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Hi friends.  Although, two dimms of 3200mhz isn't too bad. If I'm going for Ryzen then single threaded performance isn't paramount.3,000mhz 2 dimm kits? Or what? You're not being specific enough.
Hi,   Selling 6600k that was delidded and resealed by Silicon Lottery. No clocks are guaranteed but you should be able to hit 4.7ghz, maybe more. Selling because I got 7600k. Update: The item was sold for $177 on 2/23/2017.
Yes, but to echo what I said in the posts before yours, stressing is only going to take say, 30 hours? What one does on the computer for the rest of the 1-5 years matters a lot too, if not much more. The Prime or Die mentality seems to have died down, and probably Haswell was the catalyst. Better off that way, I say. --Current is one thing but the thing I get to tweak is voltage. AFAIK all I can do is try to do some back of the envelope math and hope my current figures are...
Have you tried testing the accuracy on load with some LLC? Usually CPuz is close enough to Hwinfo unless CPUZ's number is totally out to lunch.And of course it's worth asking, do you know the accuracy of your multimeter in the situation you are using it in? The bulk of the problem comes when the chip is under load.
Nah. It'll give me something to do. Unless I find the testing super tedious or something.
I've said in the past to friends that if I won the lottery I would have a room which I would call 'The Testing Room'. I'd be testing all the misc. crap that nobody bothered to test which isn't settled on yet. Like for example, chip safety. I'd run a row of computers and test their longevity. Unfortunately I haven't won the lottery yet.
I am aware. I was just telling you why I started getting impatient with degradation and it bothered me more when it still happened on Skylake. I regret that I did not measure this. But in my experience when I was replacing my chip I didn't detect any difference. But I wasn't explicitly looking for differences, so take it with a grain of salt.
Cyro wants to do more testing.     Unless I'm high my Skylake chip has degraded in the past. While my load on 4670k was far exceeding what people would do to their chip I still did rack up quite a few hundred hours of chess (all core 100%) on Skylake. With Kaby I'm tired of everything degrading, so I went with 1.4v and no more chess. It's a long experiment with a sample size of one of course. Either way, unless I did something wrong, it degraded. And I don't see how I...
People have managed to degrade their chips, and they weren't running P95 recreationally. It's possible that most people did not and I didn't hear from others simply because nothing bad happened rather than people not telling me. We're talking 1.42-1.392v in the span of a say, 16 months. For the two incidents I know of either both are somehow user error or the rule has holes. And so, I put the voltage recommendations the way I did (1.45/1.375v).
They are all estimates. Cyro said he degraded @ 1.392v. What people do with their chips vary, for example I've put more load on my Haswell chip than the average person would in five years.   I ended up pulling back to 4.7 on Skylake. I've already decreased the recommended voltage to 1.375v since this thread's inception but the maximum voltage remains the same.
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