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pm sent
Im looking for gtx 980 backplates. Custom design is prefered. So far all i have found is the evga backplates and V1tech. im not a fan of the predesigned ones on V1. Can anyone help?
im saying what if you submerged the heat ex changer into the mineral oil and also submerged the motherboard into the same mineral oil
so i have seen people submerge pcs in mineral oil and i have seen people take air conditioners to make cheap sub zero liquid cooling but what if you mixed the two? mineral oil freezing temp is -22f so in thought this seems like it would work i know mineral oil gets very dense at such cold temps. but that shouldn't matter as long as you don't submerge moving part's correct? thoughts as to why this wouldn't work?
1. Do you currently own an SSD and are you planning on purchasing one in the near future? If so, which brands are you considering (Intel, OCZ, Crucial, Kingston, Patriot Memory, Samsung, or other)? Yes. I have mushkin chronos Sata III 120gb 2. What is the most important consideration you make when you purchase an SSD (price, performance, brand, other) I think an all around sad is most important 3. How often do you purchase a new PC (less than a 1 year, 1-2 years, 2-3...
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