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all mice suck
He is on the gear bois
$400 where? Its way more everywhere I check, even on the US sites like Amazon. On Dell Australia website its ~ $766 USD +shipping. Not exactly cheap.EDIT: Asus is a rip off tho
This monitor costs $899 in Australia, same as Viewsonic XG2703-GS. ROG tax? No thanks Asus.
So basically its not gonna be fixed because "you're doing it wrong".
Yeah sorry, didn't read all posts
I bought mine from PCCG and it is 2nd edition because the mouse shows as drive with firmware.bin if you plug it in like Jude said. Also there is no button ghosting. It is definitely 2nd edition even though it has a 1st edition sticker. So no need for drama Elrick
This is a ok mouse but its way overpriced for what you get. Overall it isn't any better than Nixeus Revel or Dream Machines imo. Not bad just not worth the price. Also please use a less stiff preferably non braided cable next. It ruins this very lightweight mouse.
I received my 2nd edition from pccasegear but on the box it says "1st edition". How can I check that its 2nd edition? EDIT: M4/M5 work while M1 and M2 are pressed so I guess its the latest edition.
No but you can use Nvidia Inspector to cap fps
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