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Anyone playing DD2? I have given it a couple of hours now and I am really liking it so far.
Dota 2 Reborn beta, just landed=)
Hello fellow OCNers, I have encountered a problem when over clocking my GTX EVGA 680 FTW+, it runs all the benchmarks without crashing. Somehow when I start playing Dota 2, Arma 3 or any other game it seems to cause the game to crash to desktop or app. has stopped working(not responding). I was wondering if this is the result of me running 1 Samsung 27" 120hz as main and a LG 24" 60hz plugged into the GPU at the same time. If I put both screens on 60HZ would this fix the...
So is the 7k still a better mouse, or should I go with the 8200?
Lets go 19(89'ers)!!
So did I ended up at 4,7k=(
The unholy rage on satanicshouldnt work if Desolator is the main orb.
I have studied Sanshengs doom and Play similar.He gets arcane boots aswell as meka. Saying that we both play him as 4th pos. jungler. He prefers the Shadowblade, I have to say I prefer Blink after the mana cost was removed. After that you've to adapt to the enemy or what your team needs. I have to say unless u play vs a greedier line up, Id always prefer that 6 min meka instead of midas.
@connectwise you take the ID, click the watch tab and then go to recent games and filter by match ID. some old replays might not work due to the expiration date. moonmeander was a sad boy when I played vs him HAHA!
Haha! We all go full C9 sometimes. I get what your saying, I am no solo queuer either. I have to agree that alot of games are not worth the time you spend playing/arguing/talking/waiting and so on, but hey its DotA after all.The reason I have to do some soloQ is cause I have played support for most of the teams I have ever played on. Therefore they all think I am not capable of playing a core role. However I played jungle troll just before I logged. Had to carry them from...
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