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  Another suggestion, maybe it's best to take the data to Google Docs, this allows you and some other authors to work on it, and for your chart values to be updated easier, don't need to re-upload and go through Excel and all that. You go Fan Man!  
I can understand companies wanting to make expensive dual-card solutions, but I really don't care about them personally.  I'd rather SLI or Crossfire it myself if it had to come to that, and generally I am looking for the highest-end single card solution anyways.   I don't even really care about GPUs anymore because my favorite games are mostly CPU bottlenecked. But you know, Intel's competing against nobody now and there's really no news to keep track of or to get...
I'm just eyeing the charts.For example here:The Fractal Design fan here is FAR better than the tested Noctua fan here... It's an obsession to cut every last bit of noise possible.  Which fan, what adapter, what config, what size. To me "Noctua fans" is too vague. Gotta be the exact best one for the job! 
I sold $2900 of equipment in an mmorpg I used to play in fact. Down to my last item, almost done selling.
I *JUST* bought the 980. 
Never have I accidentally hit the wrong key due to a switch being light in an intense gaming session. I use browns.
Gons are not indestructible, all aluminum beasts. I don't get why people use keyboards that are slanted, it hurts my arms.
u no wut? Imagine a Kmac2 but with a flat case. Dayum. I'd pay like $600+ for one.
Waitin' for Skylake for maximum single/dual core performance after I buy a golden chip... 
Hmmm.... FPS problem areas here for Skyrim but the GPU isn't being taxed and the CPU is staying at the same level....     I NEED 5 GIGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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