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By the time I end up playing this, all the kinks would be sorted out and I can get the best experience right out the gate. 
What do you mean money>logic? It's illogical if the original purchase made no sense. If I am willing and able to buy a Titan X and update that card whenever the next thing comes out, it's very logical to buy the Titan X. I feel the Titan X should give the buyers at least 3 months of being the top though. 
I don't care about hairworks, all it does is make hair flop around more. Both TressFX and Hairworks are a joke. My purchase history has been Nvidia/AMD/Nvidia, alternating. Get your unfounded, accusatory slime off me.
I hope you're right.
That doesn't make sense to me.
What other way is there to figure out what the average gamer is running though? There is demand for more GPU horsepower, but I don't know if that means Nvidia and AMD will end up releasing whatever we need to get us close to where we want to be (1440p/120, 4k/60, VR, etc). I am a little pessimistic about that. New releases haven't been as big of an upgrade and as often for a while now.
Question was 1440p at 120-144hz or just 4k (presumably at 60fps). That's sli 980 territory if not higher... In fact just 1440p 60hz would be enthusiast territory, looking at Steam hardware surveys. If you want good vr without getting sick, it's super hard.
Absolutely yes.YesYesWell I think the 970 was an improvement over the 770 for example. But if you're primarily interested in price, the price drops for sure, for example launch 780ti vs 980, 7970ghz vs 280x vs whatever 3xx part it will now be, there's gotta be a price drop or else AMD is insane.I don't think Oculus is ready yet. It's definitely a rich boy's toy.
:(  My keyboard is still in the ether so...
Source:  Since according to the rules, I am not allowed to state my opinion in the initial post, I'll just leave it at this.
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