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Meow.   Selling stuff is even harder than I anticipated though. Sad face sad face. My friends prefer headphones and they're dirt poor. One guy wants to buy on OCN but he lives in another continent and I don't even know how to ship anything (sad, I know), let alone to another continent.ODAC/Amp combo was supposed to arrive today with HD800 like a coordinated symphony of hardware, but idiot USPS mailing person didn't bother to knock the door to check if I'm there to get the...
Look what the cat dragged in.         A Sennheiser HD800! Good cat!     And I can't afford a good camera! What is wrong with me, lol.
Is that $400 budget including the dac and amp or just for the headphones? 
I agree that changing the plug should result in very negligible difference in sound. Putting on the adapter might weigh down the cord, depending on how your cords are placed in your setup but typically isn't a big deal either. Using an adapter is more clumsy if you want to take the thing on the go. IMO the quarter inch plug looks sexier though.    On the other hand, I don't think changing from onboard to a DG will make much of a difference. Depending on whether your...
 I'll chart you in a few minutes.Thanks   ---The spreadsheet's graph has been updated. I forgot to update it last time.AVERAGE OC 45.50 MEDIAN OC 45.00 AVERAGE VID 1.29 MEDIAN VID 1.28 Amount of overclock submissions: 161  (Stats listed in this post did not include Marianpol's entry but should be reflected in the actual chart itself. Don't forget the graph is located in the bottom of the chart.)
Well, post office said nobody answered the door to pick up the Odac. Funny claim, because two of us are sitting near the front door. What utter BS. People need to learn how to knock a door properly. I don't even...How does one quantify resolution and technical performance of a headphone?
I thought you were like an Amazon insider or something. 
  Depends on how rich your family is, how generous they are, and how long you work part time. Don't worry guys, I'm sure you guys will get to HD800s or even beyond later on. Just a matter of time. I want my positional audio.I am so tired of getting knifed in Battlefield.I hate knifers.I hate them.I'd rather get shot in the back.If it were up to me, I'd remove knives from Battlefield.Until then, I'll settle for positional audio, lol. What's the deal with SR Omega, is that...
O2 Dac+Amp combo AND HD800s are set to be delivered today. Both from USPS.     Yeah, I'm not going to tell my mom I bought these.
      Your picture is missing bro.   You never updated your settings, FractinJex. 
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