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I'd much rather ditch 4k and not have to deal with powering games or scaling than lose HDR.  I can't even find a 1440p/144hz/Gsync/IPS monitor that checks all the boxes for me and we're already talking about 4k/144hz/IPS/Gsync/HDR. Lol ok.
Did. Granted editing rights for half a year. Functionally not super terrible, but mentally it pisses me off.
Just 7600k. Shipping right now. Editing rights is annoying the hell out of me with managing the two threads and any possible future threads though.
Little update on the state of the thread:   First, thank you to everyone that has contributed to this thread.  Due to the editing restrictions I haven't been able to modify my own thread, but I am working to get that fixed. Kaby Lake is out, and nobody is doing the charting so I guess I'll do the chart. Right now I'm not sure if I will try to make a nice overclocking guide yet or if it'll mostly be copy-paste. These days I don't really have the patience to go through...
My question is: 5.3ghz. It has to happen! (Not a question.)
I'm too lazy to pull out my ram sticks and check the sticker. Even if I could redo the choice today I'm not sure I would pick the 4266 c19. It just strikes me as a worse balance of frequency and timings compared to 3600 c15. (I'm basing it off of the rough math of frequency divided by cas.) Plus, 4266 is a very high frequency and overclocks with it are more prone to hitting problems with IMC. My photo of my ram sticks have the stick facing the other way, such that the...
Sorry, I'm not that familiar with the dies of ram kits. I don't know if F4-3600C15D-16GTZ the die you're mentioning. I remember when we moved on from X99 to being DDR4 to also z170 having DDR4 Gskills came out with Ripjaws 5 from Ripjaws 4, which was optimized to work better for Skylake builds and could clock better. We're not having the same change again, are we? I don't see many people clocking better than 3733 CAS 15 with sane voltages.
Anybody know how Skylake-era ram will hold up on Kaby Lake platform/mobo? I've got 2x8gb 3600 15-15-15 running at 3733 15-15-15 right now and I hope to keep it. The latest Gskill announcements are all garbo timings.
I got my kit in the Skylake era. Might go downhill if I just get Kaby Lake. 
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