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That will definitely be some interesting results
Not sure. I forgot the previous temps and my cooler has a bad solder on the heat pipes, so the improvements are fairly moderate. If any improvements, i'd say 5-10C max. This is a pentium after all.
Hey guys! I live. I got an i7 so I was playing with it. I used the pentium as a sanding practice (and will be a delid practice when I have the delid tools). I decided to test it to try to get that 3dmark achievement... Guess what? bonus pics: [[SPOILER]]Not nearly enough volts. I needed 1.42vCore, +0.150 System agent and 2.05 VRIN. misread that. That's my 4.8Ghz volts.Make sure your VRIN/vCore gap isn't under...
Hm... Not sure what to say; my kit is a 1866Mhz kit, so 1600Mhz is underclocking it for me. I can't poke my pentium much for now as my programming needs required me to put the FX back into the case. However, my RAM kit works consistently at 1600Mhz across 3 different cpus, 3 boards and 2 architectures (I had a phenom II before, one of those 4.1Ghz silver chips)P.S. GTAV really needs 3 or more cores. FX runs it like a champ.P.P.S: Pentium AE stable at 4.4Ghz@1.26v confirmed...
I tried anywhere between 4.6Ghz and 4.8Ghz, didn't get much more than lockups and BSODs. Decided to OC my cache ring... Before: After: I call this a win. EDIT: I now know why the benching failed; I forgot to replug my fans.. Yes, I can 3DMark at 4.4Ghz passively cooled.
I already did. I tried three different bridges, flipped them, hard, soft, tried new driver, tried different slot, tried forcing the PCIE lanes to Gen 2.0, tried auto, tried Gen 3.0, I tried. Everything. I already gave up on it.
it was working perfectly on my FX8350
Yeah. one 660 works, not two.
I am back, this time with Intel. edit: Bleh OCN forum doesn't like image links.
Sweet! Speaking of crucial ram; I just got done priming this for the preliminary stabilizing:* Memtest86 5 passes: OK* Memtest86 RowHammer 5 passes: OK* LinX: OK* Prime95: 2h 512K-2048K OK, more to follow.EDIT: Yeah, it took me a while to get some real OC going on. I've had a lot of catching up in my programming project and I needed a rock-solid build so I left most of it like it was. I got some time to spend on my machine and I wanted to know how...
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