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Picked up my Oppo 203 the other day and this thing is amazing! Play ubd 4k discs with ease and has a lot of tricks. Worth every cent! It cannot be conpared ti the Xbox one s or whatever the ps4pro can di via 4k streaming. Heres the unboxing. Hope to have some more videos up about how it handles HDR. Cheers
Which phone should i go now? Cant go a pixel as my telco doesnt sell it. Has to be big and descent camera amd not apple.
I have to get a new phone. What should I get? Must be Android!
google Earth VR is awesome.arizona sunshine is nit bad either.
Ive been screaming that for a while. Make the phone thicker and give us some better battery capacity.
Well cross the Virtuix Omni off your Xmas list, if your not living in the mighty land of the USA.Got this email today -
I will setup my Vive in my Home Theater when its finished. Hope atmos makes its way to more PC Games.
I hope everyone that uses adblocker when they view OCN pages has a paid membership. Bet they dont! Only a matter of time before some smart cookie makes pay as you go internet webpage view charge system. Like 1 cent a day is charged automatically when you visit each site. And a middle man will take 5 to 10 percent.
I bought the PS4Pro last Thursday and LOVE IT! I've now got the Xbox One S and PS4Pro if you didnt already know. I must be mad, I know I'm broke! I really like what the Pro can do for console games. Made this video comparing the two consoles with 4k and Blu Ray discs. Just realised the consoles are 2 weeks apart in age. The Xbox One S is for UHD Movies and the PS4 is for some lighthearted casual gaming when friends come over! Also hoping for Dolby Atmos to come soon to...
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