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Not necessarily a thicker radiator but perhaps going with revising the pump design to something similar to coolermasters:
tried to find the noisy fan culprit. out of the 8 fans (all 120mm).. the two from corsair were the noisiest. the other fans were from coolermaster and then some stock raidmax ones that came with the case.haha no prob. you dont need to bring your work, enjoy your vacation! Oh, if it's been sent already I think mine got lost in the mail perhaps. I'll wait and see.
if you undervolt the pump, will that undervolt the fan headers on the H100 aswell?
Is it just me or do these come with the noisiest fans in the world. 2600 RPM sounds like a vacuum. I will invest in a fan controller when I can afford to. Ive had this H100 for about a month and the pump has managed to become louder than before. Ive tried to muffle the noise by putting the case under another separate table and then covering the front of the table so air ventilates only through the back towards the corner of the room. Temps went up 2C but noise level went...
Hardly got special treatment. The guy must've gone through 4+ H100's until he got one that worked quietly.
Yep same here, no email back from them. And their HQ is a couple minutes from my house, I should march in there and demand a replacement.
@wlw wl Bought payday for you and its in my inventory, ill try to get a refund for it because I already own it myself. send me an email at because of the PM limit. and I cant see your steam wishlist because you havent added me.
wlw are you still sending out the undervolted molex wires? I was planning on spending $25 on a fan controller because Im getting desperate but if you had a spare wire that you can send to the US I'd appreciate it. I could mail you an envelope with postage stamps inside. actually i dont know if american stamps would work in poland... umm... a thank you note? let me know, thanks. edit: this is crazy but has anyone tried opening up the pump to make adjustments?
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