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The Seasonic Platinum 1000W. It was the first high end power supply I ever owned and was a piece of art in my case. Unfortunately I killed it a while back when messing up refilling my watercooling loop. On the night before a weekend long LAN. I still miss that beautiful grey and black box
Guess it would have a leaky watercooler then
It probably will. The way they have spread out the rewards will pretty much guarantee big jumps in spending every time a milestone/reward is reached. The immortals this year are totally boss. I can't wait to see the next tiers. RIP in peace my wallet
I would probably never see the light of day ever again.While I really love the Dawn of War 40k series, I do prefer the playstyle of Total War. Throw away the base building. Give me armies.FOR THE EMPEROR
I WANT TO BELIEVE!Anyway, I'm really working from memory here, but wasn't it reported a good while back that Oculus had a tour of Valve HQ and had a look at a VR implementation they were working on which included much better head tracking tech, which would later be re-engineered/incorporated into Crystal Cove as the IR tracking dots. If i recall back then Valve stated they had no intention in joining the VR race but were just doing R&D for internal purposes only.
Today I learnt new words... Whataboutery and Whataboutism But you have a point, an issue stays an issue even if its not the most pressing issue on earth.I just wonder if they will be able to roll out a software fix to the colour limitation, instead of revising the controller chip
Funny you should bring up Deus Ex... Since it's ending is exactly the same as the ending for ME3: Destroy, Control or Merge.What I personally would love in a ME game is to focus on one of the council races and play through some big part of their history. Or just focus on the history of the universe. There is so much lore they could play around with to craft a really interesting story. Flesh out the rest of the universe. I don't think introducing a new and even bigger end...
The closest to an actual SA accent you are gonna get to that is the "Club Flashback" scenes in Far Cry 3 with Die Antwoord jamming in the background But yeah for some reason a South African accent is impossible to fake. Just take any movie portraying a South African mercenary/tough guy/bad guy ever and compare it to District 9's Sharlto Copley. We are probably typecast as mercs for hire due to the idea that we are all tough as nails and ride zebra to work and have pet...
I'm foalding hard!! Had a late start due to power cuts but the points are rolling in from last night. I usually run my 290's underclocked a slight bit for almost 24/7 folding but I've cranked them up for this FFW. Expecting 420k+ ppd total.
Can confirm that the Contract event is literally PAY4TEAMWORK Mention that I have the arcana, let someone else play PA since I'm a bit rusty with her, and all game long its 4 protect 1. I usually just cue with one buddy and more often than not we get paired up with horrible ragers that feed/throw the game the moment anyone makes a mistake. Went from a 6 game loosing streak to 3 wins just because everyone wanted to work together to complete the contract and get items....
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