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Actually the stock paste should be Dow Corning according to this post here.They're most likely still using Dow Corning for the newer GTX units as stated by Greybeard (Corsair Rep):Source here
I've heard ThermalFAKE being used quite a bit. Although I would also known them as ThermalTAKE. Reason: Thermaltake Accused Of Stealing – New Computex Products Went Too Far
Well, not only the charts here are great but I'm also pretty like to read your thoughts and impressions.Your tests here are definitively useful and interesting.Thanks a lot for your time and efforts!
Just a fix: the Blademaster are actually rifle bearing fans.Source:
The Seidon like the 212 should be fine for mild oc.And as for the noise, I don't think it will be much louder than your current/previous parts.Mine had a bit loud and annoying noise coming from the pump just due the air bubbles.After a few days the pump just quiet down itself and I can't really hear the pump inside the case and my case fans.I think you will find the 412 stock fan (3-pin 1300 rpm) louder then the pump.I've onwed a pair of these OEM XtraFlo sleeve bearing...
The newer V2 stock fan Silencio FP should be quieter than the previous Blademaster. The Seidon 120 would perform about the same or a bit better then the entry level choices like the Hyper 212. Both might not perform well at 4.7 Ghz - 4.8 Ghz levels.
It's similar, look at Mr Tot opinion here.
Just a fix: the Blade Master OEM comes with the 212 Plus. The Evo comes with the XtraFlo.
I dunno about the SP120 but it looks like the Cougar Vortex about the plastic rubber materials. I have the Cougar Vortex and when I took it out of the box, it had a strong smell. That smell bother me enough to don't place inside my pc in the same day and let it out of the box for a full day. I'm not sure if that smell was from the build materials or by its painting. If I recall corretly, the smell took at least one week to left.
Yeah, I agreed with you.Thanks for the explanation. REP+I agreed that 6 years is time enough for most folks desiring to upgrade or change their rigs.However I know that poor quality fans is prone to facing issues like grinding noise and excessive vibration sooner.Then how known or trust of the bearing's quality advertised?I'm also under impression that not all reviewers and experts will share the same opinion about the quality and reliability of a fan bearing.Example: can...
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