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You my good sir need more airflow so get better fans at the front
definitely ill id say 10 and i dont say that about many is any rigs
i dont think you had enough side fans
how my computer is right now im waiting for a 210 in the mail and ill post how the wiring looks in that but ive killed my scout for now to make a custom motherboard tray and get rid of all the cluttered drive cages but for open air chopped up old computer what does this rate?
most people use 550 paracordi did this and was able to fit 2 wires through with alot of wiggling but i dont think paracord comes in many other standardized sizes.
dont even bother cleaning it just kill it with fire.
your 6950 could have loosened your pci lane and then the 7970 broke it.
those are 7970's double d's from xfx
do you have bad card sag?
thank you very much i have a gigabyte motherboard that runs two fully pinned 16x slots so i guess i dont have to worry about it.
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