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Seems one of the fixes is crashes in Facebook: but I suspect it's not just with them, only that they're quite a high-profile initiator of the issue.
I have this issue since upgrading from v16 and can't get rid of it - I've tried running as administrator and using the options menu, but the button remains active. I'm running on Windows 7.Is there any other way to get rid of this prompt and make WF the default?**Update** never mind, fixed it by running:Code:"%ProgramFiles%\Waterfox\waterfox.exe" -silent -nosplash -setDefaultBrowserHopefully it won't come back
Working fine for me
Can we have v16.0.2 soon?
Not a lot has changed since I had WF14 which didn't have this issue, but then many of the extensions I use have updated so maybe it's one of them.I've had to reboot my system now after yesterday's updates so I'll see what happens in the next few days.
Does anyone else have an issue when closing down WF15 that it doesn't actually close down the main exe? I leave one of my machines logged in and locked every night after closing all my apps down, and most times when I come back in the morning, running WF again causes the pop up that it's already running. I check in task manager and the waterfox.exe process is still there, hogging 900MB+ Weird
In updater.ini Code: DownloadsFolder=C:\Users\UserNameWithheld\AppData\Roaming\Waterfox Limited\Waterfox\updates\ I think this will be a big issue if the browser is used by multiple accounts - it should probably use a shared area like "ProgramData" for this
I hope this propagates to WF very soon after Mozilla releases the fix or I'll have to revert to FF on a few systems
Been having fun and games with the latest download and silent deployment. Seems the way to install it from the command line is: Code: "Waterfox 15.0 Setup.exe" /exenoui /quiet /passive /qn /log c:\waterfoxinstall.log /norestart Unfortunately now the command line to set it as the default browser: Code: "C:\Program Files\Waterfox\waterfox.exe" -silent -setDefaultBrowser no longer fully works. It displays some text before requiring me to press Enter to exit the...
I have no problem as long as a) it's simple to bypass b) the silent installer for deployment doesn't install it. Both counts satisfied.Though I find it amusing that the Express will install the toolbar according to the text, but under custom for the same toolbar it says "Only works on 32bit browsers" - WF is 64bit no? LOL
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