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os installed with 4gb to spare
^ haha thanks, that is an EVEGA GE Force 9800 GTX + - a classic
clean this up a bit so dont get cut angle brackets to mount the psu had to bend some of them to fit had to drill out the stock threads for larger bolts fan holes fans mount the psu drilled holes in the gpu bracket and mounted need to clean that hole up some more i dont have any standoffs sooo... diy standoffs the southbridge cooler screw was missing... replaced mobo mounted used i5 cooler for my q9550, everything wired up tape of the dragon on...
K lets try this again: rough edge before filing moch-up
hole for the rotated GPU halfway thru my dremel wheel said fufufufu If you dont have the right tools, make the tools you have the right tools not working...
lid is on - took a bit of hammering, but its solid now.
^ got it off craigslist for 10$
So i have some extra hardware now... was thinking about converting an old case i had over to a mobile setup. Basically i am going to cut most of it away and just keep where the ports output. the door has a ton of plexi that i think will cover a whole side of this new rig. going for super compact i found some PCi extension cable online so i can mount the GFX card sideways. the total width should be 120mm as to fit those 2 insane fans. behind or infront of the fans...
mobo ram proc GFX old stuff pulled out wireless installed pull more stuff remove block remove mobo new back panel drop in the new mobo; UDH replacing a UDH... all the standoffs lined right up. block installed time to wire it up boot gfx bench
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