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Update... (just today i found time to use it )... It does not provide enough power to start my fans ....
yep.. no graphics card.. no water cooling...with this much space i think more hdds could be added ...
Glad to help
i found that it is impractical for me at least
Core i5 Asrock z87 extreme 4 8gb ram Dell Perc H310 Adaptec 71605h (its a hot controller thus the fan above the psu (have ordered a PCI ->fan) Bitfenix fans NZXT Hub (for the fans) Lian Li 3->5 and 2->3 hdd expansions Great case but needs lots of money and personal work
Mate thank you for the suggestion..just bought it, when it arrives will report of the results..Thanks again Nicolas
Try also using this Windows share manager... Check to see if any shared folder needs fixed, and/or use Registry Fix as suggested... It really helped me also..
I own a NZXT Hub where someone can connect up to 10 fans on it.. I have connected 9 120 mm Bitfenix fans + 1 x 140 mm Bitfenix fan.. I tried to lower the rpm of the fans by attaching a Phobya 12V -> 7V regulator between PSU power and NZXT Hub.. but this caused the fans not to function.. i had to remove in order eveyrthing to work.. Any ideas on how to lower the rpm of all those fans? Thank you for your time
In addition to what deepor said.... Trying to check some network folders I realized that some child folders couldnt be opened... (via SMB).. Right click on parent folder (that is already shared - as decribed by deeper), - Security - Advanced - Change Permission - Tick Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object ... Now every folder should be available on your network..
I bought the lian li d8000 ...A 140 mm fan cannot fit to the rear 120 mm space..Doing so the motherboard port cannot open...
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