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Im running 337.50, no problems with fps drops. tried with my usual settings and my stream settings both seems to work at 120fps. Did they occur after updating steam, dota or gfx drivers?
In please
I would love to know more, thanks for making this thread. Tried a lot of different surfaces have yet to find one I like. Perhaps this is the one for me, please keep posting!
I had the same problem, when I first started playing, seems all the server with people get further down on the list, try holding space or scrolling the sort by number of players. Hopefully this helps you too!
Thanks for the help, appreciate it!!
Hey guys, completely new to mechanical keyboards and therefore got no knowledge on where to buy customized key caps. Anyone got some good sites to refer too. Both pre-made and customizable are something I am looking for. No idea if either are necessary, but I am using a Filco TKL and location is Norway.
I like it except for the AP part..
zsmj carrying from the 4/5th pos=)
Thanks for getting my point, seems someone else did not.
Shift queuing is slower than nailing the timing, but its a guarantee. Only shift que I have ever found useful is Epicenter into blink.
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