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It's similar, look at Mr Tot opinion here.
Just a fix: the Blade Master OEM comes with the 212 Plus. The Evo comes with the XtraFlo.
I dunno about the SP120 but it looks like the Cougar Vortex about the plastic rubber materials. I have the Cougar Vortex and when I took it out of the box, it had a strong smell. That smell bother me enough to don't place inside my pc in the same day and let it out of the box for a full day. I'm not sure if that smell was from the build materials or by its painting. If I recall corretly, the smell took at least one week to left.
Yeah, I agreed with you.Thanks for the explanation. REP+I agreed that 6 years is time enough for most folks desiring to upgrade or change their rigs.However I know that poor quality fans is prone to facing issues like grinding noise and excessive vibration sooner.Then how known or trust of the bearing's quality advertised?I'm also under impression that not all reviewers and experts will share the same opinion about the quality and reliability of a fan bearing.Example: can...
Agreed! My only cons is supporting companies lying about it's bearing, listing it as "premium" quality bearing but still facing the same issues of the sleeve bearing. Example: The Xigmatek XAF fan series reviewed here. I tested the Silencios with my Hyper 212 and Seidon 120. At the same rpm, they perform as good as my other fans, being much quieter. Now I'm just curious how good is that Silencio's LDB bearing. I was thought the Silencio's LDB bearing would be...
Thanks again. REP+I know that Mr Tot don't like the SSO neither the Cougar Dual-X (Hong Sheng) because he considers that bearings just another sleeve implementation.Can I consider that CM's LDB as good/reliable as Corsair SP120, Cougar Vortex HDB (Power Logic), Thermalright FDB or it's just like the Noctua's SSO or Hong Sheng's implementation?
Thanks for your input.I mean that Silencio FP 120 PWM here .Do you mean that LDB is actually a sleeve bearing?From I recall from Mr Tot that old SSO (not the newer SSO2) is actually a sleeve bearing and due the project is prone to leaking.Am I right with that?
I've been used the 212 Plus and also tried the stock fan Blade Master, XtraFlo (same as the 212 Evo), Akasa Viper and Cooler Master Silencio FP. Despite the color and speed range, the Vipers, Apaches and Hyperborea are all the same. The Viper is a good fan spinning under 1300 rpm and seems to shift a good amount of air. The bearing noise of the Vipers seem better than the Blade Master and the XtraFlo but they're still audible. I would myself pick the Silencio FP, it's...
I just read the owner comments: he did a case window mod to fit the cooler. I'm really curious to see that picture with the case and the window panel closed.
Well, according to the link, he owns the TS140 Power (170mm tall).
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