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I love my GTX 970 but...
I know the feels. As time passes, screen space estate waste keeps increasing... I feel claustrophobic on my main machine (1080p windows 8.1)
Allright, I got new benches. Since I couldn't manage to get my 560 to POST (Apparently a Z97 problem), I overclocked my 970 a little... I forgot to bench my ram...
It would seem that my pc refuses to recognize my GTX 560...
Thanks! 350 points, not too shabby.Pentium AE + GTX 660 SLI: GTX 560 will have to wait until I am back
5GHz is a bit much, I'm still runnin on a (big) air cooler. Meanwhile; GTX 660 SLI
yeah it certainly feels like so. I have to go out in a few (Q_Q) but when I'll be back with food I'll spend some time trying to either raise the clock, or lower the volts to find the sweet spot. I just winged 1.25v and it worked.
I just wanted something to pump the temps. I'm not stability testing.
welp. Here's some OC. Ignore the derpy voltage measurement in CPU-Z.
Oh, sorry. I meant the GFLOPS. I'm used to seeing at least 88, so 24 leaves me a little meh.On a second note: More benches!Coming from AMD, I'm shocked by how far the pentium can push my SSDs. [[SPOILER]]
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