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If you don't planning to oc the 212 would be more than enough and also being quiet.
The 212 isn't that wider and the fan can be also placed in the pull configuration at the rear of the heatsink.
Hi there.Have you tried and liked the Blademasters before, didn't you?Then I'm just curious what's your thoughts about the AP-15's vs Blademasters?
Have you tried to plug the fan in the PWR fan header? This header will alway supply 12V then the fan should run always at full blast. I hope only the fan is fault.
Take a look at this link here. I think that those charts and videos can help you.
I would say personal preference or may vary depending of your rig (board, fan mount locations, fans specifications, etc).I have an Asus board and 120mm PWM case fans with 600 rpm - 2000 rpm.They're quiet at low/medium speed and loud at higher speed.By default the cpu fan header has a min duty cycle at 20% and the cha fan header has 60%.If I have a drive cage with 4 stacked hard disks I think is better to hook the front fan in the cha fan header.With cpu idling the cpu fan...
You can make zipties screws just like this.
I don't know specifically about the CM 690 series althrougt I know that some cases like the Cosmos/Stryker/Trooper has specific fans made for the buit-in fan controller. The stock fans doesn't have the same model number than the Megaflow. Maybe those fans are not exactly the same as the Megaflow but they look...
That utility calls Easy Tune but it seems to show only the CPU temps and the fans speeds.
I've never tried those newer CM Jetflo fans that came with the Nepton. I'm the CM Blademaster onwer that not is a quiet fan at higher speeds but from I've heard those newer CM fans like Turbine Matches, Excaliburs and the Jetflos can be louder even at lower speeds. I think fans like the Blademaster can be louder at 2000 rpm but they can be quieter at 1500 rpm. I think also that 2 fans at 1500 rpm can give about the same temps then using 1 fan at full blast. I would agree...
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