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Aren't SSDs supposed to be much cooler than normal HDDs? Lol. Ironic to have SSDs 'overheat'.You've broken the universe...850 Pro FTW  I wonder why they don't use M.2 for 850 Pro... surely it's a little limited by Sata 6?
I got a bit of stuttering which I thought was strange for an SSD. 
Game settings unless there's something wrong with them... If you take AA ingame vs on CCC for example, the AA ingame might be more efficient. Ingame settings have more settings and more possible adjustments, and it's more convenient for me to tweak things ingame.
LOL, true. But that raises the question, how the people from the other forum know that their method permanently fixes the issue if the evo drives probably aren't even out long enough for the problem to be discovered, the fix to be used, and another half a year to pass by for the SSD to age?  Isn't this problem relatively recently discovered?
I've linked this thread to Kitguru a few days ago. They said they'll look into it but I've yet to see any word from them about it. Anybody wanna check this out?
I need a medic!Deploy landmines!Enemy in disguise!We need an engineer!!! 
Back when I was playing that ET, I was on a 1.2ghz  Tualitin Emachines PC later on upgraded with Geforce MX4000, weak even by standards back then.  BF4 allows players to be in multiple platoons.  The only platoon I'm in right now is OCN. BTW what happens when a platoon ranks up?
Yeah, Okiez. Should we only remove as many people as there are that want to join though?
Maybe you can send a message to the people not using the OCN tag? Or people who haven't logged onto BF4 in a looooong time.
i c wut u did der 
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