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Only if you include Nutella. I'm a new convert to the religion.
Your avatar is distracting to me.
There are many ways to play Skyrim without requiring much GPU horsepower. The only implied message of my post that makes any sense at all is that I'm making a personal statement about my own preferences and playstyle and setup. One of his points is that Skyrim isn't the only game in the world - a point that doesn't even need to be brought up.
Right, so you "ask" whether I am defensive because I don't want my GPUs to be irrelevant. I'll leave it to you to figure out what's wrong with your mentality. DX12 is overrated. It's also doubly ironic to say 'by accusing you of accusing me of being a fanboy for Nvidia', I MUST BE A FANBOY FOR NVIDIA.You do the very thing you are criticizing me for.
LOL Dude. Crossfire does not work with Skyrim. Crossfire isn't an option... FOR ME. Do I really have to spell out the obvious? You're trying too hard.
Crossfire does not work with Skyrim. Crossfire isn't an option.
Damn, son. I can't make a statement about DX12 without being accused of being an Nvidia fanboy. You're out of your mind, you loonie.
People are too optimistic about DX12. Even the DX12 demo I saw only saw a few fps gain.
There isn't a single GPU solution that does 4k reliably, so no it's not. Neither can any card do constant 120fps or 144fps at 1440p either. Even 1080p 144hz. It's ridiculous to suggest that any benchmark under 4k doesn't matter. 
How many people actually have a Fury X? I heard that there are serious supply issues.
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