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SOURCESo now we can have software to go with the new hardware. "Virus protection?" Will kids learn to pirate those name brand neurochemicals? Yes I do not make complete sense, because I am still dumbfounded in my attempts to conceptualize the totality of capability we are beginning to see the light of, just over the horizon.
And here I thought I was gonna get flak for the guy being named Dr. Sprittles.
Appreciated. I haven't been here in a while and the current headlines I faced seem to have headed towards the gloom of the industries' legal battles. While things like this need to be discussed, I try to remind people there's other interesting things going on.In truth I am somewhat surprised that a more thorough investigation along these lines didn't reach the surface back when that new hydrophobic spray 3M had developed was all the rage. I suppose function was more...
SOURCEIt's quite astonishing to see how the forefronts of technology can sometimes be affected by such simple things.
It was quite a wopr.
Terminology aside, be assured that you walk among them every day.
I suppose some of the ambiguation is my fault. So to clarify, this is intended as a new method for heating material to a plasma state for fusion energy production.
As a weapon it would be more along the lines of "turn the impact zone on your enemy's material defenses into tiny atomic bombs." Buuut I think this technique only works effectively on certain types of compounds.
SOURCESounds easy.
But I thought this was about statistics Some of which include suicide as a crime.On a serious note, I think we can agree that this distinction can, at the very least, shed light on the things that ACTUALLY cause most gun crimes.edit: Noting that I came off suspiciously vague I clarify this by saying it is the literal clash of wealth (legal or not) with all of the problems it hasn't solved that amplifies the effect.
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