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Did you read my post?Overlocks that people can expect. I don't trust people's self reporting of overclocks. Don't forget you're talking to the guy that had to personally record hundreds of overclocks for two threads. In the face of all that you decide to post 3 results? 
And Sandies have hit 5ghz as well. I'm talking about actually stable 5ghz overclocks that stay 5ghz, and really... 5ghz overclocks anybody can realistically expect.  Overclocks tend to be inflated. People report clocks that are not stable, or they are stable and are not stable later.
I don't think we will hit 5ghz. We're to go up 600mhz from max boost clock since Sandy. I think the chips are just losing headroom for the most part. Intel prove me wrong pls.
Didn't some FF15 devs say if they decide on PC release they want to do it right and up the graphics? If that's the case maybe it'll take a bit longer than usual.
Ok.   pleasebeagoodgamepleasebagoodgamepleasebeagoodgame  
I believe the number of users of FB is going up, not down. A lot of users are on mobile though. FB's not bleeding users.
If my reaction time is 0.2s then if it took 5 seconds to start the game I would start 5.2s in. If it took 4.8s then I would start 5s in. Putting a game on a faster drive is not that stressful, and I already calculated the amount of time I would save. Your assumption is that if I bought a faster drive and put a game on it for work then it must mean I'm trying to save every millisecond possible, sitting there with lightning fast reflexes and that's just not the case. Or are...
I'm doing work modding Skyrim, and if I save 0.2s every time I open the game over thousands and thousands of times, I would actually save a nifty amount of time, lol.
10 runs on standard is like... <10 minutes? Asking for few hours for IBT for the chart.
You should be able to find all the Skylake models here:
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