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Dayum, this thread is still going? 
Sending PM to you now.
Some Chinese guy. Brother came by with his magical tools and powers and got it off without damaging anything. Now it's time to rage via Amazon to the seller!Glad I ran it by him first. Although after all, it's his cats that broke my stock cable...
Oh great. Got a replacement cable for the HD800. Left earcup, no sound. Can't remove the cable for the right earcup no matter how hard I try. How the hell does somebody screw up a cable THIS badly?! Demanding a refund and a new HD800 is going to be hard to do successfully. It's a freakin' cable, I don't see how I could screw up the installation - Plus, I've installed the stock cable multiple times without problems.
The spikes come from CPU testing from programs like Prime. Normal AVX usage will not have this problem, so you can run adaptive without problems unless you accidentally run Prime. The power added is far more than is required. (You can tell by setting it to override and having the voltage not really increase, but still see how the CPU passes the stress test.)
Wait, what? I did my guide based off of a z87 motherboard, yes, but not much has changed since then.
If your chip is actually that bad, your chip has actually set a new record throughout the entire 16,000 posts of this thread (and by a large margin). It's that or user error, so probably it's user error of some sort.
Typo spotted. 
Check it out bro. I got my 1866 DDR3 Gskills Sniper, 2 x 4 gb for $71 and I called it a good deal back then.
Ware iz ma dukie ledgend review gaise?! 
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