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The utility doesn't change the refresh rate for you, it just adds the option. You need to add the options you want from the utility (1080p 144 Hz in this case), then press OK and restart your computer and if the utility works then the option for 144 Hz should be available in Windows, and you'll need to then change the monitor from 60 Hz to 144 Hz through Windows just like you would normally.
Some monitors are limited to 60 Hz over HDMI even if they have HDMI 1.4.You can try setting a custom resolution using the Custom Resolution Utility.
Can't you just use a straight DisplayPort to DisplayPort connection? Does your graphics card only have HDMI and nothing else?
That won't work, HDMI doesn't adapt to DisplayPort. You can only adapt a DisplayPort output to HDMI input, not the other way around.
IPS glow changes depending on the angle of viewing, backlight bleed is the same from any angle, so it sounds more to me like IPS glow than backlight bleed.
We can't tell how much backlight bleed you have. Cameras do NOT take accurate pictures of backlight bleed, I'm surprised so many people on this forum still don't know that, commenting "wow that's a horrible amount of bleed, return it" or whatever, when in reality no one here has any idea whether it's a large amount of bleed or not. Based on my experience with how pictures of backlight bleed turn out, your pictures look like a pretty minimal amount of backlight bleed,...
Camera pictures tend to exaggerate backlight bleed greatly, usually the pictures don't look anything like how it really looks. If that's the case, none of us can evaluate whether it's bad or not, only you can.
60 fps does look smoother on a 60 Hz monitor than a 144 Hz monitor, in my experience. As you mentioned, mostly likely there is stutter due to the non-divisible numbers.
Thunderbolt ports double as a Mini DisplayPort. They can be used as a Mini DisplayPort if you want, and will accept any standard mDP cable.
It's a normal property, all AH-IPS monitors will have it. That includes all LG monitors and most Dell monitors.
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