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I agreed what DF is BUSY said. I read what you posted in your another thread here. The results sound fine to me. Look at my rig, it's a Core I5 (non oc) with the Hyper 212+. The core temps usually hover around 25 - 30C but they can max out around 45C after doing simple tasks such like browsing. The cpu fan sometimes hover around 500 rpm or 600 rpm. After gaming a couple of hours the max core temps keep below 50C. Max core temp under Prime95: 52C - 55C and cpu fan...
I have the FZ-140mm wich is the newest line from NZXT. It's only a 1000 rpm fan but IMO it has a bit loud motor noise at full blast. I think also the listed airflow seems exagerated. I'm one of the owners that agreed with you heard about the NZXT fans noise although the NZXT RB series has better reviews then the newest FZ series. Take a look at the Gelid Silent's. Their fans are very well rated by Tator Tot here.
Let me help you about some of the the rad fan setup questions. There's also the Corsair Hydro Series Club here for more opinions. If you don't have any concern about the stock fans I would say keep them. Look at here and here. The rad benefits most in a "PUSH" configuration and Push/Pull is overkill. For more details look here.
Current poll results: Front intake: 0 Side intake: 1 Bottom intake: 2
How about to place a intake fan in the bottom location? I think that the bottom mount location is easier to mod then the side window.
If you don't planning to oc the 212 would be more than enough and also being quiet.
The 212 isn't that wider and the fan can be also placed in the pull configuration at the rear of the heatsink.
Hi there.Have you tried and liked the Blademasters before, didn't you?Then I'm just curious what's your thoughts about the AP-15's vs Blademasters?
Have you tried to plug the fan in the PWR fan header? This header will alway supply 12V then the fan should run always at full blast. I hope only the fan is fault.
Take a look at this link here. I think that those charts and videos can help you.
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