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Headfi is full of BS. There's some good stuff in there but you need to already have a good BS filter.
That's hilarious. Nwavguy has already calculated the power requirements of these cans.And here is my explanation: If you need help figuring this stuff out HA or Sound Science of Headfi's got you covered.(The answer is yes, O2 is powerful enough unless you like instant hearing damage.)
You should be EQing anyways unless the FR of your headphone is EXACTLY as you like it.
He's gunna respawn and shoot you from behind yo. Better stop firing.
You'll keep firing long after he's dead. 
Are you a parrot
I try that and 10 out of 10 times I get blown to bits because the Law does so little damage. I recently just unlocked the RPG or whateverz. Maybe I shoulda tried c4 but then I wouldn't have unlocked the RPG by now. My best chance is to get into a tank myself or to run to a emplaced rocket launcher. 
Sounds like placebo to me. I've run applications far more intensive than BF4 on the CPU for much longer periods of time. It is absurd to suggest that I am not already getting the best performance I can. And why only BF4?
Like what? They call me Jesus, because I bring so many people back from the dead. Having teammates resurrected is good no matter what game mode you're on.
This is hilarious. I'm glad the Haswell OC thread has now moved into BF4 Discussion thread.   Whatever Bond is selling, the answer is no.
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