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Am I the only person here that feels a little shy when talking on microphone to random strangers? I should probably get over that though. Sometimes I find, even with the "decrease ingame volume when somebody is talking" VOIP doesn't work well enough, I still can't hear exactly what they are saying.
Well, some people are very patient, some people have to take breaks from the thread, but since I started this thread it's my baby, I'm not driving people away from it by posting antagonizing posts to newbies, lol. DC is already out and it's not too long until the next i5 skus pop up, so drastically overhauling my thread has limited returns. Also, I've been lazy.Yes, for example... many people won't ask "Will running Prime with adaptive cause an overload"?
Twocables got mad at me when I said he/she should CTRL+F "safe" to find safe voltage values before posting a question. People are weird.
Do people even read the first page anymore? 
Does the HMG have higher damage per second than LMG against infantry?
I mean, I could go back and re-do it with restarting the game.
I dunno, I could do that.
Temp wise it's really not a problem to go 1.45v provided you have Nd15 or higher if you just play video games.
No I did not. I figured the game would tell me I need to restart to make changes. This will make testing take much longer though.
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