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If your chip is actually that bad, your chip has actually set a new record throughout the entire 16,000 posts of this thread (and by a large margin). It's that or user error, so probably it's user error of some sort.
Typo spotted. 
Check it out bro. I got my 1866 DDR3 Gskills Sniper, 2 x 4 gb for $71 and I called it a good deal back then.
Ware iz ma dukie ledgend review gaise?! 
Sounds like a fun test to do now.
Anybody know the answers to the other questions? 
Hi!   1. I heard that Sata 6gb/s interface is now a bottleneck for the faster SSD drives (eg, Samsung 850 Pro). Is this true, and if so, does it apply to every benchmarks? Or just for reads? Just for writes? Just for sequential stuff but not random reads? I mean, if the bottleneck was that bad surely all the SSD vendors would've jumped onto M.2 bandwagon hardcore.   2. Over-provisioning. How much do you think is good? I've been screwing around with...
I'll probably update the guide a bit in the near future (not just a charting update). Might be the last guide update.
Glad you are helping to spread the gospel. 
I was so close to getting MVP from reviving.
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