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It's unlikely that the cable is the problem, since as you said a cable is a cable. Try poking around in the monitor options and see if ULMB is enabled? That would explain why it's dimmer at 85Hz (backlight strobing) since that's the frequency ULMB works at on that monitor. And that feature won't work at 144Hz. Also try checking if there's a DP revision option. Unlikely on this monitor, but worth a shot. Some monitors have the ability to change DP revisions and are set to...
If you're balking at the idea of having to buy a $5 adapter, why are you looking at $500+ graphics cards?
Did you guys flip the power switch at the back? It's switched off by default.
There's no standardized way, most monitors won't have any way for a consumer to do it at all. In this case it's through the TV's USB port.
Very unlikely. HDMI only adapts to single-link DVI, and the HDMI device will most likely downclock to 165MHz for compatibility once it detects the DVI input on the other side. 120Hz is only possible with either the 340MHz pixel clock of HDMI 1.3+, or the second data link you get with dual-link DVI. With an HDMI-to-DVI adapter, you don't have either one. Doesn't the XL2411T have an HDMI input? If you use a straight HDMI connection you can probably get 120Hz working.
Yes, there's no problem with that.
Daisy-chaining is only available in 1.2 mode. Otherwise, there's no difference.
It'd be pretty similar. IMO if input lag really bothers you, a monitor is a better idea than a TV unless you really need the large size.
It's 60Hz. I don't see where it says it's 120Hz on the Samsung page, all I see is Clear Motion Rate: 120, which isn't refresh rate.33ms of latency is...ok. It's not totally horrible, but you might be able to feel it.
No, not any DP 1.2a monitor is a FreeSync monitor. Adaptive-Sync is DEFINED in the DP 1.2a spec, it isn't required for DP 1.2a compliance, just like daisy-chaining is defined in DP 1.2 but isn't a required feature for a monitor to be DP 1.2 compliant.
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