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Actually many reasons. And very often one can in fact be an exception to them, either legally or in practice, for many other reasons; very often ones which were not considered when such laws were enacted.Juuuuuusayin.
And here I don't even use a real bank. DD to a reloadable pre-paid. I assume it was not so much the businesses that were slow to adopt as it was the consumer. Banks here are already using one too many excuses to take extra money from us. And speak of credit, and I will tell you that one would have to be a fool to try and commandeer mine.
Well that's certainly true, if they are willing to just bury their heads in the sand over Bitcoin.
Well, what's your theory on the reason in this case?
Great. Let's put a picture of an animal on a cryptocurrency. That'll lend it credibility for sure.Where's catcoins, while we're at it? Probably be more successful.Nice job Apple.
Herein lies the crux. Many intentions of some companies are specifically aimed at hindering knowledge. If freelancers and entrepreneurs have limited (at best) access to the knowledge they would need to innovate and make discoveries, the money spent on research and development suddenly becomes much more cost-effective.Doomsay I? Hopefully.
SOURCE:Unexpected, yet logical, development.
A hacker, a pirate, and a terrorist walk into a bar... Idk seems appropriate somehow.
First and foremost, I question whether this should even be considered intellectual property in the first place. Of course we all know what the official answer to that question is.
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