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This is an Owner's club too, right? I'm in! I got this little sucker delivered to my doorstep this morning. Benches, you say? Give me a month (motherboard is next on the shopping list) and I'm going to do some benchmarking against my FX8350 setup. GTX 970, GTX 660 SLI, GTX 560.
Yeah, I had overclocked, however the problem would have been windows corruption, I think. my settings are stable but I played around quite a bit. Thankfully re-installing won't be a problem anymore since windows is now installed in a WIM container that I can just paste back in WindowsPE (space magic!)
Yeah, it barely helped putting performance back to normal.. as I said above, i'm re-installing. maybe windows exploded badly.EDIT: So after re-install... I think It fixed it. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
well, regardless of what the benchmarks says, windows takes forever to boot, apps takes ages to open (google chrome can take up to 5-7secs) and general file access is poor and sluggy. Also, this started two months ago, which is about the same time I started having a 50% performance drop compared to what my hardware should output in games. RAPID doesn't help at all. I'm currently re-installing windows after secure erasing the SSD, we'll see what gives. I plugged my...
There;s something wrong with my machine and after 2 months i'm still trying to figure what's up. I know this isn't a general debug thread, just wanted to say that I know the numbers are low, but I haven;t found what causes it yet. Whatever causes it also affects GPU performance. EDIT:
I haven't posted screenshots in a while, i'm currently fighting an issue with all ENBs looking too bright on the latest ENB binary... This is truly annoying. EDIT: So mod organizer wasn't being clear about what happens if you remove a mod. I lost everything... Will probably get back to skyrim later this year. *grumbles*
New set of mods, new character, new play style. However I lost the previous ENB during downloads folder cleanup... The latest K ENB isn't as nice as the other one, not to mention that my FPS is junk.
I never had problems setting OP before, but recently Magician started BS-ing me... The thing is... Anyone got an Idea? EDIT: before asked, I reinstalled magician and turned off "detachable drive" thing in bios. EDIT2: I tried to manually resize the partition...
*gouges eyes out*So I was going to show off my laptop setup but I am now blind and I can't find the damn machine...Just kidding Need to go plug the 1080p screen on it, because if I post 1024x768 you guys are going to hate me ...Still very WiP, plus the onboard LCD has horrible colors, it looks better on it. Oh and... I know it's overkill for a laptop this old (Dell Lattitude D520), but... this is, right? Code:/dev/sda: Model=Samsung SSD 840 Series,...
oh my god, yes!
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