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Roughly speaking, does anyone know how well the pg279q's QC is compared to 1440p Koreans back in their heyday? 
Hi guys,   I'm considering buying some 4133 C19 ram and I wonder if Skylake IMC can handle it. I wonder how much headroom is left in a 4133 kit. I'd imagine not that much.
I dunno how a semi-glossy finish compares to a glossy coating. :o AFAIK (may be totally wrong) both are AG.
Ok, now give it a glossy finish and I'll buy it once the ones with good QC are out... 
Does Asus even have a 1440p Gsync IPS 144hz monitor that has decent QC?
I had a very rocky experience using the Steam browser. I keep getting messages on saying it's out of date, and pages tend to load quite slowly. Sometimes things are glitchy.
Let's hibernate for a few years and walk out of our stasis pods (lol) to free OLED for all and GTX 9001ti! 
If it's announced in Jan then I don't think there will be good supply until like March.  I dunno what I want to do yet. I'm flirting with the idea of a custom loop and I would like some more GPU power... I also would like some more Vram because I'm trying to go crazy with Skyrim and I want to test some Skyrim stuff. It feels weird to have a custom loop with quality parts but not be buying the latest and greatest (barring Titan of course because it's crazy and getting...
Are they going to update the Steam Browser?
So uh, how credible is the Jan 1080ti unveil rumor? 
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