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Sorry. I think my attitude to the whole situation might have spilled onto you. Now I remember why I had to take a break from consumer advocacy.
I'm just pointing out that there is absolutely no reason the phone couldn't just be physically repaired by hand and then lightninged to some little black box, so obviously this apparatus is intentionally overcomplicated. I'll leave the corner joke standing for you to figure out.
Says the user who thinks this isn't about money. But it's cool. Your facts had no bearing on the issue from the get-go. Thank you for replying, though. edit:Just couldn't help myself. I encourage everyone who reads "screen" in every article about this to replace it with this lovely clarification from my friend here.
Well can't find any mention of the cost of this thing, But hearing that there will be up to 400 accessible to THE ENTIRE GLOBE by the END OF 2017 doesn't sound like an actual effort. And it doesn't exactly look like they went for ergonomics when they designed this either. I mean what do they got an in-house repair surgeon doing remote angioplasty on your phone? edit: I mean they could have at least rounded off the corners or something.
You mean kill off the wannabe's and hangerons so the main culprit won't get it's party shut down?
Ya I like to let my ego drive sometimes... But nobody beyond their first experience with an engineered failure mode will be fooled by the idea that complicating something as simple as display screen replacement by designing it to be dependent on the most logistically complicated part to replace, and then building a complicated machine to complicate the complicated business relationship with their... Ya basically Apple says "we dare you to fix it, oh righteous...
Well, the ones which make us sick were already naturally dangerous to us. It's mostly been the things that we do to combat them that makes them stronger. If you have a "benign" or "innocuous" bacteria, it really doesn't have the ability to cause us harm, unless our immune system is already quite heavily compromised at least. It is true that they could possibly evolve to consume us, but most of them are more or less confined to a small range of food sources (chemically...
Good thing we sold the Brooklyn Bridge...You so astute, mah brotha (or sista). I B Gladio (B).
Well I do like to speak colloquially. When I'm going against the grain.
This is why I made the point earlier. On whose part is the negligence in fact criminal? The one with the toy too ignorant to notice posted signs; The one who is responsible for a few hundred lives on an airbus; The one who argued against a law that would spend a bunch of money to feigningly keep track of who INTENTIONALLY used a drone for a "terrorist" attack. Whatever happened to serial numbers?
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