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Like what? They call me Jesus, because I bring so many people back from the dead. Having teammates resurrected is good no matter what game mode you're on.
This is hilarious. I'm glad the Haswell OC thread has now moved into BF4 Discussion thread.   Whatever Bond is selling, the answer is no.
Right now I'm using the AEK. I'm struggling a little bit on longer ranges I think, compared to ACE23. Why aren't you guys talking about those? 
HMm, what is a very good LMG for me to try? 
No. Screw Linux. Windows FTW. FTW!!!!! FOREVA!!!!
I'm editing a Word file with approx 10,000,000 words in it for chess. It is a pretty epic single-threaded bottleneck for each replace function I use. I have to wait like 100 seconds each time...   #2Weak2Slow
Paracel Storm is full of weather effects and crap flying everywhere, so I'm not too surprised.
I like Windows 7.   ...Please don't hurt me. 
Am I the only person here that feels a little shy when talking on microphone to random strangers? I should probably get over that though. Sometimes I find, even with the "decrease ingame volume when somebody is talking" VOIP doesn't work well enough, I still can't hear exactly what they are saying.
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