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Thanks for your advice.
Hi there,First I want to sorry for my English, it's not my first language.I just have a few questions about the 212 Plus and the tim application.My rig listed in my sig.I just reinstalled and repaste the 212 after 3 years of use.Well, I haven't installed the 212 before, someone did it for me.So this was my first 212 installation.1) Pictures about the paste (CM stock tim) before cleaning, after 3 years of use. [[SPOILER]] Is that paste still fine for long years of use or is...
Yeah, the FX has 8 cores. Actually the AMD core is not like the Intel core. From Hardware Secrets: "It is important to understand that with the FX CPUs from AMD, each pair of CPU cores share the same front-end engine (i.e., the fetch unit, the L1 instruction cache, and the instruction decoders). So, each pair of CPU cores is part of the same “module,” and the FX-8350 and the FX-8150 are comprised of four of these modules. With the other CPUs included in our review, every...
Well, I just found this: [Guru3D] AMD faces Lawsuit over Core Count on Bulldozer
No hurry!Thanks for the link. Rep+
Hi there!I just found this comparison.Does the comparison show processors under stock or with oc?Thanks.
The Jetflo comes with the silent adapter to reduce fan speed:19 dBA (1200 RPM with included silent mode adapter)28 dBA (1600 RPM with included silent mode adapter)
My bad, you're right about this, I missed this.
Try AMD OverDrive, it can be downloaded here. The AOD shows the Thermal Margin: Thermal Margin indicates how far the current operating temperature is below the maximum operating temperature of the processor. For more details about AMD temperatures, look here.
You are welcome. Why two different versions of the H110? The answer is here.And the differences between them?From Corsair Dustin look here and here.Other opinions look here and here.
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