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The U2715H has an adjustable-height stand. The monitors will be different height if you set them to different heights. If the minimum or maximum heights are different it may just be a change they made in later revisions, but it shouldn't be that big of a deal considering you can adjust the other one up or down to match.Monitors have certain tolerances in manufacturing, and the color will be slightly different on every monitor, even two of the exact same model, it is quite...
Windows 10 allows individual scaling settings for each monitor, so if you are using W10 then yes you can set the two 4K monitors at 150% and leave the 1440p monitor at 100%.
CRTs cause eyestrain because they flicker. Flickering at 60 Hz is visible, which is why CRTs need to run at 75 Hz or 85 Hz, so that the flickering can no longer be seen.LCD panels do not flicker in the same way (though they can have flickering backlights, but typically those are at least 180 Hz or 240 Hz), so 60 Hz LCD does not cause any eyestrain.Mostly likely you can set your current monitor to run at 60 Hz and try it yourself though.
The BenQ XL2411Z doesn't have DisplayPort, last time I checked... unless I'm misremembering.
Yup, it would disappoint me, but like I said wouldn't surprise me.
No one suggested that it wouldn't support 4:4:4 at all, just that it might not support that while running at 4K 144 Hz.
DisplayPort 1.4 maxes at 4K 120 Hz uncompressed (and non-subsampled). You need DSC to be implemented to reach 4K 144 Hz without subsampling, so there is an extra hurdle to jump to make such a monitor, it isn't just like making any other resolution/refresh rate, and DSC hasn't been implemented in any commercial product before so there's a bit of new ground to break for Acer. It wouldn't actually surprise me if the X27 didn't have DSC, and did require 4:2:2 subsampling to...
DisplayPort 1.4 has been supported on graphics cards on both NVIDIA and AMD from 2016+ GPUs. Just waiting on monitor manufacturers to implement it.
Looking around where the pixels are darkened at the border of the cursor, it seems the red stripe is able to break at the "halfway point" between each perceived stripe, or in other words each "vertical stripe" actually spans two pixels, and each half is able to darken individually (for individual pixel precision)... so it actually doesn't matter whether the red spans where the green and blue break or vice versa, both halves are independent so this is in effect no different...
Yes, most FreeSync monitors will only be able to use FreeSync over DisplayPort. There does exist FreeSync over HDMI, but it has to be supported by the monitor specifically, it won't work on most FreeSync monitors.Yes, you will be able to run at 1920×1080 at 144 Hz over DVI, you just won't be able to use FreeSync.If your graphics card does not have DisplayPort it's highly unlikely that it supports FreeSync anyway, not all AMD graphics cards support it, only newer ones do.
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