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Maybe we should have a median/avg calculation for the values in the chart?
6*8 = 48watts, Aquaero is 30w per channel, there needs to be PSU powering the fans at that rate.
Still deciding if I want to do custom cables or not. If I go 6W a fan and 24 fans to 4 headers that can be 8 fans for 3 headers (1 radiator per header for neatness, 8 fans per) or 4 headers (6 fans per header). 8 Fans will most likely overload 30W rating. I can do splitter with sata power, or custom cable with molex... or just custom cable but for 6 fans per header.
For fan reviews try Thermalbench and then check sound signatures of the fans (rough idea on Youtube). (Youtube is fine because we're deciding on sound signature, not loudness.) From my testing Asus bios is slightly better than FTW3. I never really heard the pumps on my x61 back when I had it. The fans were louder than the pump.
I did. Just wanted to do some testing of my own.
So how would a person try to test bioses effectively? Run the same core clock/voltage curve and see which bios averages out a higher clock under 100% fan speed?   Now some are saying the timings might be different and I have to test the vram too.
Funnily enough the title was in all caps yet the text he typed was in all lowercase. You're not interested in low qd random reads that trash 960 Pro?
I mean, I got past 19,000 with a 980ti which is slightly slower than a 1070. 1080 at 17,000 sounds bad.   Maybe you guys have slower CPUs or ram.
Seems all the voltage curve adjustment interfaces are poopy right now. UI at 200% and the numbers get cut off. Usuable, but annoying. Be nice to switch from point to point via tab or something. I don't want to have to click on the small dot. Found it easier to use arrow keys than precisely drag the dot.
 I think +465 is where I want to be. By min working clock you mean the minimum working clock I would typically see when the clocks are fluctuating right?There's a particular place in TLR benchmark that tends to hit rock bottom clocks. That, and sometimes 4k extreme on Superposition.
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