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I think the people hating on the game don't play the game or play it seriously. 60fps cap is very bad, but apart from that it's not really that bad. I thought I was going to dislike the graphics, but I ended up thinking it looked good.   This is just a click-bait article from Kotaku, followed by people who didn't know what they were talking about and just wanted to jump on the hate bandwagon. I don't notice mouse lag with vsync off, so as far as I'm concerned, it's...
Hi Fallout 4 happened. Will chart next Monday. 8)   Depends on what you do as well, larger gains for encoding. All in all I'd give it a conservative 5% improvement, 10% for the less conservative estimate.  I think if you sit down and calculate the gain per dollar of swapping Ivy for Skylake in this case, you'll find that buying a binned chip probably makes a lot of sense even though you don't live in the United States.  As you probably know, doing a switch like the one you...
Some kinks, some glitches in the matrix. Maybe one click access to PMs would be nice. But I personally feel the look is good. I like the new logo... am I a bad person? 
So far, looks pretty good to me.
Sooo...   Is this monitor good? :)
animal abuseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
Turning off Vsync is a must IMO. The mouse lag is terra-bad with it on. I haven't bothered to limit frames to 60 yet. Apart from the crazy-fast animations where I pick my SPECIAL, it looks fine.   I wonder if Ugrids will now be viable... and if so what combination of Ugrids vs other settings would be optimal for me...     Not playing too far into the game, saving it for later.     Must say though, I think the first person head bobbing is annoying...
Turned off Vsync. To me, all mouse problems are gone.   So yea, at least for me, I'd say it fixes the problem. I'm happy, that's what I care about.     Must say though, I think the first person head bobbing is annoying me.
That's expected behavior.
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