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Didn't Tom Peterson say they will all be locked?
I have tried DSR on Skyrim (OG Skyrim) and there the AA seems to be by far the best AA option out there image quality wise. Performance wise well, not so much.
Cool... But what does that even mean? 
Based on Allyn at PCPer's history lesson which he linked at the 750 came out 10 months after the enterprise version first came out, but it came out at a third of the cost.
Right, I forgot about the Titan X blocks.That is a good sign. 
Me? There's no good monitor that fits what I want without bad QC. Hoping the new monitors coming out in the second half of this year will change this. Until then I roll DVI.  So I'll repost my question because it got skipped/ignored.A full cover block that fits reference PCB won't work with a reference PCB + DVI?
If a DVI port is added, is it possible to have a PCB that works with a FE full cover block? 
Yeah... I seem to want to be 18inch away from the monitor with a 1440p 27inch. Dunno what'll happen with 4k 27inch lol.
Almost? So in what way would it not be meaningless?
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