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I personally like both brands and have used their hard disks. I'm a Seagate 7200 RPM SATA III owner and my vote this time goes to Seagate just because I'm not from US and Seagate offers local rma with faster replacement in my country. His products have also better avaiability and prices in my county over WD's. I've never used the WD blue and black but I've used the WD green for years that cames with in the HP's desktops. Both Seagate and WD Green run quietly and cool.
Actually the max core temp for the FX-8320 / FX-8350 is 70C.Look here.
Thanks for your input. If I can I would give you a Rep+.
My oldest and first Seagate ST2000DM001 had weird click noises since the first day. The noise seems like the mouse button clicks just like in this video here. I updated the firmware then the weird noises almost gone. My newest Seagate ST2000DM001 (same model but newer PN and firmware revision) doesn't have any weird noises.
I have both the Viper's 120mm and 140mm. The 120mm fan works fine and it's quiet under 1300 rpm. The 140mm fan shifts a good amount of air but it's rather loud to me. It isn't quiet like the 120mm.
Actually the AMD Overdrive doesn't show the core temps."AMD overdrive shows accurate temperatures, but in a manner we are not accustomed to seeing. AMD Overdrive now shows a thermal margin reading instead of the actual core temperatures. Supposedly, the thermal margin reading indicates how much headroom is left before the maximum operating temperature is reached."
Do you mean the Kraken X60? It uses a 280mm rad (2 x 140mm fans). Like the H100 it also needs a SATA power and an USB port for software fan control.
How about to place a slim fan in the middle top fan mount? I think it might clear the ram. If I understood corretly your case supports the H100 with at least 1 stock fan? You can find quite cheap slim fans here.
I get it. Well actually I cant really give you thoughts cause I've never tried any of the Noctua fans. If I have both of them I would try them before choose the definitive one. If you ask Cyclops I think he will recommend the P12. Look his tests here and here.
I would recommend to keep the stock fan. Just go into the bios and change the CPU Fan Speed Low Limit to Ignored or 200 RPM. If I'm not wrong the NF-F12 which comes with the NH-U12P is at least 8 years old and I think it's best to keep the newer fan which uses a better bearing.
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