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You can use G-SYNC/FreeSync monitors with any GPU. That specific feature just won't work if you don't have a graphics card that supports the feature.
No, HDMI only adapts to Single-Link DVI-D, nothing else. Not VGA, not DVI-I, not Dual-Link DVI, and not DisplayPort. It is physically impossible to adapt HDMI to any other variant of DVI because the HDMI connector only has 19 pins (equal to Single-Link DVI-D) so any additional pins on the "DVI" side of the adapters are simply "dummy" pins and aren't connected to anything on the HDMI side. You can put the pins or pinholes on the connector, but it's still a Single-Link DVI-D...
No, HDMI only adapts to Single-Link DVI. Does your GPU not have native DL-DVI output?
I think you will just have to run with three DVI-to-HDMI cables if your DP port isn't working. You can't daisy-chain from an HDMI connection.
Your first two links lead back to this thread HDMI 1.4a is definitely capable of 1080p 120Hz, I have done it before personally. The catch is that 1080p 120Hz is not officially listed in the HDMI spec, so monitors will not report it as a supported mode to the OS, and thus the option for 120Hz will not appear in Windows. To get 120Hz you have to use display overclocking utilities like ToastyX's CRU. It will not always work either, it depends on the display controller and...
I dunno, to have fun? I know it's a crazy idea, playing games for fun, but some people do it... We may never know what goes through their heads.
You mean like these?Dell P2416D (23.8" 1440p IPS)Dell P2415Q (23.8" 2160p IPS)BenQ BL2420PT (23.8" 1440p IPS)BenQ BL2420U (23.8" 2160p IPS)Samsung U24E590D (23.5" 2160p IPS)Samsung U24E850R (23.5" 2160p IPS)Acer K242HQK (23.6" 2160p IPS)ASUS VX24AH (23.8" 1440p IPS)ViewSonic VX2475SMHL-4K (23.6" 2160p IPS)Eizo CG248-4K (23.8" 2160p IPS)NEC EA244UHD (23.8" 2160p IPS)
Just a pair of pliers is all you really need.
The most important thing to note here is that the "response time" spec (the grey-to-grey stuff) has absolutely nothing to do with the monitor's latency. Response time is something completely unrelated that just happens to be confusingly named. Displays never have their latency listed on a spec sheet, so if you see anything measured in milliseconds don't be fooled.To find a monitor's latency you will have to read detailed reviews, usually sites like or...
Try disconnecting the monitor from power for 10 seconds or so.
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