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Thought this was already in the works. Come to think of it, why is this not commercialized yet?
You're contending that since the company hasn't reached the end-game of their actions that they should be permitted to continue in their efforts to do so.
Nutshell. Thread over as far as I am concerned.But since I got called out earlier I must progress.
I can't tell you how many times I've tried to explain to people, here and otherwheres, how evil of a company Amazon is. They always just go "uh well I think they're ok, they got me free 2-day shipping" or some other little incentive.
I don't understand why they always try to show off it's picture quality when every screen that's going to display the jpg will be incapable of rendering it.
OP, you stopped quoting right before the framing rhetoric:All I'm hearing is someone complaining that another middleman has built a route to the consumer, and reality has forced them to use it because they were too confident in their past foothold.So, I don't really know what answer they are searching for, according to this. Is he claiming that the enforcement system needs to be less reasonable? Or would he simply be satisfied with making sure the companies he has signed...
That it is. But distinction needs to be made between who's problem it is, and who's fault it is.The problem with the concept of this patent, as has been noted, is that there is no real innovative functionality or advantage. The only thing it accomplishes, is to give legal power to what is quite obviously a proprietary separation from standard that serves to stress collaborative companies into conforming with the market force that Apple has developed (much of which is...
Assumedly, that's about how long it takes a patent to be processed.
Ah yes, the truth of this excessive patenting and why it goes unchecked has been jarred from my memory. I re-found this (somewhat dated) article that can explain it for you. Thank you for reminding me why I found this troubling once again.
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