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Nice post @Infrasonic
Thanks mate for the support!I think PC Atmos isn’t far off and I can see someone like Logitech making a z906 equivalent for Dolby Atmos. Actually some really good speakers would be the Cambridge Audio minx 22 paired with an Atmos Enabled AVR. They are the size of a coke can easy to mount to a wall, ceiling or stand and don’t take much to run them, like any AVR could handle them with no need for a power amp.I havent tried with headphones, but it seriously makes me think its...
I think With the PS4Pro and ProjectScorpio HDR and Dolby Atmos are major selling points. But I think the Switch is attacking a different customer. Obviously we would all love Nintendo to come out with their own 4K Gaming Console but its already an awkward fragmented market for developers and consumers.
So whats the go with RYZEN is it just a cool name or is it AMD's long awaited INTEL killer? I havent given AMD much thought in the last few years, I really have been in the NVIDIA and INTEL camp for a bit now and I'm getting a little bored.
I bought the 5960X when I came out because I thought I wont need anymore cores than that for a long long time. Im probably yet to even get the CPU to get out of 2nd gear lol. I do remember when I went from 4 core I7 3770k to 3930k It made a huge difference to Battlefield a few years back. I hope they continue to optimise for more cores/threads in games and not just the AAA games.
Would have loved this when I was 5 but now I jsut dont see the point of it. Im sorry, but maybe it will be a big success and Im just the wrong demographic.
This is sad! I remember all the workers risking their lives for their family and friends and those not born yet just so it would be contained.
I have a mate looking to upgrade his old old PC but still cant snag a 10 Series card at the moment due to his budget and funny enough I said to him today surely the 1080ti isnt far off and that will help prices a bit
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