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The thing's not even out yet...
Windows search service takes like 2% of my CPU. Chess test shows small drop in performance. I want to re-do the test though.
First let's make sure it's actually slightly better on average... 
My bad, meant to type 'right side of start menu'. I just found Stardock and I'm giving it a shot.
Guys,   How the hell do I pin items to the left side of the task bar?
What I was saying is that I think 40-50C is normal, with 59C being high. My fan curve started after 50C so if I had your temps I wouldn't be fanless.
I'm not sure what's left to upgrade in terms of peripherals.
A classical case I can see happening is 1 for GPU x16, x4 for Intel's own 750 SSD.
Yeah, good point.    BTW, what temps are you getting with your AIO?
35C on passive is very low. I'd say 40c if it's truly on idle (as in, not using the computer at all). Maybe like 40-50c when just surfing the web and doing whatever.
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