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60 fps does look smoother on a 60 Hz monitor than a 144 Hz monitor, in my experience. As you mentioned, mostly likely there is stutter due to the non-divisible numbers.
Thunderbolt ports double as a Mini DisplayPort. They can be used as a Mini DisplayPort if you want, and will accept any standard mDP cable.
It's a normal property, all AH-IPS monitors will have it. That includes all LG monitors and most Dell monitors.
Right, which is for all intents and purposes, identical. I do sometimes wonder if people realize what quantity of time these numbers actually represent physically. If we get OLED monitors with response times ranging between 0.01ms and 0.08ms, will there still be legions of people telling everyone that "well, you might not want to get that one for gaming, that 0.08ms response time is a little slow" because it's 8x slower than some other one they saw. Yes, IPS panels are...
Input lag has nothing to do with panel types, IPS monitor input lag is no different than TN input lag given the same display controller and settings. Response times of IPS panels are almost on par with TN these days. Fast IPS panels are faster than most decent TN panels, they're only beaten by the very fastest overdriven TN panels.
There are no 120+ Hz IPS monitors except 27" 2560×1440 monitors.
He's not talking about backlight bleed. He's talking about a few pixels at the edge of the screen fading when you look at it from an angle. It's a peculiarity with LG.Display's AH-IPS panels, which is what most modern IPS monitors use right now. It's not something unique to that monitor or to Dell.
4K monitors often ship with DisplayPort 1.2 disabled for compatibility reasons, and just operate in DP 1.1 mode. Try poking around in the monitor settings and see if there is a place to enable DP 1.2.
It's one of the two. IPS glow will change depending on the viewing angle, so you can move side to side and see if it disappears at some angles. If it's visible at all angle, then it's backlight bleed.Pictures are of no use unfortunately since in a dark environment cameras will boost even the slightest hint of light and blow the brightness way out of proportion. Backlight bleed always looks apocalyptic in pictures no matter how subtle it is in real life.
Acer XB270HU / XB271HU27.0" 2560×1440 144Hz IPS G-SyncAcer XF270HU27.0" 2560×1440 144Hz IPS FreeSyncAcer X3434.0" 3440×1440 100Hz IPS G-SyncASUS PG279Q27.0" 2560×1440 165Hz IPS G-SyncASUS MG279Q27.0" 2560×1440 144Hz IPS FreeSyncEizo FS273527.0" 2560×1440 144Hz IPS FreeSyncViewSonic XG2703-GS27.0" 2560×1440 165Hz IPS G-Sync
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