the GPU in a source 210 can be. I keep seeing various clashing information, sometimes it's 9 inches, others it's 11. So, I would like somebody to get in their 210 (NOT ELITE) and see that the clearence is with a hdd cage.
Cool story bro Does anybody know of a G1 Sniper white build? Would like to see how the green, black and white look.
I kind of think that black brings other colors out better. Yes, that looks great but he also has a lot more money and talent than me.
I am curious as to why people use and why there are white cases. Usally people like to have 2 colors, not 3. For example, the Asus Z87 A is gold and black. Add a black case, still gold and black. Add a white case, Gold, Black, and White.
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