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Is the tick rate fix not implemented yet and set to be implemented on the CTE patch?
Yes, I always try to PTFO. But I also want to know that my shooting skills are not garbage.  The netcode is biting me a bit.
  Wait, why would it be a different story? Looks like it has same keycaps than the Storm Trigger.
Boy, OCN really hides some of the threads I've been in. I do not maintain a major presence on Headfi, but I do go on there from time to time. 1. Logan already mentioned in the video that he himself likes the warm sound of some of his tube amps for some situations. I think the guy who was really hating on them was Tyler, not Logan. The targeted audience for his video were gamers. Not a lot of gamers are going to go out to get tubes to color their sound. Could Logan have...
First day on BF4. 0.88 KDR, real challenge for me to remain useful for my team. Trying my darndest... Also don't know the maps.
I'd probably just keep the lighting at one mode forever. The keycaps on my CM Storm Trigger are wearing out already within 2 years. The letter "o" is not a giant, white, smudge.  And replacing the keycaps costs half the cost of the keyboard.   So I guess I'd like a quality keyboard that has good keycaps and good all-around build quality.
Guys... Which mechanical keyboards do you guys prefer? Ducky Shine III vs WASD v2 vs some other option? What do each option have over the other options? I want to have numpad on the left side of the keyboard... since there isn't one, tenkeyless might be nice... I'm not immediately considering a purchase but it'd be cool to know what I'd get if I decide to. (I need backlit keyboards.) I'd want browns or blues.
So... what'd I miss? I heard the Scape' got DDosed? People need to find better things to do. Hows the legacy combat?
Yea... but sometimes I notice the guy too late and the C4 is still lethal quite a bit away from the tank.  The large magazine + high ROF of MP7 is good because it allows me to spray a little more in very close encounters.
I don't even agree with Logan on everything. In fact some noobtube just called me something I can't post on OCN for criticizing Logan regarding Haswell overclocking. (I even posted the original response on my Haswell thread if you don't believe me. ) Your assumptions are invalid. Does it occur to you that there are only a few positions that one can take on this issue? If I defend him then you shouldn't address me? So what, you should only address me if I don't agree with...
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