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It was quite a wopr.
Terminology aside, be assured that you walk among them every day.
I suppose some of the ambiguation is my fault. So to clarify, this is intended as a new method for heating material to a plasma state for fusion energy production.
As a weapon it would be more along the lines of "turn the impact zone on your enemy's material defenses into tiny atomic bombs." Buuut I think this technique only works effectively on certain types of compounds.
SOURCESounds easy.
But I thought this was about statistics Some of which include suicide as a crime.On a serious note, I think we can agree that this distinction can, at the very least, shed light on the things that ACTUALLY cause most gun crimes.edit: Noting that I came off suspiciously vague I clarify this by saying it is the literal clash of wealth (legal or not) with all of the problems it hasn't solved that amplifies the effect.
I feel bad for people who are persuaded by insults. I suppose that's my way of saying this thread is over the slippery slope to locking.Whether you know it or not, our states don't all follow the same rules, and the cities within those states don't follow the same rules. edit: just felt the need to note that at the height of the Iraq war, a civilian in Detroit was still more likely to be the victim of violence than people there. /edit And I'm sorry you think living in...
So what we would actually need to make the situation any better is guns that can read your thoughts. yay. technology to the rescue
It's a fine line to walk, between public and private funding. No matter how you slice it, there's no work that gets doin' unless it's what the one signing the paychecks wants done. And honestly I approach subjects like these with an unwieldy amount of optimism. Considering how things really work... I'd just as soon draft up some "we're not worthy" bill that prohibits people from developing certain fields until we can strongly agree that the whole of society is capable...
Most gun stores don't have the financial capability to hire a psychologist.
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