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There's no guidelines or standards for the motherboard tray? But the only thing i do need is the spacing for the i/o panel if possible
Yea, the only constraint I have is mid tower and has to be within guidelines so that it would be marketable.
Thanks. I'm looking at the website now but it doesn't have a lot of specifications and guidlines. Any other websites that provide them?
thanks that helps alot. are the psu screw hole locations the same for most? besides price-wise, is there a difference between using steel and aluminum?
I need to design and have a local sheet metal company build a custom case for me. I can use Autodesk Inventor, kind of like AutoCAD. What I want to know is if there's any place that has standard dimensions (i.e. PCI Slot distance, MoBo/PSU Mounting screw template, i/o shield template, HDD rack, etc)
lol thanks but im not dumb i meant like high res stock quality of each side
thanks, anywhere i can get other pics of it besides the cosmos site?
3 day BUMP
Im going to start a Cosmos II Guild Wars 2 Edition Mod and I want to photoshop it first. I cant find any pictures of the case with the sides open except the one from MKG but I need it to be the original color/not modded. If anyone has that picture or any other good pics of the case I can use please post them here. When I do start ill be posting work logs. Also, any advice or threads on design painting? Thank you. TL:DR i need a pic of cosmos 2 like this but without mods ...
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