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Know that its not the power saving feature as when it was on power saver it had no trouble with playing on ultra. The ram runs high idle (1.8 gbs) and i hear its common for 7 to run like that before it would only run at like .9 gbs idle. Even when i put it in performance mode its still really slow. I could play 4v4s perfectly on ultra, maybe something went wrong with the program ill try reinstalling it. Should i benchmark it?
Really dont quite know and for it to go from playing ultra to playing low is pretty significant. Ultra wouldplay at 45 fps now low plays at like 30. I want to try a fresh install sadly it is not my laptop so im building my own.
Yeah its been slowing down before it could play on ultra no problem, but yeah i definently will be overhaulin that sucker once i get all the stuff in. Thanks for all the help.
Current Laptop Intel i7 2.0ghz 4 core 6gbs ddr3 ram Nvidia Geforce GT 550M 1080P LED 120 hz It's horrendously slow, Can barely play starrcraft 2 on low settings
Dunno, 720 for now, havent got a 1080 yet
God damn I just looked at your rig... That's a ******* MONSTER. So this on BF3... What quality could you see? I would want to build this to maybe a 965 BE and a 570 but in the mean time is this a good build or could I do this to a tower and get this?
I know it's no super machine but this is still a pretty good deal for 400 right?
Mmk Here I found this computer it's for sale for 400$ should I buy or No?
If I wanted a working computer or something what is a good barebone computer that way I don't have to look up all the parts or something. Or if I wanted to build it from the ground up for like 500-550$ could you make a buildsheet? I don't like fancy towers just something that will cool and ventilate.
Just another quick question, It's not a bad thing to walk around with the laptop while it is doing cpu intensive things is it? I know it seems fairly simple but I just want to make sure I didn't damage anything such as the hard drive while I was walking down the stairs.
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