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Usually overclocked cache doesn't significantly and negatively impact core clock, but it's still good practice to do core, then cache. That is my observation with Skylake.
Ehh, if I could get better temps (maybe wring out another 0.5ghz on my CPU), and make everything very quiet it might be worth it... Lots of pros and cons to weigh here though. Custom loop is still down as a maybe for me.
Now that I have 2-4k instead of 1-2k textures, the game falls below 60fps sometimes when I'm up and about outside. Should be a CPU bottleneck. There isn't a CPU that's faster for this game which exists, so I've started to hit the limit here.   Yeah, CPU bottleneck for higher res-textures. How about that.
If you go back and do a stress test you know you were able to complete successfully but now fail, you have degraded. I don't think performance changes.   For example, back on my 4670k I used to be able to do almost 8 hours of the old x264 test @ 4.6ghz 2.15v/1.42v. A year later I found out the chip could not last over 5 minutes at the same settings.
HT is on for 6700k and of course, off for 6600k.There is a list of links in the OP for downloads.
Will you submit your settings to the chart?You have all been charted.You'll be fine.You claim 1 hour of Prime but your picture only shows 18 minutes.
Hi, just got back from Vegas. I ran Fishtest the entire time I was gone and came home to this:   Fishtest is about 10C cooler per core on average compared to regular chess.
Instructions say to have HWInfo open the entire time. I'll accept it, but please keep it in mind for next time. These pictures are enough. I'm going to Vegas. I'll chart when I'm back.
Is fast Vram going to be good for large texture packs or is that not related?
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