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Nah, best keep Skylake stuff in this thread instead of my PM box. 
Hey, would you mind filling this form out? Username:CPU Model:Base Clock:Core Multiplier:Core Frequency:Cache Frequency:CPU VID: This is the CPU core voltage value you input into BIOS.Vcore: This is the CPU Vcore reading from Hwinfo or HWMonitor under load. "Load" depends on what you're stressing.Cooling Solution: If you are delidded, note it here. Please explicitly state if you are doing bare die or not.Stability Test: Any test is OK, synthetic or not. IF YOU DO NOT LIST...
Hey, There is an overclocking guide out there that notes inability to be stable past 85C. Perhaps you are helping prove that guide correct. Are you sure you want to stay on Prime? If you are using v28, consider dropping to v27.9, or even another test altogether.   This needs to be the new official slogan for Siliconlottery!   I've already spent a long time benchmarking Haswell for IPC comparison with Skylake, from chess to other more obscure tests.
One of the folks on the ram overclocking thread said that the 4 kit might require more voltage to operate at a given overclock. (XMP being technically an overclock.) The 4 was out in the days of x99, the 5 is supposedly Skylake ready. Although even then there are some people with problems running XMP. Gskills says it's the motherboard UEFI that needs catching up, Raja saying that it's just a matter of luck. I grabbed a 5 combo with mobo, ended up being cheaper.  Hmm, now I...
How do you know it's 3 for CPU and 2 for iGPU?
Well I mean, I don't think anybody is arguing that HBM will never ever be necessary or provide a good performance boost, just not right now. If we're going to say that we should wait for the improvements (which I don't fully accept because I would've upgraded by then), I can say that 4gb would probably not be enough for mainstream games by then.   I thought Nano was going to do decently well because some people on the forum expressed some interest in the smaller form...
  And to have these machines affordable in 5 years? I think that's preposterous.
That was gen 2 x16 to gen 3 x16 I believe.
Oh yeah, just realized I randomly brought that up without explaining. I PM'ed him and asked him some questions. I figured that he'd know better than I about these things.  
Not fully convinced either way. Honestly, probably best if you discussed it with Forceman, otherwise I'm just going to be the messenger boy.
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