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Im gonna skip this gen to be honest my 7870xt can still play a lot of games.
The new stock cooler is so much better the old ones looks cheap and ugly.
Got his on HardwareZonePH wall post
Keep it up Asrock.
thanks guys for the input i got the 7850 FF and to my surprise it came with Bioshock and DMC codes.
Hi, Im can i have your opinion about this im choosing between 7850 Fling force and palit 650 ti boost since they have identical price for the stores here i read some reviews and the beat each other in some games but for general use XBMC and casual games other parts that will be used will be i3-3220 Gigabyte H77n WiFi corsair vengeance LP 2x4gb 1600 GPU: ??? TIA.
Hi I have setup my hardware to enable UEFI boot since im using a 7870 myst im just wondering what will happen if i replace my GPU with a GPU that does not support UEFI GOP. Edit: Tried this by removing the GPU but turns out that the HD4000 Supports GOP did anyone tried this using a different GPU?
thanks. im gonna get 7950 by sunday.
hi im setting up a new PC and my budget for a GPU is $300 my question is can a 2 7790 in xfire match the gaming prowess of a 7950 factory overclocked. as seen in review. Thanks
i upgraded to a 1080p 24" monitor and i think my 7850 is coming up short should i buy 7950 now or wait for next gen card?
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