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No verification picture found. You have been charted to the secondary chart.Please find your cache speed.You have been updated. The following people have been added:Sample Size 110 Items in red only include K skus. Average OC 4.67 Median OC 4.70 Average Vcore 1.38 Median Vcore 1.37  If you have submitted to the chart in the past 3 months, please check to see if you were added correctly.
Hi guys.   I'll be charting people later today.
Why can't you answer a question directly?
Hopefully AMD's stuff will come out soon too so we can compare side by side.
And that doesn't make sense.
100%? You don't think you're being overconfident here?
I think you think you know what you're talking about, but you don't. You also can't demonstrate whatever you think to be true to be actually true. It's unclear how many posts you've been stringing me along on purpose, pretending not to understand what I'm saying. But either way it doesn't paint a very flattering picture. We can discuss our differences or you can hide from criticism in your own odd way. You chose the latter. I've also seen you make very basic errors in...
I mean for that as well. That is speculation. Maybe more accurately put would be that it's 'some evidence'.
How is that related to what I was talking about?
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