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4:8 would mean one number is double the other; for every 4 pixels in one direction, there are 8 pixels in the other direction. This is not the case, since 5760 is clearly much more than double 1200. 1920x1200 is 16:10, so three of those side by side would have triple the width, but the same height. Therefore, 48:10, or 24:5.
When you hook up a PC to a TV via HDMI, TVs will usually overscan (the edges of the picture will go off the screen) unless you change it to "PC mode" or 1:1 pixel mapping or something like that, just due to differences in how PCs communicate with monitors compared to how TVs communicate with home theater devices. So when you use HDMI, AMD's software will set underscan by default to compensate for TVs overscanning. Even if it's a monitor on the other end.
ASUS PA248Q. 1x VGA, 1x DVI, 1x HDMI, and 1x DisplayPort.Dell U2414H. 2x HDMI and 2x DisplayPort.
The U2413 and the U2414H are the only 24" ones that I know of.
What kind of budget were you thinking of?
The U2414H uses a new AH-IPS panel (rather than lower-grade eIPS in the 2412M), and a lighter anti-glare coating. It also has an actual dimming circuit rather than PWM backlight control, so no possibility flickering from that. The internal circuitry is much faster, almost 0ms input lag. So, the U2414H is a better monitor. Reviews seem to say the build quality is excellent, but I don't have one personally to testify with.
I use the PA248Q and neither the matte finish or the backlight control bother me, but honestly that will differ from person to person.
I'd go with the U2414H. Uses an actual dimming circuit (not PWM) and fast internal circuitry with very low input lag. Also has very thin bezel and the anti-glare coating is better than their previous lineups. Also you can daisy-chain it off of a single DisplayPort output. GTG response time is basically a made-up number, it's best to ignore it.
If you want a thin bezel, you could go with the Dell U2414H. 24" 1080p IPS with super-thin bezel. Usually around $300.
Eventually maybe, but I doubt it will in the near future.
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