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The SR-1 480 has only 9 fpi then I would say the CM Silencio for quiet operation.The Vardar seems more suitable for the EK PE 240 due his high 19 fpi.
Agreed.These Turbine fans are also used in Cougar cases.IMO they seem to have better quality over than many other stock fans used by other brands.Definitively they don't look cheap like my Corsair 300R stock fans.I can't tell about all the owners but some reported ticking issues with the 4-pin PWM version not the 3-pin versions.Some others owners didn't found any issues.If you want to read more throughts about the Cougars look at some old...
I would recommend the Cougar Vortex HDB 3-pin. Take a look here and here and just pick your color theme. I have the 140mm version. At full blast almost 1300 rpm the noise that I can hear is most likely the wind's movement and not the motor noise. @Cyclops reviewed the 120mm version here. Another choice is the Cougar Turbine which is a cheaper version of the Vortexes. The 4-pack for $30 is available here and here. Edited: I fixed the links.
For Gelid Silent's look at 120mm non-pwm: 140mm nom-pwm: 140mm pwm: I've never tried myself the GT's. As far as I know their noise are associated with the ball bearings. Look here and here.
Take a look on Gelid Silent's. Read this post here and here from Tator Tot.
I have fans with 600 rpm - 2000 rpm, they start at around 500 rpm. I think it's better to choose PWM fans that starts above 600 rpm. Like Doyll said avoid fans with closed frame holes like the Cougar Vortex HDB and CM Excalibur.
Yeah agreed. I'm just curious, is the stock fan spinning at least around 900 rpm (+/- 10%)? I have an Asus board but mine will show an error only if the CPU Fan is running below 200 rpm. I can also change this value or just disable the speed alert in the bios.
The fan rpm is stated as 900 ~ 2,000 ± 10%. The bios option CPU Fan Min Duty Cycle is by default 20%. Try to set it with a higher value like 50% or 60%. The fan header will supply a higher fan power (pwm signal) then the fan should start at a higher rpm. One way to check the max rpm is disabling the bios option CPU Q-Fan Control. The fan will spin at full blast.
Motherboard fan headers are tipically rated 1A / 12W.It would be fine to hook fans in the same header since the combined amperage / wattage doesn't exceed that rating.There's 2-way splitters like this and this.Some splitters like this or this draw power from the PSU then there's no risks to exceed the fan header power rating.For splitters powered by the PSU the speed control will work only by PWM.Not all 4-pin headers are PWM.For most boards only the CPU Fan header offers...
The 212 stock fan has 4-pin then it can be speed controled by PWM when plugged in the CPU Fan header.The AF12025's exist in 2 versions with 3-pin and 4-pin PWM.The AF12025 in the link is a 3-pin fan then it can be only speed regulated by DC.If the CPU Fan header doesn't offer speed control by DC then 3-pin fans will spin at max speed.
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