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Is the cpu at stock clock or under oc? Is the pump working at 12V (through the molex or sys fan header with speed control disabled)? Also just make sure if the backplate aren't loose. I've seen some accounts reporting high temps due a loose backplate.
I would say option 2 but with fan as exhaust in order to help keeping the case as cool as possible. The front intake fan will help feeding cool air to the radiator. Don't worry about the psu, it will be fine with the radiator exhausting warmer air to the bottom. Just like old school design (top psu placement), all psu work fine drawing air inside of the case next to the cpu.
Actually there is no design fault about the Corsair's mounting system. If I'm not wrong the backplate should be slightly loose and once the pump/block is placed and tightened down it becomes solid.
I'm just curious, what exactly are the models of the faulty Asetek's?Are they just rebranded units for Corsair, Antec or other OEM units?I have no cons about any traditional company (Asetek, CoolIt, Cooler Master), IMO every company has their own failure rate and also horror histories. Then the question is just for my personal curiosity.
Interesting, I've never thought about a faulty pump could also damage a fan header. doyll and ciarlatano, thanks to let me know. Rep+
LOLYes, I know what you want to mean.They made a device which only will work properly if a customer plugged it at 12V fan header but not all fan headers will grant 12V by default.I've seem many accounts that was running those pumps with speed variable.
I mean options like the Seidons that require 2 fan connectors, one for the cpu fan and the other for the pump.
Your advice sounds interesting. Well, the most important is that the fan header will work as well. Actually some newer boards are also recommending the CPU OPT FAN to be used to power the pump.
Well, not all Seidon owners have those noise issues. Actually according to some reports the pump noise will be gone soon then it might not be really heard over the case fans.
Yes, the psu will grant 12V to the pump but the Seidon doesn't come with a molex adapter.
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