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I just remove the Sennheiser quarter inch and plug in the quarter inch plug for my monitors. (3.5mm to quarter inch) into the Odac/amp if I want to switch to speakers. With STX, I plug in both speakers and headphones and switch via software. Now I will switch via plugs.
I'm reading your audio setup and you should be ok regardless of whether you get those or not.  I personally prefer speakers over headphones, but headphones have better price/performance and positional audio, so that was what got me to go headphones. My friend prefers headphones.
It's ok. Everything will be ok.  
Holy crap, FINALLY. Inb4anothershippingdelaywhenTylersendstheOdacbacktome.     In unrelated news: What is your dream headphone and why?  Stax 009? Orpheus? (Although, few have heard it, how would we know how good it is?) LCD-3?     Maybe one day when I have a good job and I have a house and some savings, I can buy a fully fledged Stax 009 system. By then maybe there's a Stax 011 or something.
The median of this list is 4.699ghz.   And holy god, that chart has 448 submissions, that makes my chart look small! What the heck!
Based on your guesstimation that 4.5 HW = 4.7 Ivy = 5 SB, that makes HW approx 5% over Ivy and 10% over SB, clock per clock. 4.5 x 1.05 = 4.6254.5 x 1.1 = 4.95 On the other hand, a CPU benchmark like chess or Cinebench would be a better benchmark for CPU speed. Do you think the average person pulled 5ghz on Sandy? Hwbot says yes. If we take HWbot's info at face value (which I think favors non-Haswell parts because Haswell is harder to overclock without a proper guide),...
    I added a small section in the chart. Do you think it's helpful?
You have been updated.  Also I fixed a charting error in the chart (sorting people by frequencies).
Wut? Somebody verify this plz.  Sounds like theoretical stuff nobody can ever hear or abx.
Charted.   -- New updates to the chart have been made. Vrin has its own column now and Vdimm is placed in the same column as ram speed.
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